4 Types of SEO Content in 2018 to Make Your Customers Feel Satisfied

Before discussing some of the most viable forms of SEO content  in 2018, you must understand the ever changing trend of web users who want to consume, share, and appreciate the knowledge that you want to distribute through your content. 

If you look through previous years, the user’s approach behaved quite differently while analyzing the SEO content.


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And due to this, you always have to come up with a new strategy every time; you decide to create a new post.

Yes, we are talking about an entirely new post with fresh ideas, written specifically for your customers and to better let them think in different ways, as per the value you incorporate within your text.

The goal of every marketer is to generate organic traffic so as to convert it further into vital leads. In order to achieve that, you try hard to present yourself in different styles, topics and formats.

You might be wondering why to think that way?

Well, if you incorporate new ideas into your well written piece of text, then the chances are that you reap great conversions, as Google will place your blog post on the top of search results.

For best results, you must check Google ranking factors as you will get more info to rank your website.


seo content writing
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Now, if you have read any of our articles in the past on krishangmarketingsolutions, you can easily assess that all we want to convey our readers is nothing more than to maintain quality at the time of writing their posts.

Well, it’s crucial that while serving your readers with the information you want to convey, you better don’t cut corners, otherwise, you won’t be able to make your readers feel satisfied about it and they will not return to your website.

Now, before moving further, let’s understand what SEO content is all about.


SEO Content – What the Term Actually Means?


Are you entirely new into the world of search engine marketing? Well, even if you are completely unaware of the term, then we must help you with that.

To help you give a fair idea about the term, let’s break it into two parts- content and SEO.


SEO– The term has now become quite generic and refers to Search Engine Optimization.


seo content
seo content | Image Credit: yopie.ca


It is a technique to optimize any website in such a way so that users can find it via search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) by entering relevant keywords.

Now, after explaining both the terms individually, let’s put both these concepts together- SEO content is enriched with a handful of targeted keywords and is a means to attract organic traffic from the search engines.


Before moving further ahead, we would like to give you a fair idea about what you need to do in order to optimize your website content-


Keyword Research- It’s something you can never forget to do so before you start writing a fresh piece of content.

This way, you would be able to generate enough traffic through search queries.

To get more benefits in terms of attaining quality traffic, you can look for those keywords that already have certain amount of search volume.


All we meant by saying this is that you must encourage yourself writing on those topics that already have definite search queries.

  • Content optimization- Well, this is something that you need to take care. The content on your website must always be organized in logical ways, as it will help users to better land on your web page and also get benefits with related content.
  • Keyword Optimization- You should be aware how and where you can best use your selected keywords to attain maximum exposure.
  • Content Promotion techniques- After you create content, you must share it to all the social networks so as to build quality links back to your website. This can be done (link building) by exhaustively sharing your content on social media channels.
seo content
seo content | Image Credit: techcrunch.com


Now, without undergoing any kind of further ado, we would like to introduce the following types of SEO content that we (as a team) will be targeting in 2018:



1. Writing Long Form Content

Today, time has really changed with readers going smarter.

If you try to analyze things back in the year 2013, then 300-600 word posts were recommended sufficient to satisfy your customer needs. But now, you can no longer rely by publishing shorter blog posts.

Do you know the reason behind this? Well, it is because we all believed that readers didn’t have sufficient time and opportunity to read the long form content.


Why users expect long form of content?

Today, readers already know what they want, and therefore, expect exhaustive information on any topic that relates to them.

So, there is no point making them feel dissatisfied with improper or incomplete information or something which is not worth.

Now, what can be the best ways to present your content to your readers?

Well, there are many but the best you can do is to break down your content in small chunks (short paragraphs), listicles, bullet points and more.


Google’s take on long form content

If you try to visualize the data that Google displays in its top 10 search results, you will notice that it mostly ranks those websites that are loaded with long form content.

However, it does not mean that you won’t find websites raking in top search results that have shorter content.

But most of the times, you will find their domain much authoritative.


What does it mean by long form of content?

Do you know the number of words a long form of blog post should comprise?

Whenever you try to find out the answer to this specific question, you will find different opinions all around.

Some will say 1200 words are enough. Others will go up to 4000+ words.

But in our experience, an ideal blog post should comprise a maximum of 3000+ words, as it will give fabulous results both in the context of readers and search engines.

As we have already established the fact that why readers have become more inclined towards long form of SEO content, we would still like to give you a fair explanation why long form of content is beneficial even for SEO.


Why long form of content is good for SEO?

You might agree with us that more you try writing on a particular topic, the more chances you get to insert your keywords naturally without doing much hassles.

Please note that we are not talking about keyword stuffing in any way. All we want is to convey the use of LSI keywords. And it goes handy when you discuss anything in depth.


Let’s try to make you understand in other way.

Whenever you tend to write more while maintaining quality, Google plays a crucial role by ranking your well written SEO content (in the form of blog post) higher in search results.

This is because the search engines believe your opus is perfect to answer any kind of question from the reader’s perspective.

