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How to Execute Right Digital Marketing Strategy in 2019 to Give an Edge to Your Competitors


Digital Marketing Strategy In this post, we are going to take you through some of the top digital marketing strategy in 2019 that you must be aware of.

Please note that when it comes to the digital marketing trends and technology, it becomes crucial to always stay ahead of all the latest happening in the digital world.

This eventually helps you stay ahead of your competitors as well.

As a true marketer, you might be interested to review each and every innovation being carried out in the world of digital marketing.

digital marketing strategy
Image credit: Smart Insights


Just like you, we are also interested to present you with some of the most viable business transformation and communication techniques bound to ignite some of the largest commercial improvements for your business.

Well, if you want to know more about the latest happening in the digital marketing world, the best way that we can help you is by setting an example.


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How the right digital marketing strategy adopted by Dominos

Here, we would like you to learn how Dominos (one of the biggest commercial brands) managed to implement the right digital marketing strategy at the right time to get an exponential growth in its business.  Now, please take a look into this.

In the recent past, you might have heard how Dominos (UK) had taken a few steps to reach more customers.

And this is what the CEO Dave Wild didn’t bother to make the company digitized by stressing more on the online sales as compared to their existing mode of taking orders over the phone calls.

The decision to make the company digitized was taken almost nine years back in 2010 when the online sales market was not going as high as it is going right now in 2019.

In fact, the online sales of the company accounted less than 30% revenue.

Now, if you consider their digital transactions today, they are going way ahead giving them over 80% sales along with the most popular UK smartphone app that accounts for almost 60% of those sales.

It all happened with the right use of digital marketing strategy at the right time.


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Top Digital Marketing Strategy Crucial to Know in 2019

As we have already entered in the year 2019, you can visualize how your digital marketing strategy continues to pose a dramatic shift in SEO, content marketing, PPC, and social media.

Today, you simply can’t skip the relevance of artificial intelligence or visual marketing.

In fact, there are a plethora of new evolving digital marketing trends that are currently evolving, especially in the current era of cutting edge technology.

Now, if you are able to understand all these latest developments in this high-tech era, you will continue to lead towards the path of success without undergoing any sort of hassles.

As a marketer, you need to consistently learn new ways to help your brand grow. One thing that you can do is to find where most of your audience like to stay longer.

As soon as you are able to nail it down, you can better make your own digital marketing strategy quite effectively.


Use the right digital marketing strategy at the right time

One thing that you can do is to remain active for longer period of time where your audience wants to spend most of their time.

You might be aware that the influence of the much advocated cyberspace or digital landscape is something that you can’t ignore any longer.

This is because these things have been steadily growing for the last 20 years or so.

As per an estimate related to the digital marketing strategy in 2019, some of the most basic facets of marketing is to attract more customers by crafting powerful messages.

At the same time, the method or the channel that you adopt for your message delivery is expected to include the use of proper SEO techniques, customer engagement & retention, PPC, search advertising, social media optimization and much more.

In short, it needs to include the right digital marketing strategy to get success in your goals.

Now, without a further ado, please take a look at the top digital marketing strategy that you need to adopt for your business in 2019.

Top Digital Marketing Strategy for the Year 2019

In this section, we are going to cover the top digital marketing strategy for the year 2019:


1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Today, you may spot almost every marketer preaching on the relevance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the year 2019 and beyond.

Are you sure that those who are either directly or indirectly associated with the digital marketing understands the term thoroughly?

Well, considering the most extensive use of AI in 2019, we think it is the right time to elaborate it precisely.


 digital marketing strategy
Image Credit: Telenor group


AI can best be described as a digital marketing strategy that can be effectively used to better analyze consumer behavior along with their searching and purchasing patterns.

The above task can be easily accomplished by making use of data from a plethora of channels like blog posts and social media to help marketers understand how consumers are able to find all their products and services.

You can understand the term better by looking at how Facebook messenger bots are being most extensively used to both optimize and automate customer service.

The best way to implement the use of AI can be made to find a series of some valuable prospects that almost look like your existing clients.

In the same ways, you can better be able to scan your social media conversions by providing them with loads of real time intelligence with your business competitors.

We hope, you might have understood the term well. If not, we try to elaborate the term again.


Use of AI is going to surge as much as 20% in the years ahead

Please note that AI has become so crucial these days and can perform tasks intelligently. For example, you can easily find its presence in analyzing different search patterns and consumer behavior.

The technique of AI can be used to understand how their potential clients are able to search their products and services.


artificial intelligence
Image Credit: PhoneWorld


At the same time, the term Artificial intelligence can also be explained in a few other ways as well.

For example, it offers some of the most vital tips and information to all the potential users by simply getting into a series of conversation.

As per Gartner, the year 2020 is going to see an overwhelming 25% customer service by using chat bot technology.

And so, the businesses implementing AI in the year 2019 will eventually be able to accelerate growth and save their sky rocketing costs. And this will in turn, help them getting an edge over their potential competitors.

The prevalence of Artificial Intelligence continues to take its position among top business leaders like Microsoft, Google and Amazon by extending their quantitative resources in both machine learning and AI.


Digital marketing strategy using AI- Helps anticipate the behavior patterns of customers

You can easily visualize that AI helps marketers to eventually anticipate the upcoming behavior and patterns of their customers,based on a bunch of collective data.

Now, this data  can be easily captured by the marketers and eventually help them determine how they can be able to engage with their potential customers in better ways using a plethora of different channels like online advertising, direct email, sales outreach, etc.

In order to conceptualize the presence of digital marketing trends, you can find its presence in a plethora of industries like eCommerce, beverage, healthcare, life sciences and many more.

You might be wondering how this all is done. Well, the use of AI in all these industries is being implemented by collecting data from a number of sources.

Now, take the case of eCommerce sector, where over 85% customers have to say that personalization is something which is going to play a crucial role in their future purchasing decisions.

Are you aware that most leading eCommerce companies make use of data so often to precisely predict the behavior of their potential buyers, especially at the time of purchasing various items online?

This is where eCommerce companies use their resource to give somewhat more personalized experience to their buyers that can be in the form of giving them some personalized discounts or anything of that sort.


2. Use of Chat bot- Smarter Way of Communication

The use of Chat bots has been consistently rising over the last few years and is still going to persist in the present time. 

If you take a look at the grand view research, over 48% end users agree to use Chat bots as a special means to better interact with the customer care department.


digital marketing strategy


Not only that, they significantly play a crucial role in improving the overall experience of their customers.

At the same time, the above digital marketing strategy allows marketers to effectively engage with their potential customers as well.

Please note that Chatbots tend to offer a far more dedicated customer support, real time assistance along with the most viable interaction where they are free to ask as many queries to better understand the real issue.


Program your bots well to minimize the human error

In case, you are still unable to understand what chat-bots are, then we try to put it in a different way. First, we would like you to understand what a bots is.

Well, a bot is basically the piece of a software that you can program it accordingly to carry out certain tasks.




Now, you might be thinking why it is beneficial to us? Well, this is a great question which is quite obvious to come into one’s mind while reading about a bot.

The basic purpose of a bot is to perform any assigned task. And this is how it saves a lot of your time. Not only that, using bots, you can undergo all your assigned tasks in a much effective way.

Now, all you need to do is to program it in right ways and just forget about any kind of human error whatsoever.

Ever since the marketers learnt the importance of bots, they had started using it as a means of their digital marketing strategy. Also, it won’t cost you much to set up and run bots.

There are a plethora of ways that bots can help you plan your digital marketing strategy in right ways. Now, please take a look at some crucial ways to use bots as a part of your digital marketing strategy:


Chat Bots: Effective way of communication for website visitors

The first and the foremost use of bots comes in communicating with your website visitors. For example, when your visitors land on your website, they want to gain the access of your services and products.

Now, if you are running short of customer support team who can’t answer to the queries of your potential visitors, then you might lose your crucial leads or business.


 digital marketing strategy


And this is where use of bots come into the picture as they help save a lot of your time and effort to keep your customers intact.

The best way of using bots is by incorporating them in live chats.

As per a survey conducted by E consultancy to know the mindset of customers, it was found that as many as 55% of them like to get support through live chat.

Now, if you are keen to set up a bot, you must sound like human at the time of setting them. This is because if your bot sounds way too stiff, it is likely that your customers will become reluctant to interact with them.


Research Purpose

The other way how bots can be a part of your well planned digital marketing strategy is that they can be used for research purpose. As you know, it takes lots of time to research anything before you write.

And here bots really make you hard work easier.


Integrate Chat bots with messaging platforms

Well, this is one of the best use of Chat bots where they actually integrate and serve as the most vital messaging platforms.

For example, you can find so many bots that are widely available for Facebook and Slack Messenger.

Similarly, use of Chat bots can also be in selling your own products and also getting psycho-graphics & demographics.


3. Programmatic Advertising

This is yet another way to plan an effective digital marketing strategy for your business. Before we move ahead, let’s introduce you to the term Programmatic advertising.

The term Programmatic Advertising (PA) simply means to use and implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the process of ad purchasing.



Programmatic advertising


This eventually helps targeting far more number of specific audiences. An example of PA is the real time auction or bidding.

The use of AI in PA is to make the automation way too fast and efficient.

After implementing this concept as a part of your core digital marketing strategy, you would be getting higher conversion rate with lesser costs on your customer acquisition.

As per eMarketer, PA happens to be the changing face of digital advertising in 2019 and beyond as close to 90% of digital display ads in the US are going to be programmatic by 2020.


4. Video Marketing

Today, many marketers simply tremble at the time of contemplating the production of videos to benefit their business in one way or the other.

Most of the times, it has been observed that they think that excessive video production can become a high cost endeavor with far lesser ROI.


 digital marketing strategy


There is no doubt that video plays an effective part on your overall digital marketing strategy. It’s equally effective as a part of your content marketing strategy as well.

As per the recent Cisco study done on the relevance of video marketing, it was revealed that close to 82% online consumer traffic will be through videos only.

Incorporating video marketing as a way to improve your overall digital marketing strategy relies heavily on the way you plan it. For example, you do not need to focus only on YouTube.

If you are expecting to get huge engagement with your video marketing efforts, you can star off with a video post.

In the same ways, you can also go ahead with a live and effective broadcast on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

These days, you can witness how live video is becoming so effective and gaining huge popularity.


Video Marketing: Right digital marketing strategy to implement in 2019

You can see the digital marketing strategy being implemented by most businesses using it for product demos, interviews or some other official events.

As a marketer, you can witness how most YouTube videos are increasingly being displayed in the SERPs, you can’t neglect their relevance in devising an effective digital marketing strategy for your business.

So, you need to learn more on new strategies and concept to make better YouTube SEO.

These days, 360 degree video content is largely gaining popularity as it allows much wider interactive experience.

Take a look at the circular symbol on the top left corner of the given image as it helps sliding the already moving image to your right or left while it is playing the video.


5. Personalization

You need to continue to devise new ways to stand out in 2019. And for that, you need to think about personalize your digital marketing strategy.

It means to personalize everything that mainly includes your products, email, content and much more.

Today, you can do wonders in your business by using the readily available data that clearly hints about ever changing customer behavior, purchasing history along with custom content.

As per a recent study in this regard, most marketers feel that personalization simply helps them attain better relationships with their customers.


6. Visual Search

The concept of visual search has a significant involvement in deciding today’s digital marketing strategy for most marketers.

This is because visual search can play a vital role in conducting your search by uploading an image.


visual search


Well, if you take a look at Pinterest, you will come to know that the portal has jumped heavily on the concept of visual search.

You might be aware that they recently came out with Lens, which is an entirely new and interesting visual search tool.

The tool has quite a significant importance as it helps users to click a picture of an item to search where to purchase that online.


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Visual search- One of the best marketing strategy for your business growth

Well, apart from Pinterest, Google has its own Visual Search Engine by the name Google Lens. It can swiftly recognizes your landmarks, objects and any other thing with the help of a camera app.

For example, if you go ahead and click the picture of your business card, it eventually saves both your address and phone number to a contact.

You can also make a foolproof digital marketing strategy with the help of CamFind. It’s a visual search mobile app that enables a user to locate/search anything from their cell phones.

They can do this just by snapping a picture and CamFind app will recognize what it is all about.


camfind app
Image Credit: Tech.co


Now, you do not need to type your query to a Search Engine. Instead, you can swiftly make your search using images and can spot similar images, various shopping results or price comparisons.

In the same ways, this app will help you by giving you all the movie details like trailer, showtimes, etc. once you click the picture of a movie poster.

By implanting this kind of digital marketing strategy in your business, you can easily gain far more trust by serving them what they want.


