11 Best Content Marketing Apps On Your App Store

11 Best Content Marketing Apps On Your App Store

Before we discuss in length about a few amazing content marketing apps, available on your app store, we would like to enlighten you how to build new and inspiring ideas for your business.

If you want to become a successful content marketing specialist, it is crucial that you should be able to work on the go. But in what way, it is going to be crucial for your business? Well, it’s no one else but you who are going to decide.

The most inspiring content marketing campaigns are generally built upon some great and innovative thoughts, and these cannot be produced working in isolation, huddling around a whiteboard or staring at a blank screen for long hours.


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They actually come after undergoing lots of hard work, seeking some great inspiration from new and emerging ideas, spending countless hours collaborating with others, and finally, keeping a track on some hot and trending topics both from inside and outside of your industry.

Another factor that emerges in becoming a successful content marketer signifies your willingness to be able to work anywhere under the influence of great thoughts. While continue working on some innovative thoughts, you never know when the moment of your inspiration finally arrives. So, the foolproof way to flaunt an idea will be to look onto a trending topic.

As a content marketer, you should also be mobile-savvy. If not, you will be either hindering the success of your marketing campaigns or trying to create extra work for yourself.

Now, making you analyze some precise information about content marketing apps.

Please note that when we talk about apps, you will be surprised to know that the monthly usage of mobile web & apps is just stunning!

As per Smart Insights, close to 88% time that people spend on media is none other than on mobile apps.

This is the reason why mobile apps are brimming with lots more alternatives for modern day mobile user. And also, there are hundreds of new opportunities coming up for potential app developers.


So, what are the uses of apps?

Well, you can use them to create engaging content, automate already curated content and distribute it for your blogs, to better implment the editorial calendar, and improve the speed of your website.

As per smart marketers, a number of native apps need to be credited for providing more precise intent. It means these apps are involved to better feed visitors with great personalization features towards creating great content.

If you want users to applaud your well researched write-up, then you must use content marketing apps.


content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: neilpatel.com

You will agree here now that in the era of stiff competition, if your write-up is good, there are chances that it will no longer suffice.

The reason is- it has to be well above average, as your target users have better idea now.

They give credit to the stuff that brings value to them.

With the usage and familarity of content marketing apps, you can easily brand your marketing plan to suit the users.

As you can see that traditional advertising is not becoming much popular as it is giving way to content marketing efforts, it’s the time to get serious about it.

As per the research conducted by BitQuirky, it has been found that close to 70% marketers feel that branded content gives more value, especially when it comes to building your brand awareness.


Now, please take a look at 10 best content marketing apps widely available on your Smartphone. 


1. Evernote– It is one of the great content marketing apps that help you to make notes on the go. In addition to what we have explained above, Evernote is so efficient that it works seamlessly, even when you are working offline, making it sync back to your other devices till the time your connection is available.

The main advantage about this app is that they can very well sync between multiple devices. And this ensures that you are able to access your work on the desktop from where you actually left.


content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: geeky-gadgets.com

Isn’t it amazing? Well, there are lots more than what we have shared till now. You will also be able to do much more than compiling your text content precisely as notes. In addition to this, you can also very well save and sync tables, images, links, and checklists along with audio recordings.

Not only this, you can also collaborate with other people through its unique feature that tells about simple sharing functionality.

Evernote works best for content marketers where they are easily able to keep notes from any remote location, like from where you are able to access them in the future from any location, or device.

The app is not basically intended as a safe device to write the newest vial post. It is simply available to start your developmental and ideation phases.

Please use it for both sharing and making notes across multiple devices along with sharing among other potential collaborators.


2. Buffer Buffer is one of the best content marketing apps that you must use to establish yourself as a productive and result minded blogger. Just hit your app store and download the app.


content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: YouTube

As you know that your target audience love Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, you must analyze the potential of social network. And this is what 59% marketers prefer to use social networking for more than 7 hours in a week. Let’s analyze some of its benefits.

Buffer is a great tool and also known to be as a Twitter native app and allows you to schedule your tweets.

content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: neilpatel.com

Also, you can easily manage your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts directly from your dashboard. And this eventually helps you posting new content (in the form of blog posts, video, podcast, etc. ) or any sort of update.


3. Slack– What do you think content marketing is all about?

Well, it is nothing less than collaborating with others in the right ways.

As you see, there happens to be a few better ways to communicate with your entire team, including designers, writers, content collaborators, or client themselves than doing it through Slack.

Slack comes as an effective and simple solution to undergo better collaboration and communication within your team at one place. It allows you to both chat individually as well as in groups.


content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: Medium


You can easily download this app for your Smartphone. It will help you to keep in touch with your content marketing team at any point of time. Kindly setup alerts that will enable you to get notified whenever anyone pings you a message.

You can use Slack for speeding up your content team and also enhancing your productivity.


4. Pocket– If you are a part of building an effective content marketing strategy for your business, you should never stop looking for innovation in your content creating process.

You need to be always instrumental promoting your online campaign, whether it’s all about a blog that you are going to schedule to social media optimization platform, your personal feeds, or if you have just discovered a brand new influencer to help you promoting your next campaign.


 content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit:geeky-gadgets.com


While you look out for things, it sometimes happens that as a marketer, you tend to notice some great content on the web. Or if you have discovered something new on Facebook or if anything is present on Linkedin, in the form of hot topic.

Well, if you occasionally come across such things, then you must download one of the most popular content marketing apps named Pocket. As per their tagline that says “whenever you discover anything that you would like to view it later, please put it in your Pocket.”

Please use this app for creating your swipe file for content so that you can get back to it later.


