About Us

Krishang Marketing Solutions (KMS) is a content marketing agency representing a bunch of quality driven editors, publishers, journalists and digital specialists who are dedicated to establishing brand experiences and are responsible for delivering quality solutions to consumers.

Our Manifesto

We are a content marketing agency having a team of experts who are proficient in the art of digital story building. We should not be compared or named a mere PR agency, but overly qualified team of digital marketing specialists.

The company was founded in New Delhi, India by a bunch of publishers, editors and digital evangelists who observed technology to be reshaped in the same ways as people relate to most popular brands.

We have developed a plethora of mind boggling digital platforms and content marketing strategies for world’s renowned organizations in the past as we do it not just for the sake of a few bucks. We do this because it’s one of the most challenging, exciting and creative ways to support our global customers.

Let’s discuss the role of content marketing in different contexts. Well, do you know the reason why 94% B2B marketers and 90% B2C marketers intend to use content marketing? It’s mainly because content marketing is directly related to augmented sales, increased brand awareness and augmented profitability.

KMS (Krishang Marketing Solutions) is not only a content marketing agency, but also allows you to anchorage our arsenal of highly professional and dedicated team of social media, editorial, marketing and design talent who intend to create high quality, customized and engaging content for the company.

With over 35 years of groundbreaking experience in the field of marketing, brand strategy and proofreading, KMS has managed to build its own reputation as an industry leader. The company has been successfully building its presence within the market reach for a plethora of organizations.

If you are looking for new blog stories or highly relevant Newsfeed entries to better populate your website, then just tap into the proficiency of our award winning journalists, editors and digital content marketing specialists.

Our Mission

At KMS, we look forward to become your most trusted content marketing strategy-vendor to better execute all your marketing and content needs. We have a team of our dedicated players using which we look forward to amplify your leads, drive maximum online traffic and boost your operational and marketing budgets.

July 10, 2017
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About Us- KMS
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