Another crucial point that you must note is that long form of content should always be giving value to your readers.


And it should not be forced. So, please try to check that your content is not going fluff.

Having said that, we mean that your content should not be dull in any way otherwise; it will impact adversely on your readers. They will simply choose to move out from your website.

So, if you are inclined to cover a topic more exhaustively, then you can very well go above 2500 words.

Now, if you go by Hubspot, most companies are already saving almost $20 k each year after investing in outbound vs. inbound marketing.

seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit: YouTube


Now, we have decided to give you more insights as why long form of content is going to give you immense results:

  • By publishing the long form of content, you have all the advantage, as users will be able to settle down all their doubts without moving to any other place for seeking the same information.
  • Most of the blog posts generally comprise 500 or less words. Here you can prove your worth by putting an additional 2500 words and can reap far better results.
  • If you post longer content, it tends to generate huge business leads, and that too, for a longer time-frame. The reason is simple. They attract quality backlinks and targeted traffic from Google, and making it evergreen.
  • Lastly, you can very well launch a fruitful marketing campaign by re-purposing your epic content chunks.

Please take a look below as a proof that has come to the surface after a test done by Moz:

seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit:wordcount



seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit: wordcount


Even though, long form of content has certain myths or misconception, you must be well aware of them to better communicate to the audience in better ways:


Myth # 1- Shorter Content Format Rules-

In the earlier times and even now, some marketers think that shorter content rules.

It means that your blog post should be as briefer as possible.

As per them, once you cross the threshold of 200 characters, you are sunk.

However, the fact is that shorter content do not perform better every time.

seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit: quicksprout


For example, if you analyze Seth Godin blog posts, you will find them really short.

As per Godin, shorter content snatches the audience (traffic) from your competitors. But you can’t always benefit from shorter content.


Myth #2- People hate reading long content on the web

This is the most egregious of the myths, and has been around for a long time.

Well, this happens to be one of the most egregious kind of myths and has been there for so much of time. And even now, the above myth lies among most marketer’s mind.

However, the fact is that most people are in the habit of reading even the longer form of content on the web, even if they are busy lingering on images or trying to scan various headlines.


Length is not the only factor to consider

When you decide to write an exhaustive piece of content, then you are obviously concerned about its length.

But, length is not the only factor that should be considered while serving your readers with long form of SEO content.

seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit: Ahrefs


In fact, you should take some other factors into consideration as well that equally affect the length of your blog post.


Please take a look at how all other factors tend to affect the length of your blog post in different ways:

  • Quality– Your blog post should always be equipped with the quality that your readers are looking to have in your content. For example, you need to look at some questions that you must answer yourself before starting a new post like, what are you trying to convey your readers? What is the substance in your post? If you can say it all in 100 words, then its fine, but if it will require 2500 words, it’s fine as well.
  • Cause– As a marketer, you always create a content marketing plan before you start posting content. And that’s why, we say- every content marketing plan has its own cause. Although, the main cause or purpose is to get conversions, but there are a few secondary goals as well that you must consider and may include awareness, provide relevant knowledge and education to readers, improve SEO, drive your social engagement. So, all these different causes will directly affect the length of your web post.
  • Audience- Content creation doesn’t make sense without knowing your audience, their interests, requirements, issues, passion and goals. Now, what should be your goal towards your audience? Well, it should be to create such content that they not only able to read but also appreciate.
  • Frequency-It’s something that every marketer is concerned about. The frequency of posting can vary from bloggers to bloggers. For example, some would like to post weekly; and the content would be exhaustive, while others would post short web posts on a daily basis. So, it all depends how your marketing team is able to manage. Good content creation always takes time!
  • Style- This is another crucial thing to consider. As you know, there exist different writing styles. For example, there is one that is short and to the point. At other times, you may notice your content style is going more interactive and conversational. No doubt, the content style directly affects your content length.
  • Format– If your well written web post is formatted in proper ways, it not only becomes pleasant for others but also enhances its readability by many folds. For example, by incorporating lots of short paragraphs along with subheadings, images, bullet points, you can easily break up your text into fine chunks that becomes far more readable and people are easily able to scan it.


Data Driven Reasons That Inspire You  to Create Long SEO Content 

The long form of SEO content is something that is bound to give you unexpected results in the long run. The best example to analyze this is BuzzFeed.

The online giant has invested heavily on content and even has a separate section where you can find in depth stories.

The reason why they are doing this is just to create a brand with sustainable assets.

The higher worded post is bound to reap better outcome in Google search results. And there exist no less than 250 factors to influence your content in the SERPs.


seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit: Serpiq


As per the evidence that has been collected from time to time, the more content you post, the better it helps your page to be in the top search results.

As you can see the results driven by SerpIQ, with more content on your blog post, the higher Google SERP ranking it has.

As per the findings given in the graph below, each web page is having more than 2,000 words.


How Google indexes your website?

As we are explaining you with the benefits of a long SEO content, you must understand how your website is crawled and indexed.

Googlebot happens to be the Google’s crawler and is mainly responsible for indexing your website.