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7. Voice Search

Like others, voice search is also being increasingly used as a core digital marketing strategy for companies in 2019.

As per an estimate more than 50% searches by 2020 are going to be voice searches.

In the same ways, over 20% of mobile queries are going to be voice searches. Likewise, 25% of all Bing searches are gong to be voice searches by 2020.


voice search


Needless to say, Voice search happens to be a crucial digital marketing strategy that plays a prominent role in providing the best results to users searching any information through audio content.

It’s based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that helps to minimize any kind of human error.

In fact, the concept of voice search has been adopted by a plethora of brands in the recent past as their core digital marketing strategy.

It’s the new way of delivering loads of value based content to their customer base in a meaningful manner.

You need to keep this in mind that more number of companies are going to produce audio content to help them enhance their brand awareness.

At the same time, it is also expected that ads will also be coming in the time to come.

For example, alexa is going to help you with the answer to your query that simply means you need to purchase or think about purchasing voice ad space very soon.


8. Micro-Moments

Do you know how much time people spend on their phones every day? Well, as per a study done in this regard, majority of people spend an average of 3.5 hours on a daily basis.

Taking into considerations of the above facts and figures, the use of Smart Phones is going to surge in the time to come.

Micro Moment is simply a new kind of customer behavior that clearly delivers what you are going to offer to your consumers.


micro moments
Image Credit: Veriday


And this has to be delivered within a fraction of seconds, otherwise users will simply lose their focus and move on to the next article

Micro moments can also be your all time digital marketing strategy that you can use it to gain a large customer base.

Now, this is where brands need to capture the user’s attention so as to gain a large customer base or improving their brand value.

In 2019, brands need to take care of minute customer behavior. This is due to the fact that most consumers are usually known to take sudden and last minute decision to search the information they require.

In order to search all the info that they are looking for, they usually land on Google Maps, Google, YouTube, Amazon, etc.

After studying the consumer’s purchasing behavior, it was revealed that most of the times, they  take instant decisions like where to eat, which restaurants to select, where to go, what to purchase, etc. And this is where micro moments come into the picture.


Conclusion– We covered the latest digital marketing strategy that you must implement in your business to stay ahead with your competitors in 2019 and beyond.

We discussed a number of crucial ways to plan and build your business strategy as per the latest digital marketing trends.

For example, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chat Bots, Visual Search and so on. Before implementing them in your business, please check out and take advantage of each of them.

Don’t forget to share your experience here by letting us know how your digital marketing strategy is benefiting you.


How Google Algorithm Update in 2018 Is Going to Impact Your Business

google algorithm update

Before taking you through Google algorithm update in 2018, let us find out the valuable SEO learning that can be derived from the latest google update 2017.

If you look back in the past, keyword stuffing happened to be one of the most viable Google rankings factors.


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But in the recent past, the search engine giant has performed a plethora of updates in order to keep pace with user behavior.

And this is the reason why you must remain entirely focused and updated with major shifts in SEO announced from time to time.

In the normal practice, Google generally makes around 550-650 algorithm updates annually. However, in the presence of so many changes, it becomes quite hard to ascertain which update is going to influence your SEO strategies and impacting the rankings.

And this in turn affects your business directly or indirectly.

In the year 2017 alone, so many updates were announced, including a few major ones. This impacted hundreds of websites, as they experienced huge drops in their traffic and rankings.

As we have already explained that Google updates are basically meant to create a better user experience for general users, it becomes even harder for SEO guys to rank their websites on the top of the search results pages (SERPs).


Below is the history of major updates announced in the year 2017.

As you know, the year 2017 witnessed a vast Google algorithm update; we would like to bring you all the major ones here.

As we have already explained that Google’s search algorithms are meant to create a better user experience for general users, it becomes even harder for SEO guys to rank their websites on the top of the search results pages (SERPs).

As per Searchengineland, Google announced a change in its algorithm on February 1, 2017. It was not a major one though, but the phase witnessed a huge number of algorithm fluctuations that happened till February 6.

Initially, nothing much could be speculated about these updates, but the evidence from SEL (Search Engine Land) showed that it swept away the entire web space by undergoing 1-2 major changes.

Further to these changes, SEL observed that only the black hat community was complaining about their tactics not functioning well, unlike white hat community who didn’t feel the same.

Most people landed on the conclusion that the update was about to discredit link building in aggressive ways.

Some people also claimed that their PBN (Private Blog Networks) didn’t produce the desired results as Google has become slower to pick new (low authority) links.

On February 7, there was another updated that quickly followed the older one and was even larger.

To this, G-Squared Interactive claimed that the visibility of a few websites actually impacted in a positive way:

Some of these sites witnessed a positive change while others experienced undesired results from the update.


google algorithm update
google algorithm update | Image Credit: Neilpatel.com


With such a huge update, you can easily predict your updated keyword rankings.

Like, you can very well witness a search result changing positions rapidly by jumping 5-10 ranks within the same day.


google algorithm update
google algorithm update | Image Credit: neilpatel.com


The digital marketing agency realized that the fresh Google update actually impacted many of their keywords, and their rankings as well.

While some keyword rankings fell 5-10 positions, others moved up to 45 positions within a day.

This gave an impression that Google (in some ways) penalized those sites that earlier looked great but were not, in terms of quality. And, this is the reason why they were given lower rankings.

The agency further noticed that Google, even started demoting these sites with low quality user engagements.

The sites were penalized that either had poor user interface, excessive monetization options, deceptive ad placements and with broken menus options.

The sites that were using heavy pagination just for attaining more clicks through all 38 pages were penalized.


google algorithm update
google algorithm update | Image Credit: neilpatel.com


This makes for a terrible user experience in exchange for better and easier ad promotion on sites.

Well, this is something Google doesn’t like at all as it makes a terrible user experience. The search engine giant wants to provide all users far better experience on the web.

In the same ways, the Google update impacted websites having thin and low quality content. You might be wandering about the meaning of thin content.

Thin content basically means short content, giving no value to the users and is created just for the sake of driving traffic.

The update also talked about the impact it created on the mobile usability of websites. This means your website rankings are likely to suffer if your website is not perfectly optimized for mobile.


google algorithm update
google algorithm update | Image Credit: G square


The agency noticed that websites with poor and broken menus and with poor mobile usability are going to be impacted heavily from Google.


google algorithm update
google algorithm update | Image Credit: neilpatel.com


Ad deception was also a part of this update that was equally targeted by Google. Ad deception is one thing that Google hates.

It’s because ads tend to get more into the content and make users confused. It also makes a user unpredictable as he fails to differentiate between ads and content.

This practice is usually implied either by malicious websites or those who are trying to incorporate content just for the sake of selling their affiliate links.

The update was primarily announced by Google to penalize those websites that didn’t consider the user-engagement into consideration.

Therefore, the websites that started placing ads on the top of the fold witnessed a steep fall in their rankings.

So, you may be in trouble if you have placed ads in a way to push the content away from users.


google algorithm update
google algorithm update | Image Credit: neilpatel.com


This update about ad deception and thin content was the major one. But it was still not the most crucial one.

On March 8, 2017, there was another update announced by the name “Fred“. This update specifically meant for all websites that are not following their webmaster guidelines.

The update basically covered those websites that were created solely for generating revenue.

There is a strict guideline on displaying ads that says that you must place ads only on those pages that are full of relevant information. This way, you post ads only on high quality pages.

Also, if you are not inclined to help users and your website is nothing more than collection of affiliate links, then there are chances that you will be soon going to penalize by Google.

This was the reason why a number of low quality and ad-heavy websites witnessed huge drops in organic traffic.


google algorithm update
google algorithm update | Image Credit: neilpatel.com


Most of these Google algorithm updates in 2017 became the reason for a big revolution in the SEO community.

One of the facts that Google is really concerned is the ever changing user behaviour. And due to this, it is not easy to always find and grab the best SEO tactics that actually work.

By looking at all these new Google updates, you can easily come across with lots of valuable insights into what the year 2018 has to offer.

Please take a look at some of these Google algorithm updates and learn a few SEO techniques in 2018.

Content has always been an indispensable part of a website. Without content, you are nothing. And that’s why it is said- Content is King.

However, there is something else that we should know about. It says not every type of content is beneficial to attain higher rankings.

Google takes care to improve its search results by making changes in its algorithm. While doing so, it cut down on low grade, thin quality content which is unable to drive a good amount of traffic.

Have a look at the impact of thin (low grade) content on the rankings below for Google’s rich snippets.


google algorithm update
google algorithm update | Image Credit: neilpatel.com


By looking at the quality of content, the concept of in-depth content is being widely circulated all over. In depth content means something that gives value to the end user. By creating such content, you can easily touch on so many topics and sub topics at the same time.

However, in older times doing SEO, your actual content didn’t prove as crucial as your

  • Title tag
  • H1, H2, and H3 tags
  • Permalink keywords
  • ALT text for images


But in today’s scenario, quality and authority are two most important factors that need to be looked upon –

For example, Backlinko realized that their content topic authority was so much crucial to rank higher. It means the higher you have your topic (title0 authority, the higher you will be able to rank.

So, what you need to do in order to get higher authority and ranking on Google? Well, please find below some of the tactics to get the desired results on the search engines:


Need of the Hour- Create Detailed Web Posts

In the recent past, Orbit Media picked the data of around 1,000 leading bloggers to get an update on content marketing and blogging.


google algorithm update
google algorithm update | Image Credit: neilpatel.com


The company realized that both bloggers and content marketers are taking longer to write authoritative (in-depth) posts.


How Long Does it Take to Create a Handsomely Finished Blog Post

As you see, it is taking 1-4 hours to write a single web post comprising around 1000 words. Also, the average time it took to create a single blog post in 2016 was over 3 hours.


Ideal Length of a Typical Web Post Over the Years

How long you think your blog post should be? Well, by looking at the data, it seems that the length of an ideal blog post has been consistently increasing over the years.

google algorithm update
google algorithm update | Image Credit: orbitmedia.com


And this is happening as per Google’s updates that entirely focus on quality content.

Orbit Media again highlighted the results that most bloggers reported from the content they served to the end users. Please take a look at the findings-


Percentage of Bloggers Reporting Great Results from Their Blogs

As you can visualize from the above figure, results are going better as per the content length. For example, writers creating content up to 2,000 words are getting far better results.


google algorithm update
google algorithm update | Image Credit: orbitmedia.com


Also, thin or low quality content comprising 500 or 1,000 words is either being penalized or not getting desired results.


SEO in 2018

Are you aware that the quality of your web post depends on the number of words you put in? Well, the lengthier you write, the more chances you have to rank your blog post on the search engines.

And that is why; we can say that SEO in 2018 is revolving around content, but not just any sort of content.

In a way to get the best results, all you need is to write exhaustively for your readers to make them understand thoroughly what you are trying to communicate. Do you like to know how to do this with an ease?

Please have a look how you can do this without any hassles:


LSI Keywords to Make Your Text Relevant As Per Google Algorithm Updates 2017

As per Google Algorithm update in 2018, if you are trying to rank for a particular keyword, it is necessary that you use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords.

For example, if you consider your primary keyword as table tennis, then your LSI keywords could revolve between table tennis players to game to size.

You might be wondering what LSI keywords actually do? Well, we must tell you that they add context in your written text and eventually expand its reach beyond a given topic.

One of the advantages of using LSI keywords is that you can easily cover multiple subtopics using them. It will help you to enhance the necessary depth into your content as per Google algorithm update in 2017.

The best way of doing this is by generating content titles using LSI keywords.

If you are not sure about LSI keywords for your primary keyword, you can very well search them using the LSI graph.

The procedure of extracting LSI keywords using your primary keyword is quite easy.

All you need to do is to enter your keyword and hit generate. By doing so, it will produce a list of LSI keywords instantly.

Now, all you can do is to select a few of them and outline your content using them. For example, you can use each of these LSI keywords in the form of a new H2 subheading.

For example, you can easily create a well structured web post by making use of all your selected LSI keywords.


SEO Updates 2018

As per current SEO updates, Google is looking for such a kind of content that users can grab easily without hopping for different blog posts.

By following these tactics, you can repeat the entire process for every single blog post you are about to write.


Always work Towards Attaining Best User Experience

In the present context, user experience has become everything when you try to communicate them through your content.

And therefore, we can say that it is not relying everything on search engine rankings, as you need to focus on delivering quality content giving value to users.

It’s now quite obvious how to plan your SEO strategy by looking at Google updates in 2017.

From ad-based to mobile focused penalties, you can predict what is going to stay.

In the same ways, if mobile websites are not optimized for best user experience, it will attract penalties.

