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6 Best WordPress Plugins for Maintenance Mode 2017

best WordPress plugins

Before we discuss about all 6 best WordPress plugins for maintenance mode, we would like to make you aware about a few things that you require at times after installing WordPress on your website.

The first step towards building a website starts right after you purchase a domain. After that you install WordPress. But what you do in cases where you don’t have the content ready?

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Well, it’s not a good idea to start a half-baked site, risking your alienating users. But what can be the best alternatives available to weed that out? Well, there are some best WordPress plugins available that can be used in place of using general settings.

They behave as temporary Coming Soon Plugins with lots of in-build features. For example, you can better create an awesome placeholder page and generate a positive buzz. By doing this it potentially starts establishing your early following and much more.

These under construction plugins also help you manage a highly-trafficked blog or website, especially when you need some behind-the-scene maintenance that may require privacy to your current blog or website till the time you are not ready with your design, content or anything else.

One of the foremost uses of these plugins is that they prevent your visitors to hit a blank (404 error) screen. In the same ways, these plugins are also used to let your audience know about the recent updates about your website.

WordPress has its own maintenance page which is activated during automatic updates. But this page behaves slightly different as it cannot be called a user-friendly page. Also, you can’t activate or deactivate it manually directly from your dashboard.

This is why these best WordPress plugins offer you a better solution. By using any of these plugins, you will be able to manually design your own professionally looking maintenance mode page and will be able to activate it as and when you needed. Now, take a look at some of the best WordPress plugins for maintenance mode-


1. Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin 

best WordPress plugins
best WordPress plugins | Image Credit: YouTube

As the name suggests, this happens to be one of the simplest plugins ever and having a plethora of options as compared to its counterparts. The plugin offers so many delightful functionalities for a number of potential users.

For example, you have all the access to select as many different fonts for a variety of content. It eventually helps you to have your text on the background.

At the same time, it also helps to showcase a transparent box to read a large variety of fonts. The plugin undoubtedly allows you to create maintenance mode or coming soon pages as per your wish and style.

The above plugin also has the capability to collect all your emails to your MailChimp account. You can do this all without upgrading it to any kind of a paid version.

The plugin comes both in free and premium version.

With its free version you can easily create a coming soon page. Along with that you also have the freedom to add some of your own tracking scripts. It helps checking all the traffic coming to your site.

In addition to this, you may also instruct it to use your very own design for maintainance.php file.

In the paid version, you will get the following add-on features:

  • Preview link to bypass the maintenance mode
  • Email marketing business integration
  • Page display for those who’re not logged in
  • Referral tracking system

Well, you get most of the benefits in the free version, but some of the best features are available in the pro version only. You may purchase the pro version that will cost you starting $29.


2. WordPress Maintainance Mode Plugin

best WordPress plugins
best WordPress plugins | Image Credit: ThemeGrill

It’s also a nice plugin. In terms of popularity, it has been given a 4-star ratings. Well, the best thing about this WordPress plugin is that it still offers most of the features for free as compared to the other ones that are chargeable.

In the free version, you have the privilege to add more-

  • Email subscription forms
  • Countdown timers
  • Plenty of Social media icons
  • Contact forms


Not only the above listed ones, you will be also able to

  • Customize almost everything, including your texts, backgrounds and colors
  • Helps exclude URLs from the maintenance mode
  • Helps exclude a few user roles from maintenance mode


3. Maintenance WP Plugin

best WordPress plugins
best WordPress plugins | Image Credit: WinningWP

It’s a premium plugin brought to you by fruitfulcode. Its free version happens to be one of the best WordPress plugins for a maintenance mode. Also, its premium version happens to be the best WordPress plugin with impressive sales features.

The plugin has the free version under which you get a highly responsive maintenance mode page with the following features-

  • Blurred effect in the background
  • Full-screen background
  • Background image with your own logo fonts

However, the pro version of this plugin will cost you $25 and gives you the ability to-

  • Add a countdown timer
  • Specific user permission
  • Social media profile
  • Background videos

You may check this plugin here.


4. Coming Soon and Maintainance Mode WP Plugin

best WordPress plugins
best WordPress plugins | Image Credit: CodeCanyon

This is also one of the best WordPress plugins for sale at CodeCanyon. The above maintenance mode plugin offers a plethora of add-on features that includes-

  • Over 100 social media icons
  • Slideshow in the background (powered by jQuery)
  • Excludes certain users to access the maintenance page using IP address
  • Countdown timer

Along with that you can also customize all the text and colors on your maintenance mode page.

