6 Best WordPress Plugins for Maintenance Mode 2017

Before we discuss about all 6 best WordPress plugins for maintenance mode, we would like to make you aware about a few things that you require at times after installing WordPress on your website.

The first step towards building a website starts right after you purchase a domain. After that you install WordPress. But what you do in cases where you don’t have the content ready?

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Well, it’s not a good idea to start a half-baked site, risking your alienating users. But what can be the best alternatives available to weed that out? Well, there are some best WordPress plugins available that can be used in place of using general settings.

They behave as temporary Coming Soon Plugins with lots of in-build features. For example, you can better create an awesome placeholder page and generate a positive buzz. By doing this it potentially starts establishing your early following and much more.

These under construction plugins also help you manage a highly-trafficked blog or website, especially when you need some behind-the-scene maintenance that may require privacy to your current blog or website till the time you are not ready with your design, content or anything else.

One of the foremost uses of these plugins is that they prevent your visitors to hit a blank (404 error) screen. In the same ways, these plugins are also used to let your audience know about the recent updates about your website.

WordPress has its own maintenance page which is activated during automatic updates. But this page behaves slightly different as it cannot be called a user-friendly page. Also, you can’t activate or deactivate it manually directly from your dashboard.

This is why these best WordPress plugins offer you a better solution. By using any of these plugins, you will be able to manually design your own professionally looking maintenance mode page and will be able to activate it as and when you needed. Now, take a look at some of the best WordPress plugins for maintenance mode-


1. Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin 

best WordPress plugins
best WordPress plugins | Image Credit: YouTube

As the name suggests, this happens to be one of the simplest plugins ever and having a plethora of options as compared to its counterparts. The plugin offers so many delightful functionalities for a number of potential users.

For example, you have all the access to select as many different fonts for a variety of content. It eventually helps you to have your text on the background.

At the same time, it also helps to showcase a transparent box to read a large variety of fonts. The plugin undoubtedly allows you to create maintenance mode or coming soon pages as per your wish and style.

The above plugin also has the capability to collect all your emails to your MailChimp account. You can do this all without upgrading it to any kind of a paid version.

The plugin comes both in free and premium version.

With its free version you can easily create a coming soon page. Along with that you also have the freedom to add some of your own tracking scripts. It helps checking all the traffic coming to your site.

In addition to this, you may also instruct it to use your very own design for maintainance.php file.

In the paid version, you will get the following add-on features:

  • Preview link to bypass the maintenance mode
  • Email marketing business integration
  • Page display for those who’re not logged in
  • Referral tracking system

Well, you get most of the benefits in the free version, but some of the best features are available in the pro version only. You may purchase the pro version that will cost you starting $29.


2. WordPress Maintainance Mode Plugin

best WordPress plugins
best WordPress plugins | Image Credit: ThemeGrill

It’s also a nice plugin. In terms of popularity, it has been given a 4-star ratings. Well, the best thing about this WordPress plugin is that it still offers most of the features for free as compared to the other ones that are chargeable.

In the free version, you have the privilege to add more-

  • Email subscription forms
  • Countdown timers
  • Plenty of Social media icons
  • Contact forms


Not only the above listed ones, you will be also able to

  • Customize almost everything, including your texts, backgrounds and colors
  • Helps exclude URLs from the maintenance mode
  • Helps exclude a few user roles from maintenance mode


3. Maintenance WP Plugin

best WordPress plugins
best WordPress plugins | Image Credit: WinningWP

It’s a premium plugin brought to you by fruitfulcode. Its free version happens to be one of the best WordPress plugins for a maintenance mode. Also, its premium version happens to be the best WordPress plugin with impressive sales features.

The plugin has the free version under which you get a highly responsive maintenance mode page with the following features-

  • Blurred effect in the background
  • Full-screen background
  • Background image with your own logo fonts

However, the pro version of this plugin will cost you $25 and gives you the ability to-

  • Add a countdown timer
  • Specific user permission
  • Social media profile
  • Background videos

You may check this plugin here.


4. Coming Soon and Maintainance Mode WP Plugin

best WordPress plugins
best WordPress plugins | Image Credit: CodeCanyon

This is also one of the best WordPress plugins for sale at CodeCanyon. The above maintenance mode plugin offers a plethora of add-on features that includes-

  • Over 100 social media icons
  • Slideshow in the background (powered by jQuery)
  • Excludes certain users to access the maintenance page using IP address
  • Countdown timer

Along with that you can also customize all the text and colors on your maintenance mode page.

You may purchase the paid version of this plugin that starts from $18 at CodeCanyon.

Please check this plugin here.


5. Elementor WP Plugin

best WordPress plugins
best WordPress plugins | Image Credit: WPBeginner

This is again one of the best WordPress plugins. It’s in fact known as a popular WP page builder. It offers quite handsome features that help design your website’s maintenance mode using it’s page builder interface.

Using the ‘Elementor’ WordPress plugin, you may build your site’s page by using any of the available features from a blank design.

After you have your design, you’re free to activate maintenance mode using the plugin’s interface. Along with that you can also control your website’s access.

So, you can very well use and enjoy the maintenance mode features of this plugin in the free version. However, after purchasing Elementor Pro, you will get a number of additional features along with some pre made templates.


6. Under Construction WP Plugin

best WordPress plugins
best WordPress plugins | Image Credit: WP Daily Themes

Well, this is another best maintenance mode plugin, developed by Web Factory. Take a look at some of its best features

They are some of the best WordPress plugins that comes with over 25 themes that helps you create a design of your choice
You may easily set an automatic end date to better disable maintenance mode at specific times

Along with that, the plugin also has a few standard features likeSocial media icons
Full fledged control over colors and text

Under Construction plugin is not as much as popular like the ones discussed above, but still its pre-made and highly attractive designs have a clear and neat style and easy to use.

Please check out this plugin here.


So, which one is the best WordPress maintenance mode plugin you should select?

Well, it depends. In case, you have no time to explore and simply want to create a maintenance mode page with all the existing features, then Coming Soon Page by SeesProd should be the best choice for you. This is because it’s highly rated and offers tons of features even in its free version.

However, if you are looking to have some extra features like impressive social media icons and more, then you must like Under Construction or WP Maintainance Mode plugin.

And if you would like to use page builders, you may be happier to use Elementor’s plugin. By using this plugin, you can easily create your self custom page.


Are you using any other maintenance mode WordPress plugin? Or if you have any other good option with you? Please share your views by making comments below.

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