In the present age where hundreds of websites are being created, mobile traffic has overtaken the desktop traffic.


google algorithm update
google algorithm update | Image Credit: neilpatel.com


This is also due to the fact that today, mobile users have significantly enhanced as compared to their desktop counterparts.


Major Google Algorithm Update in 2018- Your Website Page Speed

In 2018, Google is more serious about your website page speed. The search engine will be taking this in the form of mobile ranking signal.


google algorithm update
google algorithm update | Image Credit: testmysite


There are so many tools available to check your web page speed. For example, in order to get the desired results, you must check your mobile web page speed on Google’s Test My Site tool.


Time to Convert Your Website From HTTP to HTTPS

As you see, a number of publishers have already delayed moving their websites from HTTP to HTTPS.


google algorithm update
google algorithm update | Image Credit: ezoic.com


The search engine has already revealed how it is going to punish the site owners who fail to own an SSL to their website.

So, for those publishers who are still reluctant making this change, it is the best time to make a switch.

In case, you are looking for redirects, then host features and server level redirects will make it quite simple to handle all these challenges.



Wrapping It Up

SEO in 2018 is changing rapidly.

We can very well learn from all the latest google update in 2017. This is because your strategies become outdated due to these updates coming on a regular basis.

Most of the times, it has been observed that these updates tend to create negative impact on rankings.

So, there are a few specific things that you need to take care in 2018 (as a part of Google algorithm update) to keep benefiting from your online business like your page speed and also think about converting your site from HTTP to HTTPS.


4 Types of SEO Content in 2018 to Make Your Customers Feel Satisfied

seo content

Before discussing some of the most viable forms of SEO content  in 2018, you must understand the ever changing trend of web users who want to consume, share, and appreciate the knowledge that you want to distribute through your content. 

If you look through previous years, the user’s approach behaved quite differently while analyzing the SEO content.


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And due to this, you always have to come up with a new strategy every time; you decide to create a new post.

Yes, we are talking about an entirely new post with fresh ideas, written specifically for your customers and to better let them think in different ways, as per the value you incorporate within your text.

The goal of every marketer is to generate organic traffic so as to convert it further into vital leads. In order to achieve that, you try hard to present yourself in different styles, topics and formats.

You might be wondering why to think that way?

Well, if you incorporate new ideas into your well written piece of text, then the chances are that you reap great conversions, as Google will place your blog post on the top of search results.

For best results, you must check Google ranking factors as you will get more info to rank your website.


seo content writing
seo content  Image Credit: neilpatel.com


Now, if you have read any of our articles in the past on krishangmarketingsolutions, you can easily assess that all we want to convey our readers is nothing more than to maintain quality at the time of writing their posts.

Well, it’s crucial that while serving your readers with the information you want to convey, you better don’t cut corners, otherwise, you won’t be able to make your readers feel satisfied about it and they will not return to your website.

Now, before moving further, let’s understand what SEO content is all about.


SEO Content – What the Term Actually Means?


Are you entirely new into the world of search engine marketing? Well, even if you are completely unaware of the term, then we must help you with that.

To help you give a fair idea about the term, let’s break it into two parts- content and SEO.


SEO– The term has now become quite generic and refers to Search Engine Optimization.


seo content
seo content | Image Credit: yopie.ca


It is a technique to optimize any website in such a way so that users can find it via search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) by entering relevant keywords.

Now, after explaining both the terms individually, let’s put both these concepts together- SEO content is enriched with a handful of targeted keywords and is a means to attract organic traffic from the search engines.


Before moving further ahead, we would like to give you a fair idea about what you need to do in order to optimize your website content-


Keyword Research- It’s something you can never forget to do so before you start writing a fresh piece of content.

This way, you would be able to generate enough traffic through search queries.

To get more benefits in terms of attaining quality traffic, you can look for those keywords that already have certain amount of search volume.


All we meant by saying this is that you must encourage yourself writing on those topics that already have definite search queries.

  • Content optimization- Well, this is something that you need to take care. The content on your website must always be organized in logical ways, as it will help users to better land on your web page and also get benefits with related content.
  • Keyword Optimization- You should be aware how and where you can best use your selected keywords to attain maximum exposure.
  • Content Promotion techniques- After you create content, you must share it to all the social networks so as to build quality links back to your website. This can be done (link building) by exhaustively sharing your content on social media channels.
seo content
seo content | Image Credit: techcrunch.com


Now, without undergoing any kind of further ado, we would like to introduce the following types of SEO content that we (as a team) will be targeting in 2018:



1. Writing Long Form Content

Today, time has really changed with readers going smarter.

If you try to analyze things back in the year 2013, then 300-600 word posts were recommended sufficient to satisfy your customer needs. But now, you can no longer rely by publishing shorter blog posts.

Do you know the reason behind this? Well, it is because we all believed that readers didn’t have sufficient time and opportunity to read the long form content.


Why users expect long form of content?

Today, readers already know what they want, and therefore, expect exhaustive information on any topic that relates to them.

So, there is no point making them feel dissatisfied with improper or incomplete information or something which is not worth.

Now, what can be the best ways to present your content to your readers?

Well, there are many but the best you can do is to break down your content in small chunks (short paragraphs), listicles, bullet points and more.


Google’s take on long form content

If you try to visualize the data that Google displays in its top 10 search results, you will notice that it mostly ranks those websites that are loaded with long form content.

However, it does not mean that you won’t find websites raking in top search results that have shorter content.

But most of the times, you will find their domain much authoritative.


What does it mean by long form of content?

Do you know the number of words a long form of blog post should comprise?

Whenever you try to find out the answer to this specific question, you will find different opinions all around.

Some will say 1200 words are enough. Others will go up to 4000+ words.

But in our experience, an ideal blog post should comprise a maximum of 3000+ words, as it will give fabulous results both in the context of readers and search engines.

As we have already established the fact that why readers have become more inclined towards long form of SEO content, we would still like to give you a fair explanation why long form of content is beneficial even for SEO.


Why long form of content is good for SEO?

You might agree with us that more you try writing on a particular topic, the more chances you get to insert your keywords naturally without doing much hassles.

Please note that we are not talking about keyword stuffing in any way. All we want is to convey the use of LSI keywords. And it goes handy when you discuss anything in depth.


Let’s try to make you understand in other way.

Whenever you tend to write more while maintaining quality, Google plays a crucial role by ranking your well written SEO content (in the form of blog post) higher in search results.

This is because the search engines believe your opus is perfect to answer any kind of question from the reader’s perspective.

Another crucial point that you must note is that long form of content should always be giving value to your readers.


And it should not be forced. So, please try to check that your content is not going fluff.

Having said that, we mean that your content should not be dull in any way otherwise; it will impact adversely on your readers. They will simply choose to move out from your website.

So, if you are inclined to cover a topic more exhaustively, then you can very well go above 2500 words.

Now, if you go by Hubspot, most companies are already saving almost $20 k each year after investing in outbound vs. inbound marketing.

seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit: YouTube


Now, we have decided to give you more insights as why long form of content is going to give you immense results:

  • By publishing the long form of content, you have all the advantage, as users will be able to settle down all their doubts without moving to any other place for seeking the same information.
  • Most of the blog posts generally comprise 500 or less words. Here you can prove your worth by putting an additional 2500 words and can reap far better results.
  • If you post longer content, it tends to generate huge business leads, and that too, for a longer time-frame. The reason is simple. They attract quality backlinks and targeted traffic from Google, and making it evergreen.
  • Lastly, you can very well launch a fruitful marketing campaign by re-purposing your epic content chunks.

Please take a look below as a proof that has come to the surface after a test done by Moz:

seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit:wordcount



seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit: wordcount


Even though, long form of content has certain myths or misconception, you must be well aware of them to better communicate to the audience in better ways:


Myth # 1- Shorter Content Format Rules-

In the earlier times and even now, some marketers think that shorter content rules.

It means that your blog post should be as briefer as possible.

As per them, once you cross the threshold of 200 characters, you are sunk.

However, the fact is that shorter content do not perform better every time.

seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit: quicksprout


For example, if you analyze Seth Godin blog posts, you will find them really short.

As per Godin, shorter content snatches the audience (traffic) from your competitors. But you can’t always benefit from shorter content.


Myth #2- People hate reading long content on the web

This is the most egregious of the myths, and has been around for a long time.

Well, this happens to be one of the most egregious kind of myths and has been there for so much of time. And even now, the above myth lies among most marketer’s mind.

However, the fact is that most people are in the habit of reading even the longer form of content on the web, even if they are busy lingering on images or trying to scan various headlines.


Length is not the only factor to consider

When you decide to write an exhaustive piece of content, then you are obviously concerned about its length.

But, length is not the only factor that should be considered while serving your readers with long form of SEO content.

seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit: Ahrefs


In fact, you should take some other factors into consideration as well that equally affect the length of your blog post.


Please take a look at how all other factors tend to affect the length of your blog post in different ways:

  • Quality– Your blog post should always be equipped with the quality that your readers are looking to have in your content. For example, you need to look at some questions that you must answer yourself before starting a new post like, what are you trying to convey your readers? What is the substance in your post? If you can say it all in 100 words, then its fine, but if it will require 2500 words, it’s fine as well.
  • Cause– As a marketer, you always create a content marketing plan before you start posting content. And that’s why, we say- every content marketing plan has its own cause. Although, the main cause or purpose is to get conversions, but there are a few secondary goals as well that you must consider and may include awareness, provide relevant knowledge and education to readers, improve SEO, drive your social engagement. So, all these different causes will directly affect the length of your web post.
  • Audience- Content creation doesn’t make sense without knowing your audience, their interests, requirements, issues, passion and goals. Now, what should be your goal towards your audience? Well, it should be to create such content that they not only able to read but also appreciate.
  • Frequency-It’s something that every marketer is concerned about. The frequency of posting can vary from bloggers to bloggers. For example, some would like to post weekly; and the content would be exhaustive, while others would post short web posts on a daily basis. So, it all depends how your marketing team is able to manage. Good content creation always takes time!
  • Style- This is another crucial thing to consider. As you know, there exist different writing styles. For example, there is one that is short and to the point. At other times, you may notice your content style is going more interactive and conversational. No doubt, the content style directly affects your content length.
  • Format– If your well written web post is formatted in proper ways, it not only becomes pleasant for others but also enhances its readability by many folds. For example, by incorporating lots of short paragraphs along with subheadings, images, bullet points, you can easily break up your text into fine chunks that becomes far more readable and people are easily able to scan it.


Data Driven Reasons That Inspire You  to Create Long SEO Content 

The long form of SEO content is something that is bound to give you unexpected results in the long run. The best example to analyze this is BuzzFeed.

The online giant has invested heavily on content and even has a separate section where you can find in depth stories.

The reason why they are doing this is just to create a brand with sustainable assets.

The higher worded post is bound to reap better outcome in Google search results. And there exist no less than 250 factors to influence your content in the SERPs.


seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit: Serpiq


As per the evidence that has been collected from time to time, the more content you post, the better it helps your page to be in the top search results.

As you can see the results driven by SerpIQ, with more content on your blog post, the higher Google SERP ranking it has.

As per the findings given in the graph below, each web page is having more than 2,000 words.


How Google indexes your website?

As we are explaining you with the benefits of a long SEO content, you must understand how your website is crawled and indexed.

Googlebot happens to be the Google’s crawler and is mainly responsible for indexing your website.

While doing so, it looks at every single tag, word and other sort of information already present in your text. However, it leaves and doesn’t give priority to rich media files.

A website is equipped with lots of information in the form of headlines, titles, images, etc.

The more content you have on your website, it will get indexed more frequently and perform better in search results.


Analysis done by CoSchedule Blog

Now, as per the analysis done by CoSchedule on as many as 8 long tail keywords, you can easily find that longer blog posts performed far better in search results.

seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit: Quicksprout


To be more precise, top results averaged those web posts that comprised over 2,000 words.


QuickSprout Analysis- In the same ways, if you try to analyze one of the leading content marketing website- Quick Sprout, you will find their average write-ups are having over 1,500 words, performing far better in terms of traffic.


seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit: Quicksprout


It also showed that longer form of web posts usually get hefty media engagement. Please analyze the results given below:


Lastly, WordStream was able to better analyze the importance of long form of content. They changed their mindset and started posting lengthy content of over 1000 words.

This way, they managed to enhance their user engagement and overall traffic back to their website.


seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit: Neilpatel


We hope you now have understood the relevance of posting long content that will eventually help you rank for a number of long-tail keywords and increase the overall conversions.


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2. Authority and Exhaustive SEO Content 

What do you exactly mean by blogging? Well, when it comes to blogging, it is not just a simple term as it looks.