You may purchase the paid version of this plugin that starts from $18 at CodeCanyon.

Please check this plugin here.


5. Elementor WP Plugin

best WordPress plugins
best WordPress plugins | Image Credit: WPBeginner

This is again one of the best WordPress plugins. It’s in fact known as a popular WP page builder. It offers quite handsome features that help design your website’s maintenance mode using it’s page builder interface.

Using the ‘Elementor’ WordPress plugin, you may build your site’s page by using any of the available features from a blank design.

After you have your design, you’re free to activate maintenance mode using the plugin’s interface. Along with that you can also control your website’s access.

So, you can very well use and enjoy the maintenance mode features of this plugin in the free version. However, after purchasing Elementor Pro, you will get a number of additional features along with some pre made templates.


6. Under Construction WP Plugin

best WordPress plugins
best WordPress plugins | Image Credit: WP Daily Themes

Well, this is another best maintenance mode plugin, developed by Web Factory. Take a look at some of its best features

They are some of the best WordPress plugins that comes with over 25 themes that helps you create a design of your choice
You may easily set an automatic end date to better disable maintenance mode at specific times

Along with that, the plugin also has a few standard features likeSocial media icons
Full fledged control over colors and text

Under Construction plugin is not as much as popular like the ones discussed above, but still its pre-made and highly attractive designs have a clear and neat style and easy to use.

Please check out this plugin here.


So, which one is the best WordPress maintenance mode plugin you should select?

Well, it depends. In case, you have no time to explore and simply want to create a maintenance mode page with all the existing features, then Coming Soon Page by SeesProd should be the best choice for you. This is because it’s highly rated and offers tons of features even in its free version.

However, if you are looking to have some extra features like impressive social media icons and more, then you must like Under Construction or WP Maintainance Mode plugin.

And if you would like to use page builders, you may be happier to use Elementor’s plugin. By using this plugin, you can easily create your self custom page.


Are you using any other maintenance mode WordPress plugin? Or if you have any other good option with you? Please share your views by making comments below.

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Most Effective SEO Content Writing Tips for Startups


Before presenting you with highly effective SEO content writing tips, we would like you to take a look at some of the crucial factors before you try to execute any kind of content marketing strategy.

In the world of digitization, we constantly thrive to find ways to perform better. But not every marketer is able to leave a mark in the online world. Well, there can be many reasons for that, but we don’t want to go in depth to scrutinize the reasons for such a failure. Here we would like to give you in depth SEO content writing tips that will surely help you to perform better in your online business as compared to your competitors.

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Being a digital marketing agency for over a decade, we have generated innumerable write-ups for dozens of our clients. There are two types of content writing services that we are presently dealing with. One is short-term content and the other one is long term content. Both the types of content behaved differently (in terms of traffic) after the website went live.

seo content writing tips
seo content writing tips | Image Credit: Your SEO Services

While generating short-term content (on items like opinions on general awareness and other news related topics), we were able to sense a good amount of traffic that existed only for a limited time period.

But what we found later was not something good to discuss. Well, the traffic again dipped to mediocre levels after a few days. In addition to this, the content also had been mostly forgotten.

At the same time, some other clients continued to benefit after they followed our SEO content writing tips that helped us generate a kind of ‘evergreen’ content published several months ago. All we want is to make you aware about some highly effective SEO writing tips that you must know to boost your website’s ranking. But we would first like to introduce you to ‘effective content’.


What is Effective (evergreen) Content?

The effective or evergreen content is the kind of content that provides most accurate and precise information to the users for an indefinite span of time. The above type of content mostly remains useful and serves users in many ways. That’s the reason why the site visitors would like to take a look at such kind of content to sort out their doubts instantly.

Evergreen content once published helps users in the long run as we mentioned above. Due to its freshness, it attracts the website visitors most often no matter if they are unaware about the topic or happen to be the veterans in their respective fields. Such a content not only helps users to clear their doubts, but also helps to enhance a website’s authority.


Benefits of Effective Content

At this time, we expect that you already know what an effective content actually means. While continuing our discussion on such a content, we would like to discuss a few advantages of evergreen content.

The evergreen content (no doubt) is something that not only remains accessible, but also valuable for a long period of time. This is the first reason why it has the capability to generate a high amount of traffic to any given website. After publishing such a content, it usually attracts a lot of shares, backlinks and comments for being an authentic reference.