While doing so, it looks at every single tag, word and other sort of information already present in your text. However, it leaves and doesn’t give priority to rich media files.

A website is equipped with lots of information in the form of headlines, titles, images, etc.

The more content you have on your website, it will get indexed more frequently and perform better in search results.


Analysis done by CoSchedule Blog

Now, as per the analysis done by CoSchedule on as many as 8 long tail keywords, you can easily find that longer blog posts performed far better in search results.

seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit: Quicksprout


To be more precise, top results averaged those web posts that comprised over 2,000 words.


QuickSprout Analysis- In the same ways, if you try to analyze one of the leading content marketing website- Quick Sprout, you will find their average write-ups are having over 1,500 words, performing far better in terms of traffic.


seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit: Quicksprout


It also showed that longer form of web posts usually get hefty media engagement. Please analyze the results given below:


Lastly, WordStream was able to better analyze the importance of long form of content. They changed their mindset and started posting lengthy content of over 1000 words.

This way, they managed to enhance their user engagement and overall traffic back to their website.


seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit: Neilpatel


We hope you now have understood the relevance of posting long content that will eventually help you rank for a number of long-tail keywords and increase the overall conversions.


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2. Authority and Exhaustive SEO Content 

What do you exactly mean by blogging? Well, when it comes to blogging, it is not just a simple term as it looks.

In fact, it is actually an inbound marketing strategy that can become a cause to achieve hundreds of conversions.

seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit: Pinterest


As per the recent studies done in this regard, those who blog consistently, generally acquire 125% more leads than otherwise.

As a blogger, you should try conveying fresh ideas to better help your readers acquiring great knowledge.

In terms of Google, this will help you rank your web post among top search results.

You must engage yourself working for your readers before doing anything else.

While doing so, you need to write authoritative web posts to be consumed by your readers.

And for that, you must acquire a habit of coming back and write more (if needed) and set your limitations to serve people to the best of your knowledge and belief.

You might have noticed that world of blogging has completely changed. Now, no one wants to read content stuffed with keywords.

You might be wondering what to write, then.

Well, you will be called spammer if you continue to post irrelevant content overstuffed with your keywords.

And if you want to succeed online, all you need is to post authority content.

 As a blogger, your goal should be to succeed, and for that, try floating unique ideas across the web. The more you do that; people will stick to your website.

This is because you are making sense with your content in the form of new and refreshing ideas.

At the same time, you must also try serving your clients / readers and try hard clearing their doubts.


Why the authority content has become a norm today?

Well, authority content is the need of the hour. It helps you establish your identity among the masses.

If you are unique and precise to what you have to say, then you are likely to become the most trusted blogger like Neil Patel or Seth Godin.

There are so many examples to look upon. And one of those is Kissmetrics blogs, known for giving you deep insights about any topic in question.

Just try to be original in your thoughts and put in your own style so that people could understand what you want to say.


How lengthy an authoritative blog post should be?

When you talk about authority content, you should be concerned about giving value to your readers. As we disclosed earlier that users now expect everything at the same place.

Take this in this way.

For example, if a user lands on your website in a hope to get appropriate answers to his queries, he would not like to go anywhere else (any other website) until he gets the answers to the best of his satisfaction.

So, in order to make your customers feel satisfied with their queries, you must post lengthy piece of content by doing your own research.

This is due to another reason that lengthy content not only rank better but also become favorite on social media channels by giving you more number of conversions.



3. Opinion Pieces Content Ideas

No doubt, you should continue posting fresh and authenticated information. But in reality, it is not possible to discover something new all the times. Now, what to do?

Well, this is where opinion content pieces come into picture.


What is an opinion piece?

An opinion piece is a kind of article published anywhere and giving the author’s views on that particular subject. You can find them published in any periodical.

seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit: 5th Grade Common Core


Well, if you are still skeptical about the term, let’s help you in another way by giving an example.

As we disclosed earlier that this form of SEO content is an ultimate way to cover your thoughts by inserting some interesting and new angles.

For example, if you read a story where it is written that only short form of content writing flourishes across the web and long content is not as beneficial, then you can very well raise your point, if you disagree.

Like we said, if you don’t agree about the views of the author in his blog post, you are free to write your own findings and let people know about your views in this regard.

Opinion pieces can be written in any way and they are not industry specific. So, you can cover any topic, but be sure not to be rude and never criticize the author in any way.

Always be polite about your own thoughts and put it in the best ways possible to your readers.


4. Try Creating How-to Articles

If you want to get the fidelity of users in the long run, you must start writing how-to articles.

You don’t need to run here and there for that. All you need is a burning issue and help people giving ideas on how to quickly solve a burning issue.

As per studies, these kinds of articles are proved to be the best evergreen form of content.



Wrapping Things Up

Content marketing really matters if done in right ways.

If you are still feeling reluctant to accept the fact, then you must believe at least what the most researchers say in this regard.

Like, if anyone says you to post an article worth $20, as it is going to help you rank even higher than a Wikipedia page, please note that it is not going to happen.


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