In fact, it is actually an inbound marketing strategy that can become a cause to achieve hundreds of conversions.

seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit: Pinterest


As per the recent studies done in this regard, those who blog consistently, generally acquire 125% more leads than otherwise.

As a blogger, you should try conveying fresh ideas to better help your readers acquiring great knowledge.

In terms of Google, this will help you rank your web post among top search results.

You must engage yourself working for your readers before doing anything else.

While doing so, you need to write authoritative web posts to be consumed by your readers.

And for that, you must acquire a habit of coming back and write more (if needed) and set your limitations to serve people to the best of your knowledge and belief.

You might have noticed that world of blogging has completely changed. Now, no one wants to read content stuffed with keywords.

You might be wondering what to write, then.

Well, you will be called spammer if you continue to post irrelevant content overstuffed with your keywords.

And if you want to succeed online, all you need is to post authority content.

 As a blogger, your goal should be to succeed, and for that, try floating unique ideas across the web. The more you do that; people will stick to your website.

This is because you are making sense with your content in the form of new and refreshing ideas.

At the same time, you must also try serving your clients / readers and try hard clearing their doubts.


Why the authority content has become a norm today?

Well, authority content is the need of the hour. It helps you establish your identity among the masses.

If you are unique and precise to what you have to say, then you are likely to become the most trusted blogger like Neil Patel or Seth Godin.

There are so many examples to look upon. And one of those is Kissmetrics blogs, known for giving you deep insights about any topic in question.

Just try to be original in your thoughts and put in your own style so that people could understand what you want to say.


How lengthy an authoritative blog post should be?

When you talk about authority content, you should be concerned about giving value to your readers. As we disclosed earlier that users now expect everything at the same place.

Take this in this way.

For example, if a user lands on your website in a hope to get appropriate answers to his queries, he would not like to go anywhere else (any other website) until he gets the answers to the best of his satisfaction.

So, in order to make your customers feel satisfied with their queries, you must post lengthy piece of content by doing your own research.

This is due to another reason that lengthy content not only rank better but also become favorite on social media channels by giving you more number of conversions.



3. Opinion Pieces Content Ideas

No doubt, you should continue posting fresh and authenticated information. But in reality, it is not possible to discover something new all the times. Now, what to do?

Well, this is where opinion content pieces come into picture.


What is an opinion piece?

An opinion piece is a kind of article published anywhere and giving the author’s views on that particular subject. You can find them published in any periodical.

seo content writing
seo content | Image Credit: 5th Grade Common Core


Well, if you are still skeptical about the term, let’s help you in another way by giving an example.

As we disclosed earlier that this form of SEO content is an ultimate way to cover your thoughts by inserting some interesting and new angles.

For example, if you read a story where it is written that only short form of content writing flourishes across the web and long content is not as beneficial, then you can very well raise your point, if you disagree.

Like we said, if you don’t agree about the views of the author in his blog post, you are free to write your own findings and let people know about your views in this regard.

Opinion pieces can be written in any way and they are not industry specific. So, you can cover any topic, but be sure not to be rude and never criticize the author in any way.

Always be polite about your own thoughts and put it in the best ways possible to your readers.


4. Try Creating How-to Articles

If you want to get the fidelity of users in the long run, you must start writing how-to articles.

You don’t need to run here and there for that. All you need is a burning issue and help people giving ideas on how to quickly solve a burning issue.

As per studies, these kinds of articles are proved to be the best evergreen form of content.



Wrapping Things Up

Content marketing really matters if done in right ways.

If you are still feeling reluctant to accept the fact, then you must believe at least what the most researchers say in this regard.

Like, if anyone says you to post an article worth $20, as it is going to help you rank even higher than a Wikipedia page, please note that it is not going to happen.


How to Reach Millions of Users with Visual Content Marketing

visual content marketing

Before we update you with the role of visual content marketing in social media, let’s first know what this term is all about.

What is visual content marketing?

In the present age when users have no time to read the entire content, it is essential that it gets embedded with some visual elements in the form of images, memes, info graphics, videos and other such elements to make it look more impressive and appealing.

Do you know text alone is not enough to attract your audience? In the world of visual content marketing, you can’t expect a successful mode of communication by neglecting the use of visuals.


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Well, if you try to analyze this more deeply, you will realize that the audience crave visuals more than anything else, especially at the time of reading your content.

That is the reason why a plethora of apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc. are becoming so favourite among the users. For example, you can try using Facebook to know the impact of visuals in your content.


visual content marketing
visual content marketing | Image Credit: Digital Infini


As per the study conducted in this regard, it has been revealed that Facebook posts comprising only text perform poorly than those posted with enough visual content.

Therefore, it is often being said that Visual content marketing has emerged as a true winner than any other kind of content marketing. Marketers, who embrace visual content in their content, obviously reap far better results in terms of leads, followers, fans, and revenue.

So, if you are feeling reluctant to upgrade your marketing strategy by introducing visual content in your text rich content, it’s time to sit back and re-consider your approach so as to reach to the level of what your users expect from you.

Are you still not able to grab things? Well, you do not need to worry at all. All you can do is to visualize the comfort of including stunning visuals and imagery to not only increase the reach of your brand to millions of users but also enhance your brand awareness and capture new business as well.

Now, let’s put the entire thought of visualizing things in a slight different way.


Do you know we’re visual beings?


All we want is to let you know about the importance of visualizing things in a more easy and relaxing ways than reading and analyzing thoughts word by word.

As per Albert Mehrabian, close to 93% of communications happen to be nonverbal. Now, what does it mean? Well, for that you need to go through the entire conversation.

In order to learn human behaviour towards analyzing things, you need to first consider how we tend to react to the body language? Please also consider the reason why silent movies (most of the times) look so compelling despite the absence of verbal dialogues.

Please note that what you see is always going to leave a profound effect on what you do, who you are and how you feel.

Now, the way you use graphics is going to largely affect how your business is going to be perceived.


visual content marketing
visual content marketing | Image Credit: bluecorona.com


Do you know the percentage of visual content in your blog posts simply drives more user engagement than ever? Well, if you have not yet experienced it, then you should try doing it once. And we are sure that you will instantly implement the thought.

Are you aware that neuro-marketing science has already confirmed it? Well, if you need further evidence to get into the visual content marketing process, you need to go through some of them as enlisted below-

Please review these highly fascinating statements that are simply based on the case studies as well as experiments from renowned scientists, psychologists, neurologists and various other illustrious personalities and experts in their respective fields.

  • Visual graphics enhance and expedite recollection, comprehension, and retention
  • Visual clues prove more fruitful in decoding textual information and help to collect user’s attention to the information; eventually increasing the probability that users will remember it for longer period of time.
  • Pictures or graphics tend to affect emotions quite severely than anything else.
  • Visual content always engages you and even heighten your creative mindset by simply stimulating other sensitive parts of your brain, leading to a more accurate and profound consciousness of the presented topic.
  • The importance of your body language (in a normal conversation) remains almost 55%, voice tonality 38% and the understanding and importance of words is only 7%.


visual content marketing
visual content marketing | Image Credit: tax.thomsonreuters.com


Now one crucial tip: when you embrace visual content marketing as a part of your core marketing strategy, you need to remain more innovative and consistent throughout the entire campaign.


Did you know this before?


  • The impact of visual content is such that as much as 90% information transmitted to your brain happens to be visual. Your brain is capable of processing the visual information 50,000 faster than in the form of text.
  • Up to 40% users respond better to an image as compared to 1,000 word text.
  • 46% people confirm that a website design has to be number 1 criterion for discerning an organization’s credibility.
  • Infographics embedded in your posts help growing traffic up to 12% more than if they are without infographics
  • Up to 85% users who watch the video of a product are likely to purchase it as well.
  • Your visitors prefer to spend 100% more time on those web pages that have videos.
  • Pinterest is one such entity that solely generates more referral traffic as compared to YouTube, LinkedIn and Google Plus taken together.
  • All the visual content present on Facebook garner happen to be far more interactive than videos, text, and links.
  • As much as 700 YouTube videos are shared every minute on Twitter.


The Importance of using visual content in Social Media Marketing


A number of digital marketing agencies have realized the impact of visual content marketing on various social media platforms.

This is the reason perhaps why most marketers try to leverage SM platforms not only to deliver high quality content to huge audience but also to be able to target specific group of audience on such platforms.

Doing this happens to be a great way to promote their business to the targeted audience.

As the importance of visual content marketing is growing day by day, almost every business has started implementing their tactics to explore SM to both tailor their information and also promote their current offers simply by posting valuable content on these networks.

Do you know that over 150 million tweets and over 2.5 million videos are uploaded to SM networks on a daily basis?


Now, take a look at the benefits and impact of using Visual Content Marketing on your online business-


1. It helps to increase more views than ever- If you intend to post your content having good number of visuals, it is likely to generate 95% more views that you would have received otherwise.

This is because people like to engage with such a content which is both information based as well as pleasing to the eye.

In the same ways, your posts are likely to reach out to 48% more number of users if they are loaded with videos and images.

visual content marketing
visual content marketing | Image Credit: Venngage


PR (Press Releases) with pictures embedded are likely to generate 15% more views after it gets published. You generally get more quality traffic if you try to attract the right audience (as per your niche).

So, the trick is to add more visual content in your promotional campaigns as it will help you to convey your message in the best possible ways to your target audience.


2. It boosts user’s engagement- If you try to include high quality visual content in your posts and then share it to the SM platforms; it is likely to generate more shares, likes and comments as compared to a usual textual post.

Doing this is likely to generate up to 40% surge in user engagement if they are posted and optimized with proper visual content marketing.


visual content marketing
visual content marketing | Image Credit: Visual Contenting


Also, if your visual content is more engaging, it will be having more chances to go viral. It means more people are going to share it with their family, friends and other online community members.

Please also know that your engaging visual content is not only meant to go viral but also help users to better appreciate and understand the information you are trying to deliver.

If you analyze it more deeply, then your information is going to be received in far better ways, especially if it is backed by a soothing picture.

Along with that, if your visual content is clickable enough, it will reap you with huge traffic and inbound links. But you need to make sure that your company logo travels along with your content.

You might be aware that inbound links tend to make your content far more relevant and also improve your search rankings as well.


3. Your users prefer visuals- As per the new-age specifications, humans are also known as visual beings.

At the same time, online users retain close to 20% of the info they hear or read about. But once the entire information is presented with visual info, the same info gets shoot up to 65%.

Do you know at any given point of time, human brain can process only limited amount of info. In addition to this, it also helps the information to process in faster ways and also gives priority to grab user’s attention.


visual content marketing
visual content marketing | Image Credit: Venngage


This is the reason why images and visuals are very well suited for content as compared to the simple text. As you know, 44% social media audience tend to give a more favourable response to your visual post than plain textual content.

Do you know images and tweets usually get up to 150% greater rewets than without images?

On the other hand, similar Facebook posts can generate up to 2.5 times more engagement.


4. Your users prefer videos over plain text- Today, nobody can deny the ever lasting effects of visual content in your posts. This is the reason why top digital marketing agencies have started implementing it in their content.

By looking at the emerging use of video content, it has been estimated that by the end of 2019, almost 80% of the entire traffic is going to be video traffic.


visual content marketing
visual content marketing | Image Credit:blog.hootsuite.com


This is because readers prefer to watch online video as compared to read plain text. And this is another reason why 4 times users are now interested to better watch the video related to a product instead of reading about it.

At the same time, 90% users have reported that watching a product video has been quite helpful before taking the decision to purchase it.

Another advantage of visual content marketing is that it helps boosting user engagement among your social followers as well. This is supported by another fact that says Facebook users tend to watch 8.5 billion videos each day. However, a live video usually turns out to be the most popular format of reaching your business to the masses.


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11 Best Content Marketing Apps On Your App Store

content marketing apps

Before we discuss in length about a few amazing content marketing apps, available on your app store, we would like to enlighten you how to build new and inspiring ideas for your business.

If you want to become a successful content marketing specialist, it is crucial that you should be able to work on the go. But in what way, it is going to be crucial for your business? Well, it’s no one else but you who are going to decide.

The most inspiring content marketing campaigns are generally built upon some great and innovative thoughts, and these cannot be produced working in isolation, huddling around a whiteboard or staring at a blank screen for long hours.


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They actually come after undergoing lots of hard work, seeking some great inspiration from new and emerging ideas, spending countless hours collaborating with others, and finally, keeping a track on some hot and trending topics both from inside and outside of your industry.

Another factor that emerges in becoming a successful content marketer signifies your willingness to be able to work anywhere under the influence of great thoughts. While continue working on some innovative thoughts, you never know when the moment of your inspiration finally arrives. So, the foolproof way to flaunt an idea will be to look onto a trending topic.