There are some more reasons to believe how publishing such a content can prove beneficial than posting short term content. Well, one of the reasons is that it tends to get all the love from search engines which means you get lots of free traffic back to your website. All the visitors (new and existing) that land on your website (most probably) will bring high conversion rates.

Now, take a look at a few SEO content writing tips to get more value of your online marketing business along with high conversion rates.


SEO Content Writing Tips to Create Evergreen Content

At this time you already know about the benefits of a highly effective or evergreen content. But how to write such a piece of content is another challenge. But here we would give you some writing tips to overcome them.

After knowing these tips, we are sure that you would yourself want to create such a copy of your own.


  • Try to Curate Content, Giving Obvious Answers

This is the first and foremost reason to start writing your piece of information. But for that you must think of a few topics that tend to give answers to most general questions like ‘best of’ and ‘how to’. As you know that the Internet can help you select your topic of choice, you can easily find the best topic, starting from ‘how to’ ‘Top 3 reasons’, etc.


seo content writing tips
seo content writing tips | Image Credit: AWAI
  • Be specific about what you write

Well, this is something that you really need to care. It’s going to be much harder to write anything that signifies in broader prospects. So, try to avoid covering up a broader term related to your industry and writing anything for varied audiences at the same time.

One of the reasons is that your write-up will become scattershot and will eventually lose the interest of users. So, the best idea will be to select any topic and then start writing an in-depth content explaining everything possible.


  • Avoid Rewriting the Popular Content

If you intend to reproduce an already popular article, it might give you some instant traffic that will be more like a short term content. It will also not work in cases if the message you want to convey is more or less the same.

seo content writing tips
seo content writing tips | Image Credit: SlideShare

However, if you plan to write on a trending issue, you can make it way different than the stuff present on other websites by putting some more efforts individually.


  • Write Clickable Headlines

This has proved an effective strategy to make your content go viral. So, always try to devise crispy headlines of the topic you have chosen to write. There are some already tested titles like ‘how to’, ‘best of’, etc. that you should imply while creating your titles. This happens to be the simplest way to catch the eye balls of your site visitors.


  • Keyword Research

In order to write self explanatory and reliable content, you will require a proper keyword research. Without doing proper keyword research you won’t be able to achieve all that you are looking for. This is how you get the best SEO content writing tips by publishing meaningful and keywords enriched content.

So, take your time researching your keywords before writing anything. This will help you to optimize your entire content for the search engines. Along with that, also try to incorporate long tail keywords to get the targeted traffic back onto your website.


  • Keep Updating On A Regular Basis

Don’t be in any kind of misconception that evergreen content doesn’t require any kind of changes or updates. After publishing your evergreen content, try to update it frequently by including different thoughts, ideas, images and much more.

As you know that in the long run, facts can disprove and statistics can become outdated, therefore it becomes absolutely essential that you try to update the content when it requires an edit.

While the entire body doesn’t need any change, a plethora of details will still be required to be updated. Your content can’t be called evergreen if you tend to revamp or edit the majority of your content.


  • Final Thoughts

The purpose of making an effective SEO content writing is to make you enable to curate your write-up using the latest trends and advancements that have taken place.

Always take your time to cross check the developments going on. These developments can be in the form of newest statistics, trends and so on.


How to Curate Content to Get Plenty of Organic Traffic

how to curate content
how to curate content | Image Credit:Curata

Before we let you know how to curate content to get plenty of organic traffic, we would like to make you aware of a few things first.

Let’s take you through the most recent Google algorithm update, which has (in fact) left most marketers baffled and suspicious. This also created a kind of discomfort among copywriters as well. It’s because they want to know the answers to a few basic questions, especially after the recent Google update.

how to curate content
how to curate content | Image Credit: YouTube

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Do we have any kind of directions to go from here? We are absolutely puzzled.
How can we get our website rank in the presence of such an update?
How we will be able to fight with our competitors or big brands that have their presence in the industry for decades?

Well, the questions are not new as they are the same being asked by our clients. There are a lot more questions that are being bombarded in the event of such a new Google update. As a highly sensible digital marketing agency, we can sense the feeling of unrest and panic among our clients. But what to do?

Well, we tried to communicate with all our clients by saying not to become panic. We suggested them to better change their content strategy and further asked them to re-evaluate their core strategy of content planning and start working with more zeal.

Finally, we went back to our drawing board and managed to offer a few individual plans for some of our clients. Albeit, all of them belonged to different industries, but there were certain things in common.


