Role of Technology to Transform Content Marketing in 2017

How technology is playing a crucial role to transform content marketing is a matter of debate. We will start by assering the role of technology in today’s ever changing content strategy.


content marketing
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Due to a surge in consumption and usage of digital media, almost every brand is concerned towards focusing and implementing new strategies related to content marketing. The prime reason for this is an increased dependency of customers towards digital marketing platform.


What is content marketing?

In today’s business perspective, customer retention has become a big challenge for every marketer. So, what can be the best solution that one should go ahead to retain them? Well, out of a plethora of available ones, you must adopt right content marketing tactics to achieve success.

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This is how we explain the term content marketing which is simply a tactic to retain users through mindful creation and distribution of information. In fact, it has become an indisputable part of the entire digital marketing strategy.

The content planning, if done in a legitimate way can produce astonishing results. That’s why it would be safe to say that all the content generated through different means not only helps driving digital marketing in the right direction but also enhances the value of a particular brand.

While discussing the role of content marketing in 2017, we must admit that the concept is not new but has only changed in terms of its packaging and perception.


Traditional Content Marketing Role Is Becoming Diluted

A company’s web page happens to be one of the most rudimentary style of content marketing. As you see, all these static sites that maintain their own blogs share only one-way information and that happens generally from a brand to the consumer.

The information which is primarily static is available to the public in general. In the same ways, blast SMSs and periodic emailing to users have also become a crucial part of this traditional content strategy.

content marketing
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While recording the number of clicks for a few websites, we failed to record the actual behavior of customers at the time of showing their interest in one of the products. Also, we deliberately failed to ascertain the reaction of such users. This indicates there were no tactics, how to engage users to the optimum levels.


Generation of Emails

We should be grateful to the ever changing mode of technology that has given us a boon to survive in the realm of groundbreaking competition.

In the present scenario, there has been a drastic change in the behavior of consumers who have become more tech frenzy and seem to be more focussed towards digital marketing platform. Today, brands only heighlight what their customers wanted to see or purchase.


The ‘hidden’ form of content marketing

There was a time when email marketing came into existence and helped a plethora of brands to experiment with alluring social networks. This in turn, generated more hidden form of content over private networks.

content marketing
content-marketing | Image Credit: YouTube

This not only proved beneficial in terms of customer’s perspective but also helped users to interact in a two-way communication. The technique helped consumers to interpret and submit the required feedback to the content served to them. In this form of user engagemnent, the conversion proved to be almost instantaneous.


Modern ages tools have shown a drastic shift of content marketing concept

In today’s world of advancements, technology is going at a faster pace than ever and has superseded everyone’s imagination. For example, there are so many web tools and dynamic websites available, that have been responsible for changing the mode of communication space.

content marketing
content marketing | Image Credit: Mitzi Connell

Today, the user is free to customize everything as per his browsing history and interest. In the present context, brands are using advanced marketing tools for the production of content and some other exclusive platforms.


CMS (Content Management Systems)

As CMS have evolved, they have enabled a user to manage the brand’s messaging and content more effectively. They are a kind of back-end platforms that are easy to handle as per the preference of a user.

Content Management Systems also happen to be one of the most powerful features of a company’s content marketing strategy.

In the same ways, there are some other CMS systems that have evolved lately and are known to track the presence of online customers at any given stage, the time spent by the user, page views, etc. They also track the number of clicks made by the customers and when users opened the email, etc.


Social listening tools

Like other tools, social listing tools have also been evolved in the recent past that better manage content marketing. They are easy to integrate and users can more easily manage or integrate their data. By using these new-aged tools, brands are now able to trace what usesr exactly want.



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Role of Technology in Content Marketing
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