As a content marketer, you should also be mobile-savvy. If not, you will be either hindering the success of your marketing campaigns or trying to create extra work for yourself.

Now, making you analyze some precise information about content marketing apps.

Please note that when we talk about apps, you will be surprised to know that the monthly usage of mobile web & apps is just stunning!

As per Smart Insights, close to 88% time that people spend on media is none other than on mobile apps.

This is the reason why mobile apps are brimming with lots more alternatives for modern day mobile user. And also, there are hundreds of new opportunities coming up for potential app developers.


So, what are the uses of apps?

Well, you can use them to create engaging content, automate already curated content and distribute it for your blogs, to better implment the editorial calendar, and improve the speed of your website.

As per smart marketers, a number of native apps need to be credited for providing more precise intent. It means these apps are involved to better feed visitors with great personalization features towards creating great content.

If you want users to applaud your well researched write-up, then you must use content marketing apps.


content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: neilpatel.com

You will agree here now that in the era of stiff competition, if your write-up is good, there are chances that it will no longer suffice.

The reason is- it has to be well above average, as your target users have better idea now.

They give credit to the stuff that brings value to them.

With the usage and familarity of content marketing apps, you can easily brand your marketing plan to suit the users.

As you can see that traditional advertising is not becoming much popular as it is giving way to content marketing efforts, it’s the time to get serious about it.

As per the research conducted by BitQuirky, it has been found that close to 70% marketers feel that branded content gives more value, especially when it comes to building your brand awareness.


Now, please take a look at 10 best content marketing apps widely available on your Smartphone. 


1. Evernote– It is one of the great content marketing apps that help you to make notes on the go. In addition to what we have explained above, Evernote is so efficient that it works seamlessly, even when you are working offline, making it sync back to your other devices till the time your connection is available.

The main advantage about this app is that they can very well sync between multiple devices. And this ensures that you are able to access your work on the desktop from where you actually left.


content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: geeky-gadgets.com

Isn’t it amazing? Well, there are lots more than what we have shared till now. You will also be able to do much more than compiling your text content precisely as notes. In addition to this, you can also very well save and sync tables, images, links, and checklists along with audio recordings.

Not only this, you can also collaborate with other people through its unique feature that tells about simple sharing functionality.

Evernote works best for content marketers where they are easily able to keep notes from any remote location, like from where you are able to access them in the future from any location, or device.

The app is not basically intended as a safe device to write the newest vial post. It is simply available to start your developmental and ideation phases.

Please use it for both sharing and making notes across multiple devices along with sharing among other potential collaborators.


2. Buffer Buffer is one of the best content marketing apps that you must use to establish yourself as a productive and result minded blogger. Just hit your app store and download the app.


content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: YouTube

As you know that your target audience love Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, you must analyze the potential of social network. And this is what 59% marketers prefer to use social networking for more than 7 hours in a week. Let’s analyze some of its benefits.

Buffer is a great tool and also known to be as a Twitter native app and allows you to schedule your tweets.

content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: neilpatel.com

Also, you can easily manage your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts directly from your dashboard. And this eventually helps you posting new content (in the form of blog posts, video, podcast, etc. ) or any sort of update.


3. Slack– What do you think content marketing is all about?

Well, it is nothing less than collaborating with others in the right ways.

As you see, there happens to be a few better ways to communicate with your entire team, including designers, writers, content collaborators, or client themselves than doing it through Slack.

Slack comes as an effective and simple solution to undergo better collaboration and communication within your team at one place. It allows you to both chat individually as well as in groups.


content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: Medium


You can easily download this app for your Smartphone. It will help you to keep in touch with your content marketing team at any point of time. Kindly setup alerts that will enable you to get notified whenever anyone pings you a message.

You can use Slack for speeding up your content team and also enhancing your productivity.


4. Pocket– If you are a part of building an effective content marketing strategy for your business, you should never stop looking for innovation in your content creating process.

You need to be always instrumental promoting your online campaign, whether it’s all about a blog that you are going to schedule to social media optimization platform, your personal feeds, or if you have just discovered a brand new influencer to help you promoting your next campaign.


 content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit:geeky-gadgets.com


While you look out for things, it sometimes happens that as a marketer, you tend to notice some great content on the web. Or if you have discovered something new on Facebook or if anything is present on Linkedin, in the form of hot topic.

Well, if you occasionally come across such things, then you must download one of the most popular content marketing apps named Pocket. As per their tagline that says “whenever you discover anything that you would like to view it later, please put it in your Pocket.”

Please use this app for creating your swipe file for content so that you can get back to it later.


5. Reddit– You might be familiar with one of the best sites (among marketers) named Reddit. But are you aware about its use as a powerful content marketing tool? Well, as per a number of marketers, Reddit works in two ways-


content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: Android Authority


  • An incredible source of research and inspiration- As you see, Reddit is widely famous and is known to play a vital role doing research. You will love to know the responses or the data as a part of your online campaign. You can enrol in any Reddit community and can keep going till the time you have an active subreddit.
  • Reddit can prove a great place for promoting your finished project- Well, you can always post your link in any subreddit (as per your niche), and the chances are that you can receive a good amount of quality traffic back to your site. This way, you are able to generate some referral traffic as well.


Please use Reddit for the purpose of researching and gathering different content ideas.


6. Quora– If you happen to be a content marketer but do not use Quora, then you’re missing something. Quora is an online platform that you can very well use it to share and gain your knowledge and experience.


content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: VentureBeat


It is also sometimes referred to as a goldmine for your next blog post, social discussion forum, or info graphic. You can very well use it on your phone and-Keep track of all the latest discussion going on.

You can also use Quora to better solve a next probable question that has been commonly asked. Along with that, it also gives you a platform to promote your content in the best ways.

Please use Quora for gaining a better insight into hot topics within your niche as an inspiration for all your future content.


7. Boomerang App- This App is best for those who are involved actively in the process of content promotion. They are those who either have to pitch in entirely different time zones.

Boomerang happens to be another Gmail app that is used to schedule your emails at a specific time period. While undergoing research to better able to reach to your potential users on your phone, it will be better if you target other publishers, journalists, and bloggers.

content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: equipping4eministry.com

It simply means that if you intend to work across multiple time zones, then you need to shoot an email right in their inbox at the appropriate time.

Boomerang has yet another feature where you can judge who has actually opened your emails. As a whole, the tool looks perfect to check all your campaigns.

After you successfully download the app on Android or Apple devices, you will instantly come to know that mobile outreach has become a little easier.


8. CoSchedule It’s marketed as one of the most powerful marketing calendar. It is now available on both desktop and mobile devices. If you are still unaware about its use on mobile devices, you need to check this out once.


content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: neilpatel.com


The tool helps to eliminate endless email threads, almost a dozen moving pieces, and disconnected workflows. It helps to organize everything in one place. This gives you a reason to focus on other relevant stuff.

CoSchedule allows various teams to better collaborate on social campaigns and content. It is quite relevant for content marketers to strategize their online campaigns and also view the deadlines for the same.

Please use CoSchedule to manage your content calendar whilst.


9. Grammarly Keyboard- Have you ever met with a situation where you had to send a crucial document while being away from your desktop? Or if you had to arrange a last-minute blog post?

Well, it’s a common phenomenon that we all have to go through, at times. During the times when you have an urgency to write a piece of copy when you have no desktop or laptop, then the only choice left for you is to use your phone.

And those who have gone one step ahead will observe how this tool works best under emergent conditions, especially when established writers are found riddled with many outrageous mistakes in their mobile written work.

Do you know the reason why? Well, it becomes obviously tough to use a mobile keyboard for writing the copy. It is again one of the best content marketing apps among serious marketers.


content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: digitalseoguide.com


So, here comes the quick solution. If you are unable to write on your phone and find yourself entrapped in committing the most pathetic errors, then you must download Grammarly Keyboard.

This is not only useful but is a simple addition to any app, as it lets you write with ease along with picking up all your outrageous mistakes at the same time while suggesting amends.

If you download Grammerely app once, you will become addicted to it for sure.

Please use Grammarly to avoid all outrageous mistakes while writing your content from phone.


10. Trello Have you ever heard about this tool in the past? If not, then let’s make you aware about it. Trello is one of a kind project management tool.

You won’t believe but it’s true. Hundreds of content marketing teams across the globe use it professionally to manage their workflows, helping you to move your content from ideation, proofreading, and production to a ‘ready to publish stage.

The tool becomes quite relevant for those who have to take care of their content marketing team. If this is the case with you, then you must download the app.


content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: saascribe.com


Along with that, the tool also helps you to keep an eye on everything going on when you are away from your desktop or laptop. In such cases, you can quickly get an update about the things on your mobile device.

If you combine this tool with Slack, then you will be able to control everything, like change due dates, attach feedback and conversation, or move cards quickly from one board to another.

Please use Trello to better manage your content team directly from your mobile device.


11. WordPress WordPress is again one of the powerful content marketing apps that you can use without any hassles.

WordPress actually does not require any sort of introduction, as it has become quite popular among marketers. It is lots more easier now to use a self hosted wordpress site using this app instead of logging in to the admin panel by using your mobile browser.

One of the best usages of using WordPress app is that it can help you to write, proofread and edit the posts when you require them to be done urgently.


content marketing apps
content marketing apps | Image Credit: mobilemerit.com


It also gets better from time to time after every update.

In the same ways, the app also helps to moderate the comments that you receive on your blog.

Please use WordPress to manage all your posts and moderate comments from time to time, directly from your mobile device.


To sum it up!

As explained above, there are a plethora of other content marketing apps in use. However, the list given here is complete in all respects, as these are the most popular and widely recommended ones.

By using these apps on your Smartphone, you can still remain a part of the workflow, even when you are not present on your desktop. This way, you can still be productive when you have to leave out from the office.

By using these content marketing apps, you will be amazed to know how much you can achieve using your mobile devices.


Top Google Ranking Factors of 2017 That Matter In Search Results

google ranking factors

We would like to start the discussion of Google ranking factors with a quote by Jill Whalen:

“Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.”

Jill Whalen, Consultant at whatdidyoudowithjill.com


Before presenting you with the discussion about different Google ranking factors that exist today, let’s not forget the role and impact of SEO that still drives impeccably in boosting a website to be on the first page of search engines.

google ranking factors
google ranking factors | Image Credit: dealermarketing

The question that needs to be answered is why SEO plays such an eminent role in ranking a particular website?

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Well, SEO is a highly dynamic field that actually helps both search engine robots and users to better understand each other. In the recent past, we all have witnessed them going evenly sophisticated.

But one thing that every marketer should understand is that search engines are not able to understand a particular web page as humans do. So, what SEO actually does? Well, it simply helps search engines (like Google) to figure out the details of a particular web page; and also if it is going to be worthwhile for users.

We have witnessed lately that different SEO (Search Engine optimization) techniques have evolved in the recent past and continue to evolve even more expeditiously with the passage of time.

But with the changing marketing trends, SEO techniques also happen to get updated. This happens as per the nature of practice and perpetual evolution. For example, in the year 2016, webmasters had to constantly keep in flow with the Penguin 4.0 update and it was the Possum algorithm update that hampered local search results.

google ranking factors
google ranking factors | Image Credit: SEO Recyclers


So, in the advent of SEO taking major leaps from time to time, all marketers need to constantly brush up their skills and knowledge to follow the best practices and help their business continue to excel. It’s also the cause of the major Google ranking factors.

Now, with 2017 in full swing, please take a note of 5 top Google ranking factors that you must know-


 1.Quality Content

How to define quality content and its role in deciding the fate of an online business? Well, high quality content also refers to the most authoritive (high ranking) content which has emerged as one of the most crucial Google ranking factors.

It’s nothing less than in-depth content that most of the times covers the broad spectrum of its core subject. Such content must provide the real value to the users. It should also incorporate visual content in order to compliment the already written content.

Please remember– its quality that beats quantity every time. So, better focus on the quality of your content and not just on the word count.

The reason why ‘content’ is placed on the top of Google ranking factors is mainly because Google always prefers great quality content.


2. Content Length

Do you have any idea of optimal word count in your text? Or if there is any thumb rule explaining the number of words should comprise in a particular text or write-up? Well, there is no such thumb rule comprising the minimum number of words in any given article.

But at the same time, we often realize relatively longer form of content becoming higher Google ranking factors. So, the message is quite clear. Write longer and meaningful content to better ranking higher in search engines.