5. Reddit– You might be familiar with one of the best sites (among marketers) named Reddit. But are you aware about its use as a powerful content marketing tool? Well, as per a number of marketers, Reddit works in two ways-


content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: Android Authority


  • An incredible source of research and inspiration- As you see, Reddit is widely famous and is known to play a vital role doing research. You will love to know the responses or the data as a part of your online campaign. You can enrol in any Reddit community and can keep going till the time you have an active subreddit.
  • Reddit can prove a great place for promoting your finished project- Well, you can always post your link in any subreddit (as per your niche), and the chances are that you can receive a good amount of quality traffic back to your site. This way, you are able to generate some referral traffic as well.


Please use Reddit for the purpose of researching and gathering different content ideas.


6. Quora– If you happen to be a content marketer but do not use Quora, then you’re missing something. Quora is an online platform that you can very well use it to share and gain your knowledge and experience.


content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: VentureBeat


It is also sometimes referred to as a goldmine for your next blog post, social discussion forum, or info graphic. You can very well use it on your phone and-Keep track of all the latest discussion going on.

You can also use Quora to better solve a next probable question that has been commonly asked. Along with that, it also gives you a platform to promote your content in the best ways.

Please use Quora for gaining a better insight into hot topics within your niche as an inspiration for all your future content.


7. Boomerang App- This App is best for those who are involved actively in the process of content promotion. They are those who either have to pitch in entirely different time zones.

Boomerang happens to be another Gmail app that is used to schedule your emails at a specific time period. While undergoing research to better able to reach to your potential users on your phone, it will be better if you target other publishers, journalists, and bloggers.

content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: equipping4eministry.com

It simply means that if you intend to work across multiple time zones, then you need to shoot an email right in their inbox at the appropriate time.

Boomerang has yet another feature where you can judge who has actually opened your emails. As a whole, the tool looks perfect to check all your campaigns.

After you successfully download the app on Android or Apple devices, you will instantly come to know that mobile outreach has become a little easier.


8. CoSchedule It’s marketed as one of the most powerful marketing calendar. It is now available on both desktop and mobile devices. If you are still unaware about its use on mobile devices, you need to check this out once.


content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: neilpatel.com


The tool helps to eliminate endless email threads, almost a dozen moving pieces, and disconnected workflows. It helps to organize everything in one place. This gives you a reason to focus on other relevant stuff.

CoSchedule allows various teams to better collaborate on social campaigns and content. It is quite relevant for content marketers to strategize their online campaigns and also view the deadlines for the same.

Please use CoSchedule to manage your content calendar whilst.


9. Grammarly Keyboard- Have you ever met with a situation where you had to send a crucial document while being away from your desktop? Or if you had to arrange a last-minute blog post?

Well, it’s a common phenomenon that we all have to go through, at times. During the times when you have an urgency to write a piece of copy when you have no desktop or laptop, then the only choice left for you is to use your phone.

And those who have gone one step ahead will observe how this tool works best under emergent conditions, especially when established writers are found riddled with many outrageous mistakes in their mobile written work.

Do you know the reason why? Well, it becomes obviously tough to use a mobile keyboard for writing the copy. It is again one of the best content marketing apps among serious marketers.


content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: digitalseoguide.com


So, here comes the quick solution. If you are unable to write on your phone and find yourself entrapped in committing the most pathetic errors, then you must download Grammarly Keyboard.

This is not only useful but is a simple addition to any app, as it lets you write with ease along with picking up all your outrageous mistakes at the same time while suggesting amends.

If you download Grammerely app once, you will become addicted to it for sure.

Please use Grammarly to avoid all outrageous mistakes while writing your content from phone.


10. Trello Have you ever heard about this tool in the past? If not, then let’s make you aware about it. Trello is one of a kind project management tool.

You won’t believe but it’s true. Hundreds of content marketing teams across the globe use it professionally to manage their workflows, helping you to move your content from ideation, proofreading, and production to a ‘ready to publish stage.

The tool becomes quite relevant for those who have to take care of their content marketing team. If this is the case with you, then you must download the app.


content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: saascribe.com


Along with that, the tool also helps you to keep an eye on everything going on when you are away from your desktop or laptop. In such cases, you can quickly get an update about the things on your mobile device.

If you combine this tool with Slack, then you will be able to control everything, like change due dates, attach feedback and conversation, or move cards quickly from one board to another.

Please use Trello to better manage your content team directly from your mobile device.


11. WordPress WordPress is again one of the powerful content marketing apps that you can use without any hassles.

WordPress actually does not require any sort of introduction, as it has become quite popular among marketers. It is lots more easier now to use a self hosted wordpress site using this app instead of logging in to the admin panel by using your mobile browser.

One of the best usages of using WordPress app is that it can help you to write, proofread and edit the posts when you require them to be done urgently.


content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: mobilemerit.com


It also gets better from time to time after every update.

In the same ways, the app also helps to moderate the comments that you receive on your blog.

Please use WordPress to manage all your posts and moderate comments from time to time, directly from your mobile device.


To sum it up!

As explained above, there are a plethora of other content marketing apps in use. However, the list given here is complete in all respects, as these are the most popular and widely recommended ones.

By using these apps on your Smartphone, you can still remain a part of the workflow, even when you are not present on your desktop. This way, you can still be productive when you have to leave out from the office.

By using these content marketing apps, you will be amazed to know how much you can achieve using your mobile devices.



Vipul Mathur is an expert copywriter and marketer, with 15 years in the field, especially as a technical marketer. He's presently associated with KMS, a digital marketing agency that helps clients across the globe with copywriting, marketing strategy and social media marketing.

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