There has been a study submitted by Neil Patel that reveals how comparatively longer form of content achieves higher Google search positions.


google ranking factors
google ranking factors | Image Credit: Thunderclap


Now, take a look at what Google has to say about content length- “the amount of content necessary for the page to be satisfying depends on the topic and purpose of the page.”

As you might be aware of that Hummingbird algorithm is more or less responsible for selecting search results to display higher satisfaction rates.

Now, what it signifies? Well, it simply signifies that you need to focus more on what the searches are all about.


Quick Tip

You may use Google’s semantic search option to optimize your targeted keywords well in your piece of content. Do you know how to find semantic queries? Well, you can easily find them after you browse “related search” option at the bottom of your searched page.

google ranking factors
google ranking factors | Image Credit: Web SEO Marketers

Like, if your targeted keyword happens to be ‘content marketing’, then you can easily find all the related keywords in the form of semantic queries, like the one shown below:


3. Give Your Users A Mobile Friendly Experience

If you are well updated about SEO, then you must be aware of the importance of giving your users an awesome mobile experience. It also has emerged as one of the crucial Google ranking factors.

This is simply because more and more number of users are switching towards mobiles and other devices. This is why Google also expects your website to be mobile friendly.

google ranking factors
google ranking factors | Image Credit: Remmote.com

In the year 2017 itself, the search giant announced to conduct monumental changes and planned to focus its ranking towards mobile-first indexing. Now, it seems quite clear what Google expects your site to be like.

Well, there is no other option but to make your website top notch due to the fact that it would soon take precedence over the desktop version. So, what are you waiting for? If your website is still not yet mobile friendly, you must need to make the one.

As you already see a lot of changes due to Google’s aggressive approach mainly towards small-screen sovereignty, you must shift your attention towards making your website mobile optimized.

Well, it primarily suggests that the content on your website is well responsible on the mobile version as well. This eventually serves structured mark-up towards mobile and desktop version along with adhering other guidelines that Google had announced in its webmaster blog that says to move to mobile-first indexing.

It’s going to be highly critical that your brand should make its online presence for the sake of impending future about making your site mobile friendly.


A word of caution

Being a conscious marketer, you must not launch the mobile version of your website just for the sake of getting it on the top of the search results. As per Google, if you throw your mobile website well before it is finished; it might prove disastrous to your rankings.


4. HTTPS Encryption

If you expect your business to rank well in SERPs, then you must not forget to implement some other technical aspects.

Well, the first and foremost aspect will be to focus on the encryption part. A plethora of studies have been conducted in this regard and the findings also suggest to make use of HTTPS encryption.

While Google already floated this message in the year 2014, those who have still not updated the same are being categorized as unsafe in Google Chrome. It will obviously going to have an impact on your traffic.


5. Anchor Text

After encryption, your website’s anchor text is also going to play a crucial role. You need to be extra cautious here by not inserting unnatural anchor texts in any way as it may attract Penguin penalty. However, exact-matched anchor texts are still considered power players to boost your site’s rankings.

Here you need to make sure that your anchor texts happen to be organic, even if they are not an exact match.


6. Pop Ups & CTA

The most crucial and final element will be your website’s CTA (Call to Action) and pop ups.

As you know, Google itself wants you to focus more towards making your website mobile-friendly, there is no other choice left but to focus on giving a good user experience. Also, you must not allow intrusive pop-ups on your site as well.


7. Page Speed

Following Google’s mobile-first indexing approach, your website’s page speed has now become more crucial than ever. Websites taking longer to load will obviously going to have a harder time to rank among the top.

google ranking factors
google ranking factors | Image Credit: digitalprologic.com

You might be wondering the reasons why Google have set such parameters to rank a particular site in search results. Well, it’s nothing more to provide best experience to your audience.  


Final Thoughts

By presenting all the latest updates to rank your website on the top, you can’t afford to forget the impeccable SEO marketing tactics in 2017 and beyond. And for this, you must consider the above Google ranking factors.

As per the recent updates from Google, only those sites will be on top of search results that provide true value for users.

In addition to this, the search giant has also come up with new ways to measure how interactive your website is among users. By following all the above marketing tactics, you could break or make your online marketing goals.


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Most Effective Content Marketing Plan You Need to Know for 2018

content marketing plan

Content Marketing Plan 2018– As an established marketer, what is going to be your content marketing plan for the year 2018? Well, this is something you might have to think by now as you never know exactly what changes you are going to witness after the current year 2017 comes to an end.

As per the data collected from CMI (Content Marketing Institute), it was revealed that firms that continued to invest in content marketing without a fail are now being rewarded in the form of dividends from the amount they invested earlier.

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The 2017 trends report and benchmark analysis from CMI and MarketingProfs says that  over 60% marketers (B2B) have reported that their content marketing strategy are far more effective as compared to an year before.

content marketing plan
content marketing plan | Image Credit: Huffington Post

By analyzing the overall performance of different businesses online, a number of factors are found responsible that contribute to their success that include-

  • strategy development
  • better quality content
  • quality time spent on content marketing
  • content distribution


We are cruising towards the end of 2017 and probably look forward to close the year on a positive note. After all, what’s better than to enjoy the coming holiday season with an overwhelming performance in your business!

But on a serious note, do you already have an effective content marketing plan in place for 2018? If not, then you must strategize one to overcome all the hurdles that are expected to come along your way after the onset of New Year.

Being a serious marketer you want to avoid all those challenges that might affect your business in the long run. At the same time, we are also confident that you would probably be able to overcome most of them using your knowledge, skill, and precision.

But one thing you must take into account is your content marketing plan for 2018. In this post, we are going to discuss some core content marketing strategies that will help you attain top position among your competitors.

So, it’s crucial to strategize, review, and reflect your forthcoming plan of action based on the current year’s growth.

If you are plannig to stick with almost the same program in the next year too, then you might miss an opportunity to excel.

The basic question that you need to answer is- how are you going to change your content marketing plan for 2018 in advance?

Now, the question that we are really looking forward to answer is the way content is going to change after the onset of 2018. Albeit, we are unable to predict everything, but still can sense the major changes that might take place as the time elapses.

Please find below the changes in content marketing that are going to sweep across the digital world by the next year.


How Content Marketing Plan Changes in 2018?

Take a look at some major changes that we predict to happen in the New Year.


Content Roles Are Shifting With Changing Formats

This is going to be the best content marketing plan to be implemented in 2018. In the recent time, it has been found that firms who have already got success with their content marketing plan are now taking a media publishing approach.

content marketing plan
content marketing plan | Image Credit: neilpatel

The present need is not finding a team of consistent writers but creating a broader plan with diverse skills and talent to meet the everlasting demands of audience.

You must find ways to adopt and grow your content team in 2018 and hire a pool of talent proficient in-

  • Editing, illustration and designing part
  • Editing and video production
  • Content optimization technique
  • Content promotion and distribution
  • Content optimization
  • Branding and communication
  • Media and advertising
  • Metrics, reporting and analytics


On an average, a successful company prefers using most of the tactics for desired results.


Content Acts like Fuel for Buyers

By looking at the content marketing strategy as a whole, not too many strategies can withstand without proper content in place.

content marketing plan
content marketing plan | Image Credit: YouTube


Take a look at the type of marketing at different levels-

  • Blogs and articles
  • Social media posts
  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing
  • Content-driven messages
  • Podcasts
  • Articles and blogs


Along with that, paid advertising also relies on content. Content marketing will continue to become wider in 2018 that helps building trust with your audience.

One of the better tactics would be to support your customers in every stage of their journey.

Your content marketing plan in 2018 should be such that it can create more purposeful, diverse, nurturing content to propel your customers with an ease.


Focus on Video Content

Well, in the constantly changing business scenario, video content is becoming more popular than before.

As you know, video happens to be more engaging than text or images. The reason why we say this is due to the fact that it directly catches your audience’s attention and helps increasing the engagement.

content marketing plan
content marketing plan | Image Credit: neilpatel

So, the message that comes out from this discussion is that you better try and focus producing more video content for your audience. Otherwise, you are most likely to stay behind your competitors.

There are lots of hidden benefits lying in creating video content. The effectiveness of social media is such that videos play an eminent role in helping you to be on top. If done in right ways, video content can help you establish your brand identity as quickly as possible.

From YouTube live feeds and Facebook to Instagram, you can post your live video to any of these social media channels.

As you know, there are more than a billion viewers on YouTube that also happens to be the 2nd largest search engine right behind Google.


Producing Video Content Has Become Lot More Easier Than Before

Video marketing has always been considered to be the most effective and reliable content marketing strategy for decades. But what looked more challenging (in the past) was none other than cost and technology.

Both these factors proved barriers in creating videos. This is the reason why most marketers refrained themselves posting quality videos on such online channels.

Today, when we give it a closer look, it can be easily affirmed that huge production costs can no longer become a barrier as you can very well shoot a video from your cell phone.

Talking about the accessories, you can also produce desired results by using any better quality cell phone. So, the message that we want to convey here is -you can easily create a video as per your niche and post it to any promotional platform and get the desired results in short time frame.

content marketing plan
content marketing plan | Image Credit: neilpatel

For example, there are lot more easier ways to publicize your video from one platform or another.

Do you know you can easily download your Facebook video and upload it to your YouTube channel? Well, this is something most marketers are fond of doing as it gives satisfying results.

You can also take the help of a plethora of native tools to edit or add captions in your saved files. This is to ensure that your message is correct. For best results, you now have privilege to connect your YouTube channel with Facebook page and vice versa.


What Type of Video Content Is Effective?

As per the latest findings, organic reach for most Facebook marketers is going down. Well, it’s hard to believe but is a hard fact. In fact, most marketers look frustrated to see the results of their individual business FB pages due to the lack of organic traffic.

On the contrary, the trend of live Facebook video is emerging now a day and is being favoured in the Facebook algorithm.

Facebook (FB) has recently conducted- ‘Explore Feed test‘ in as many as six countries. According to it, there has been a lot of debate on the tragic downfall of organic traffic dropping lot more than expected, if the particular test is rolled out. However, FB says that they don’t intend to roll it back further but want to change it at any moment.

Producing live FB video can deliver 5-10 times better results than sharing any other content. You videos will surely perform exceptionally well than your blog posts, images and other industry updates.

So, the question is- how can you get the benefit of producing live videos? Well, it is again a good content marketing plan and you must share your videos to those online platforms where your audience spend most of the time.


SEO Continues to Remain a Crucial Factor As Before

Since the beginning of digital marketing, SEO remained a crucial factor and continues to be the one. Even today, hundreds of marketers still rely heavily on various SEO tactics to fuel their marketing strategies.

As per the diversions in social media reach, we predict a return in SEO. In today business perspective, people try to put more effort into the online platforms they don’t own, they will begin to reflect this on their websites and put more focus.

content marketing plan
content marketing plan | Image Credit: Acreaty.us

You can’t neglect the importance of SEO. They are a long term strategy and help you reap best results in the time to come. Like, if you plan to optimize a post that has been well optimized and ranks high in search results can do wonders for you.

So, if you are able to create a post with great content that ranks high, it can surely drive tons of traffic back to your website for years.

In the same ways, if you want to enhance the authority of a website,  you can do it with the help of consistent content development and link creation. It will drive more traffic.

There are live examples of hundreds of such websites that have achieved over 100 percent organic traffic after they continued to implement consistent SEO strategies.


Focus On Consistent Content Production

In today’s business environment, you need to create a better and meaningful content marketing plan. Even though, you produce slightly less content but need to focus on the quality part. Please note that consistency happens to be the key to success.


Importance of Cross Channel Integrated Content Strategy

As we intend to provide content marketing plan for 2018, we can see huge content being produced on a daily basis. However, the biggest challenge that we still face is the lack of cross channel integrated content strategy.


What is cross channel integrated content strategy?

It’s all about engaging your audience across any online platform along with monitoring and tracking their movements, action and data.

content marketing plan
content marketing plan | Image Credit: Instapage

Being a successful digital marketing agency, we love doing review of content strategy for our clients. While doing this, we also tend to note updates (if any) in their respective niche. At times, we also find a perfect cross channel integrated content strategy for our clients that produce unmatched results.

As you know, your followers and fans tend to spend most of their time on different platforms on the web. And it’s up to you to offer a cohesive message across all such online platforms.

Different content should be created for different channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If you have a unified message dedicated for each specific channel, it might help users to feel more connected with you.

There are mushrooms of social networking channels on the web. But do you think you are able to make your presence on every such platform? Technically speaking, it is something hard to achieve as you cannot do justice on each social media platform.

So, what’s the solution? How can a marketer make use of any such marketing platform at his best? Well, in order to excel on any social platform, you don’t need to focus on all channels. Instead, focus on 1-2 channels. More than that, you must check your analytics to make sure where your most of the traffic comes from.



Instead of chasing trends, you must invest your time doing your own research. For that, please keep an eye on your top competitors in your niche and make use of  your experimentation and data.

This will eventually help to fuel your content marketing plan in 2018.

Please do share which of these content marketing plans you are going to implement in 2018.

Social Media Optimization Techniques For Building Your Brand

social media optimization

Before we update you with your social media optimization  techniques, please take a look at what social media  optimization (SMO) is all about and how you can get  benefited using them.

It will be nothing wrong to say that most marketers are now  aware of the positive effects of SEO (Search Engine  Optimization) techniques up to a certain extent. They know  how to garner better results using search engines like Bing,  Google and Duck Duck (most recent one). SEO techniques have long been adopted  by marketers to fuel your marketing campaigns in the best  possible ways.


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But with the advent of Social Media, hundreds of new and  transforming ideas started spawning to reach your  customers expeditiously. Well, the power of social media is  not hidden any longer. You can see a number of social media  optimization (SMO) techniques (campaigns) being emerged  lately.

social media optimization
social media optimization | Image Credit: Vocedu

So, in today’s perspective, if you want to help your  business reach millions of customers, then you  must need to adopt such strategies without getting further  delayed.

What Is Social Media Optimization (SMO) and How It Is Done?

Social Media Optimization Definition

You might be thinking what is social media optimization in real terms. Well, Social Media Optimization is primarily a group of  strategies or techniques implemented to promote your  brand, products, etc., on various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

In fact, there are so many ways to use the most viable social media optimization tools and techniques that can help your digital business grow many folds.

Ever since the power of online marketers came on to the surface, companies have started implementing their strategies in different ways to achieve their desired results.

In case, you are unable to promote your brand in the best possible ways, you can always take the help of some of the widely available social media optimization tools.

In case, this is not possible, there is no need to become panic as you can still do wonders by hiring a leading social media optimization company.


Social Media Optimization Services

In the recent past, companies have realized the potential of social media optimization services in building their brand. Social media optimization techniques are best done by sharing the content to these platforms and  then getting the desired results in the form of your brand  visibility, more leads, etc., across the web.

SMO is a well tried and tested strategy that attracts users  to a particular website. Using this technique, you can  promote or advertise your business with more ease and  flexibility.

With social media becoming popular among marketers, most businesses have started setting up their official Facebook or Twitter  page, as it is one of the most effective and visible  mode of communicating with your customers. It’s also the best way to promote or advertise your brand online.

SMO is all about building, creating and maximizing your  entire social media plan to better connect with your target  audience in the easiest ways. Take a look at how Social Media Optimization can play a vital role in  maximizing your profits-

  • Generate more leads
  • Strengthen your brand value
  • Connect with your audience
  • Enhance more visibility


Why SMO Is Crucial?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Marketing  (SEM) techniques used to be a separate entity long time  back. But now, both these techniques use almost the same  set of strategies and look like to be more intertwined than  before.

social media optimization
social media optimization | Image Credit: Ascend


By looking in terms of Google, it seems that social media  optimization techniques directly impact Google’s  search algorithm. So, in that sense,  it is going to be highly crucial for your business to plan  a foolproof marketing strategy.

As per a survey conducted in this regard, it has been established  beyond doubt that close to 50% companies simply failed to perform outstandingly well as they didn’t integrate a foolproof social media marketing strategy. 

The meaning and strategies of online business are always changing. In that sense, if you plan to have an ultimate  approach to your online business, you will require a healthy  balance of SMO and SEO.

As you already know the reasons for  that, let’s take you through some of the vital steps to maintain  a healthy balance between both strategies.


Time to Optimize Your Strategy

Due to the fact that social media is ever changing, you  need to find new ways to keep your business well on track.  However, if you fail to plan a proper SMO strategy, you  might lose the credibility of your business in the long  run. So, what needs to be done in this regard? Well, in  order to help your business grow, you must implement these  strategies without a fail.

social media optimization
social media optimization | Image Credit: sproutsocial


At this time, most companies have realized the impact of  social media on their business growth. For example, 28% of  companies believe that a lack of a foolproof strategy in this  regard is hampering their overall business growth. So,  there is no other way but to design and develop an  effective social media marketing campaign with defined  goals.

Now, you might be thinking about the ways to plan an  effective social media strategy for your business. Well,  you don’t need to worry as we have enlisted a few steps to  help you set up your SMO strategy in best possible ways.

  • Find and focus on networks that add value to your business
  • Plan your social goals strategically and solve challenges
  • Create engaging content that makes sense
  • Use best practices to identify your business goals on  social platforms
  • Try to engage with audiences instead of ignoring
  • Constantly track, market and meliorate your efforts

So, if you too have a documented strategy well in place,  you will better be able to scrutinize your efforts in this  regard.


1. Optimize Your Social Profiles

This is one aspect where you need to be extra cautious.  Creating your social profile seems to be an easy task, but  actually enlists a number of crucial steps. Be simple and  try to be effective.

For that, you may want to highlight your official company  page as your business foundation.  So, make sure you develop a highly interesting profile page  reflecting your business. In general, it should comprise your  business goals, bio, cover photo, etc.

social media optimization
social media optimization | Image Credit: sproutsocial


In case, if your  profile page is incompetent, it would be tough to build  anything on the top of it. Kindly take a look below to  build a strong business foundation.

Profile picture- You can use your company logo in place of  your profile picture. However, if you are a personality,  freelancer or consultant, you may also use a headshot of  yourself.


Username- Always use your company’s name as your user name.  Selecting your favorite social media username is going to  emerge as a crucial factor for most companies. However, if  you still face difficulty finding the one, you may use Knowem. This will help you to check if the username you  have chosen for your business is widely available.

Bio- This is very crucial not only for you, but also for  your business. To make things transparent and accessible,  you may place the relevant link on your website to drive  more traffic. You should also include relevant keywords in  between to make your web page look more visible in search  results.

Also, you need to make your profile complete in every  respect. There are some social media sites like Google+,  Facebook and LinkedIn that give you the privilege to enter  information about your business.

It has been noticed that many businesses leave this field  without completing. But your page will stand out more if  your profile page is complete in all respects.


2. Optimize Your Content

This is another crucial aspect that you should never  miss. In terms of SEO, We often discuss the role of content which is also known by the phrase- content is king.

While discussing the role of SEO, we often discuss about the role of SEO content that helps you drive the kind of traffic you need for your business to grow,

The same phrase holds true in SMO as well.  So, you won’t be able to succeed in your social media marketing in the absence of high quality content.

In order to get the desired success in 2018, you need to adopt an effective and crumble some content strategy to succeed in your endeavors. The idea is that you need to understand the relevance and effectiveness of proper content marketing strategy to establish your business into a brand.

In today’s business model, you can’t skip the ever emerging role of content, especially when almost everything depends on your content. In this perspective, how can you forget the role of visual content marketing which is currently growing with so much pace?

How to Curate Content

Today, you need to adopt a better content marketing strategy as being advocated by many great researchers/bloggers or experts in their field. And this is why you must have knowledge how to curate content in proper formats for better engagements.


Now, content can be of two types on social media-

  • Curated content
  • Original content

In order to get the best results, you must publish a mix of  both.

For social media, you must publish original content that  should be a part of your campaign. However, curated content  is something that is shared using a number of sources.

In any case, only that content should be shared with the  audience that has more value attached to it. So, you need  to find out the content that your audience is searching  for. You may do this by analyzing different search results,  retweets, etc.


3. Post Headlines

Always keep experimenting with things and find out what  works best for you. While posting anything on Facebook or  Twitter, always use different headlines that look catchy.  It sometimes happens that a particular headline is giving you  better results than others.


4. Always Use Images

As per a study, B2B Marketing Mentor has found that images happens to be the most relevant tactics for optimizing your  content on social media. In addition to this, you may use  Canva to make all your images look perfect for each social media  channel.

social media optimization
social media optimization | Image Credit: YouTube

The best way is to share a featured image in your social  media posts. This is because your image will be shared  every time your content is shared.


5. Use of #Hashtags

The use of hashtags has become increasingly popular with the use of social media marketing. Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc are allowing hashtags to make your posts reach faster to your target audience. Hashtags are an easy way to nail down any trending topics in your niche.


6. Post Length Also Matters

All social media platforms allow you to enter your text. For example, Twitter lets you enter up to 140 characters every time you make a tweet. However, your tweet should not comprise maximum length. Please take a look at the breakdown of the ideal length post on different social media networks-

  • Facebook: Less than 80 characters and up to 40 characters
  • Twitter: Up to 100 characters
  • LinkedIn: Up to 25 words
  • Google+: Up to 60 characters


7. It’s Better to Optimize Your Schedule While Posting

Posting is as crucial as the time you choose. There is no point sharing your content when nobody sees it. Please find below the appropriate time to post as one of the best social media optimization strategies.

  • Twitter– 12-6 PM
  • Facebook– 1-3 PM
  • Google+: 9–11 AM
  • Pinterest: 8–11 PM
  • LinkedIn: 7–8 AM to 5-6 PM
  • Instagram: 3–4 PM


8. How Often You Should Post?

While posting anything on social media, your sole aim should be to maximize your reach. And for that you must adopt a particular frequency. Find below an optimal social media posting frequency for a number of social networks-

  • Twitter: No less than 5+ times per day
  • Facebook: No less than 3-10 times per week
  • Pinterest: Up to 5-10 times per day
  • LinkedIn: Up to 2-5 times per week
  • Google+: Up to 3-10 times per week


9. Track Your Progress With Social Media Analytics

The way you track your SEO progress, in the same ways, you should also keep monitoring your SMO (social media optimization) efforts with the help of social media analytics. You can always track the progress your social campaigns by using a plethora of social media marketing tools.

You can achieve your SMO goals with the help of Google Analytics (using UTM codes). Such codes along with shortened URLs basically allow you to track your website traffic from all social media channels.

You may also use such data (derived from social marketing tools) to ascertain the impact of your campaigns being run.


Wrapping It All

Social Media Optimization (SMO) can always help you achieve your desired results on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other channels. All you need to do is to start using a strategic approach to and amplify your results in better ways.


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How to Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy With Most Efficacious Ways

social media marketing strategy

In this post, we will discuss the best social media marketing strategy that actually works. But prior to that, you first need to understand how to implement that in the right and efficacious way. To start with, let’s discuss a few scenarios (in general) when someone publishes his blog post.

I’ve seen bloggers finishing their blog posts seamlessly, then going over to their blogging checklist and finally clicking on the ‘Publish’ button.

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After the post has been published successfully, they are keen to share it on a few social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

After everything is done, they now hope to get a quantum of traffic back to their blog or website.

Well, do you also think like that? I mean to say if it’s so easy to get quality traffic after publishing your blog post and sharing it to Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter? Certainly not.

If you think people will flock to your personal website or blog after doing these little measures, then you are going the wrong way. There is a lot more to be done than just sitting back after posting your content to a few social media platforms.

Social media marketing strategy is not so easy as it looks. You really need to do a lot of hard work with precision to achieve the desired results. So, if you want your website to rank faster and get tons of traffic, you need to have a vigorous social media marketing strategy for your business.

But before that you must know why you need a proper social media marketing strategy at all.

Why You Need Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Well, it’s high time to build a foolproof strategy in this direction. As per the data collected by Shareaholic, the amount of traffic acquired by social media is almost 31% of overall traffic.

So, on one hand, you might be busting your behind to better incorporate high-quality and long tail keywords in your blog posts and then optimizing it further with required keyword density, you should realize that social referrals are as crucial and happen to be an easy way to bring quality traffic back to your blog.

Now, take a look at why you still need a proper social media marketing strategy for your blog or website.


1. Your real competition hangs around social media platforms-

As per studies done in this regard, close to 74% users visit social media sites daily. With tablets and smartphones becoming way more popular, you can now easily check your Facebook fan page or Pinterest feed that has become pretty much easier to do.


2. Most of your audience hangs out on social media –

Well, this can be crucial for your social media marketing strategy. It’s because if you are successful finding where most of your audience hangs around, it will eventually help to better nurture your entire social media marketing strategy.

social media marketing strategy
social media marketing strategy | Image Credit: bloggingwizard

For example, if someone already knows that his audience largely hangs around Twitter, he can move ahead and include a click to better tweet all his posts that will reap him more traffic.


3. Social media- A great marketing tool that you simply can’t ignore

Social media has become one of the greatest places to share your content. It not only helps you with more visibility to your content, but also gives you an opportunity to generate more traffic, conversion rates and leads.

Now, you might be thinking that you’re just a blogger than a marketer, you can still go ahead with a foolproof plan to leverage social media marketing benefits and reap the desired results (within a short time span). However, it will require both your time and consistency.

So, please look at this 4-step social media marketing strategy that will help you reap far more amount of traffic with better user engagement.


Optimize Your Content Wisely for Social Sharing

First, try to look at if you are making it real hard for visitors to make comment and share your blog posts? Well, you may realize that blogging blunder is something that happen to all of us, but not everybody is aware of committing them.

If you’re not 100% sure that your content has been properly optimized for social sharing, please look at these crucial steps that will help others tweet, share or comment on your post.


Insert Meta Data

Each social media platform is unique and displays your content in different ways. So, you better need to take this into account and make sure that your content gets displayed in the best possible ways. And for that you are required to set up your blog post meta data in the correct format.

The KnowEm’s tool helps you post optimized content for all social media platforms.

social media marketing strategy
social media marketing strategy | Image Credit: bloggingwizard

You can easily solve this ambiguity by clicking on the tab “add meta data” for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter on Yoast plugin.


Add Shareable Pictures

Pictures / images on your website / blog posts can help boost your social sharing engagement in great ways. It’s a fact as you can sense the meaning out from the famous adage that says- “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

If you are still unaware about the power of images, then you must act now. The images are mostly shared on Facebook and are used to to get maximum number of retweets on Twitter as well.

You might ask the reason for that. Well, this is because images are only visual and at the same time easy to share, and are known to ignite an emotional feeling.

In order to optimize your images on your blog posts, you may use a well known plugin SumoMe. Doing this will help you put your social icons on all your images.

social media marketing strategy
social media marketing strategy | Image Credit: bloggingwizard

As soon as you hover over an image on Facebook, it will look at the option to share your image on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. So, what are you waiting for? Do it now, if not done already.


Try to Make Commenting Easier

Ever wondered why there are not enough comments on your already published blog posts? One of the reasons can be that people find it too hard to leave a comment.

If you try to make commenting more complex, people will leave more often without commenting on your blog posts, even if they are willing to. Like if you have made them to first register, enter a Captcha along with answering a hard question.

One can understand that it is not a social media marketing strategy, but a way to nail spamming. At the same time, it is not a good idea to employ such anti spamming measures when you own a great blog with hundreds of comments that float in.

But even for an average blogger, don’t be so vigilant and do approve or disapprove them manually. This way, you can set all these parameters in your WordPress blog or website as depicted below.

social media marketing strategy | Image Credit: bloggingwizard

In case, if you tend to use another commenting system like Disqus, you may still be able to turn on the feature to better allow guest comments. It will help users avoid signing in to your account every time they make a comment.

You can make this happen by visiting Admin> Settings > scroll and then to the community rules.


Guest Posting- A Must

All great bloggers are engaged in Guest Posting and so you should. If you like to generate more traffic and in turn want to reach more number of people, guest posting is one of the best social media marketing strategies to make it happen.


What is a guest posting?

Guest posting is a medium to post your content on someone else’s website or blog. Along with your content, you also post an author byline (at the end of your post), mainly to promote your link or latest product.

So, if you’re able to publish your own blog post on an authoritative website, it will eventually help you generate hundreds of Likes and shares, leading to the number of subscribers and followers.

Another reason why guest blogging is essential is because it helps to build your brand identity.

As you know, Guest Blogging is a crucial part of social media marketing strategy, the easiest way to perform this is by looking as if the blogs you usually post (to different websites) accept guest blogging.

Still, if you have no idea how to perform this, then simply search for the term “[the blog you frequent]” + “write for us”. You may also put in some other variations as well like “guest post guidelines”, “guest contributor” or “guest posts”.

Further, it’s possible that you may not be able to find all those blog posts that accept guest posts. The better idea is to manually make a search and find them out.


What Next?

The next step would be to find the owner of the blog on social media channels by commenting regularly on their posts and also by sharing their content.

This will give you a good reputation in the eyes of the blog owner. It will also be easier for you to get accepted as a guest blogger.

Lastly, read all the rules and guidelines before you send out your request or query for the same. As you know, not every blogger has the same rules for guest blogging.


Time to Invest in Blogger Outreach

If you are really serious to develop a strong social media marketing strategy, then the best practice to do so would be to start collaborating with other bloggers in your niche.


What Can a Blogger Outreach do?

Well, it will surely help you to develop your social media marketing strategy in a far better way; and in turn make you reach a larger set of audience across a plethora of digital channels.

As per BlogHer, it is found that users more likely trust bloggers as compared to any other source of information available online. Now, the question arises- how can you expand your blog? Well, you can easily do this by making comments on high authoritative blogs in your area of expertise.


Commenting on Authoritative Blogs

If you are new in this business, you should find some authoritative blog lists and start commenting right away. But before doing this, you may need a Gravatar. It’s simply an avatar which is placed next to your name after you make a comment.

social media marketing strategy
social media marketing strategy | Image Credit: YouTube

It helps both generating traffic and building your brand. Lastly, you may visit Alexa to check out your blog or website’s popularity and traffic.


Follow these simple steps to get noticed through your comments:

  • Try to make the first comment to get noticed– Try to be the first one to comment as this will make others see your post and will probably help to get more clicks and followers.
  • Try to make meaningful comments- Try to build a rapport by making comments that make sense. Like, you can offer more tips and solutions to the blog owner.
  • Commenting frequently– If you’re more frequent commenting, it will help boosting the overall rankings of your website.


Promote Your Content Wisely

Social media marketing strategy is one of the most crucial things that a serious marketer should be able to adopt. This will eventually lead him promoting his content. But you need to have the presence on most social media platforms before you try to do this.


Show Your Presence on Major Social Media Platforms

Well, it’s better to build your profile on all big social media channels. For example, Instagram has been one of the favorites among users that comprise young adults.

Again, it’s equally important to understand how to engage yourself on different social media platforms. Like Facebook is a place to ask questions and engage by having a conversation with the users.

social media marketing strategy
social media marketing strategy | Image Credit: bloggingwizard


Twitter is another good medium to promote your stuff. Using twitter you always have chances to better engage with your fellow bloggers.

It’s pretty hard to be present on all big social media channels. That’s the reason why some automated social sites (Buffer or Hootsuite) have come a long way forward.

Still, it will be better for you to take your time on social media and try to engage with your audience.


Best Time to Post on Social Media Sites

Well, this is probably the last step towards making a successful social media marketing strategy. Here you also need to take care of the timings to post your stuff.


So, when should you post your content?

As per studies, it has been found that posting on Google+ in the morning hours return better results.

However, if your users are largely on Pinterest, you should post not before 8 PM.

And for Twitter, best time to post is after 5 PM.


While doing all this, you can also insert hash tags (#) in your posts on the Google Plus to make it viral.

In the same ways, you may expand your social media marketing by adding author tags on Facebook. This way, it will increase your followers.


Tweet regularly and consistently on Twitter- As you know, the more you tweet, the more followers you get. You may also include a picture to get lots more retweets.

In the same ways to expand your social media marketing strategy, you may include some other bookmarking and community websites (as your promotional strategies) to reap more social shares and traffic. This includes StumbleUpon, LinkedIn groups and Triberr.

Lastly, you may want to take the help of email marketing and personally ask them to subscribe and share your content.


Wrapping It All

You need to understand that Social media marketing is not as difficult as it looks. All you need to have is better looking strategy to post your content and engage with your fellow users.

So, before you get ready to post another blog of yours, take some time to plan and devise ways how to market your stuff properly.

But whatever you decide, you may still follow all these 4 steps discussed above. It will not only help you get noticed, but also increase the list of your followers and drive tons of more traffic.


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4 Proven Ways to Know Why Is Content Marketing Important For Your Business

why is content marketing important

Have you ever tried to know why is content marketing important for your online business? Well, in today’s perspective, content marketing has become an integral part of your business.

You are always advised to undergo necessary research about your target audience, type of content to be posted on your website, etc. These are none other than a few crucial tactics of content marketing that you must take into account.

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Doing business online is never an easy task unless you plan everything before going live. And this is where you need to take extra care explaining all your Dos and Donts of your business. Well, if you are able to manage a concrete marketing strategy for your business, then you will be successful throughout.

why is content marketing important
why is content marketing important | Image Credit: YouTube

However, if you already know about content marketing, even then, you must have a documented marketing strategy in place. Your lack of strategy in this regard might be hurting your overall content marketing more than you know.

Before coming back to why is content marketing important for your business, let’s take a look at one of the reports published recently that says close to 61% content marketers only had a documented strategy in place before starting their business, whereas only 13% marketers who were not successful didn’t have one.

On the top of everything, it was established beyond doubt that almost 72% successful marketers owe their success to a planned and documented content marketing strategy. So, by looking at these heart touching figures, you might have understood why is content marketing important for your business.

Also, if you are a business marketer and want to develop a documented content marketing plan for your digital marketing agency, then how will you make one? Well, we would like to make you aware of one thing here. While developing your content plan, you don’t need to make it extra lengthy or complicated.

Here, we have devised an expeditiously efficient marketing strategy to devise a better looking content plan that is going to be egregiously effective in the time to come. Foe that, all you need to do is to note down the following attributes and plan your strategy in that direction only.

Now, please take a look at some of these steps that you must follow to prepare a foolproof plan before you go ahead in your business.


Why Is Content Marketing Important


1. Target Your Audience

Well, this happens to be the most resilient part, but still the most crucial one. Here you need to think about your potential customers and what they expect from you. Even if you lack your customer base, you are required to perform a little bit of research to better be aware of your target audience.

There are a number of tests recommended for you to perform like competitor case analysis, internal industry reports, contacting professional online networks, forums, etc. You may also use Facebook Audience Insights. In addition to this, you may also go through a plethora of interviews and surveys and can also perform research through email and social media channels.

While conducting the research, you must analyze the following points

  • What exactly make them willing to purchase their services or products?
  • What they actually look at a product before buying from you?
  • What it makes for others not to purchase a product from you?
  • What are their concerns that make them believe that your products are not worth buying?


Well, the best tactic would be not to get overwhelmed too often. Instead, talk to a good number of people and do little. It will help build your online reputation in the market.


2. Where Your Customers Hang Out Online?

Well, you can take care of your customers by keeping a track of their whereabouts. Like where they spend most of their time online?  You also need to remember that excelling at one or more online channels will always prove fruitful than only being partly present on a number of channels at a time.

why is content marketing important
why is content marketing important | Image Credit: Snap Agency

While doing all that you may interact with your customers or hire an agency to work for you. You may also visit online forums and many other such platforms to enhance your client base.


3. Type of Content You Need to Post

This is again one of the most crucial things that you need to perform on your own. For that you need to do proper market research before landing to any conclusions. Here you need to understand why is content marketing important for your online business.

For example, if your customer base exists on Linkedin, then it’s most likely they would like long and in-depth articles, slide decks or white papers. And if they are present on any other social media channel (like Facebook), then list posts and videos might match their style. Again, if they spend too much time on Medium, then you need to produce the long form (storytelling) kind of content.

In any case, as a marketer, your main aim should be to know exactly what type of content they usually prefer to digest so that you shouldn’t waste your time creating another kind of content for them.

In this regard, you may take interviews with a few industry leaders. You may also conduct online surveys or directly interact with them.


4. What You Want to Achieve Through Your Content?

It’s highly unlikely that your customers would purchase your products from a single piece of your written content. So, you must figure out what exactly you want your content to perform. And what purpose your content is going to solve.

Constantly monitor your buying cycle and sales funnel. Also try to analyze which type of content is helpful for your content to purchase your stuff in each phase. You might also want them to sign up your newsletters, webinar or download your white paper. So, whatever you plan for your audience must look attractive to them.

You may better put a question to yourself “What does my potential customers or audience look before becoming a part of my business? In what way I can be of help to them if they are entrapped in anything?”


Finally, How to Track of Your Content Success?

It’s also a crucial part of your content strategy. You need to think in a more precise way. It will be better if you analyze it in terms of conversion or traffic engagement. Also decide what tools you require to keep monitoring this all. For example, Google Analytics. Also decide if you require to set up online goals in Google Analytics?

why is content marketing important
why is content marketing important | Image Credit: deniseleeyohn.com

Also, you need to know about UTM parameters and link tracking. So, just concentrate tracking of these parameters by using a handful of tools that work best for you.

We discussed a few simple reasons to believe why is content marketing important for your online business. Well, by following all the above measures, you will better save a lot of your time along, keeping a track of all your valuable data in one place.

So, follow all these simple yet effective guidelines. Write them all down and build on an effective marketing strategy for your digital marketing agency to get all the success.


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