How to Curate Content to attract more organic traffic

If you are a serious marketer and have read all the stuff posted here, then you must be aware that we don’t advocate for vanity metrics. What we believe is that traffic (most of the times) becomes irrelevant if it doesn’t become the cause of actual revenue.

Well, this is the reason why we always try to create such an SEO and a content marketing plan that end up giving the ROI. And that’s why we say that traffic is just a means to achieve that goal, but is not the end goal.

Now, please know how to curate content to attract tons of organic traffic back to your website. You must follow all the tips given below to get the desired results.


Create More Content

Well, if you still stick to the old format of creating a 500 word content for your blog or website, then it’s not going to work for you any longer.

How to curate content to make a mark in the eyes of your audience? For that, you will require longer form of content. This will not only help you attract more traffic, but will also boost your website’s rankings. So, all you require is to write meaningful and lengthy articles that give value to your visitors. And yes, you need to post them on a regular basis.

Please take a note of this- Close to 45% of content curators believe that their efforts have brought the expected ROI. Also, the fact that both B2C and B2B agencies strive to curate more and meaningful content cannot be a coincidence. It’s as simple as today’s norm.

You must agree with us that a consistent flow of great content tends to bring a constant flow of targeted traffic from search engines. And this traffic turns into your business goals.

Now, by knowing all the above, we can see that creating great content is not going to be a walk in the park for most of the marketers. When we hire new content curators or copywriters for our own business, we always expect them to better come up with a workable content strategy to boost the client’s ROI.

To our own digital marketing firm, we don’t want to rely on those who primarily think of following instructions to insert keywords. What we basically expect from a successful marketing professional is that they should possess a growth hacking or marketing mindset.


How to Curate Content Which Is Better and Valuable

Try and create a meaningful copy to your readers. But how does it differ from the marketing prospective? Well, we never said that your marketing angle should not be crucial, but it should not be more than offering a greater value to the audience.

The value you provide to your readers is by offering them an in-depth quality content. But how can we achieve that? Well, you can easily produce great content by doing a proper research. Here you should also need to think about the right tone of voice to appeal to your client’s persona and also by coming up with a new angle.

how to curate content
how to curate content | Image Credit: Kajabi Blog


Search engines really advocate that your content should be for people and not for machines. They can easily spot a write-up not offering any value to its readers. And you may end up losing the rankings of your website.

So, the bottom line is that if your readers are happy reading your content, so will be the search engines. And if you know the magic to win your customer’s hearts by creating a meaningful content, you are heading towards winning the game.


Focus on Targeting Long-Tail Keywords

There are keywords that you would love to rank for but will prove tough to do so. For example, there is a keyword “ice cream” that will be tough to rank. On the other hand, consider the keyword, “ice cream shops in India.” This is a long-tail keyword and will be much easier to target.

You might be wondering how to curate content to insert long tail keywords. Well, there is no such magic formula but try to be natural and don’t try to stiff your content with keywords.

There are many advantages to rank for a long tail keyword as discussed above. One of them is that you start getting more targeted traffic from search engines.

We have seen SEO marketers committing mistakes while trying to rank for highly irrelevant keywords. This is the reason why they fail to achieve their desired goals.


LSI Keywords Are Easier to Rank

Before giving you the insights, let’s explain what LSI keywords are all about. LSI is better known as Latent Semantic that is related to your main list of keywords. They cannot be called as synonyms, but otherwise help Google to distinguish the details of your content.

If you again refer above where we discussed ‘ice cream’ keyword, you can have a list of other such keywords related to ice cream and those can be- ‘mint chocolate chip ice cream’, ‘vanilla ice cream’, chocolate ice cream and so on.

You might have understood by now about the importance of LSI keywords and their importance to plan your SEO strategy.

For now, we would continue to explain how to curate content in such a way to get the free traffic from search engines.


Importance of Inbound and Outbound Linking

Linking your blog posts with inbound and outbound links also help to rank higher in many ways. Inbound linking is a great way to enhance the credibility of your work in Google’s eyes. For that, you simply need to connect all your individual blog posts between each other.

how to curate content
how to curate content | Image Credit: gotomarkits.com

But the question arises- why would you need to insert links on third party (high authority) websites to your blog? What would happen to link your blog with external websites and help them (in a way) to gain more traction?

Well, if you continue to link your blog to high domain authority (DA) websites, then it means you are making your copy more transparent. You are telling the search engines that you have already done your own research. And believe us, this is what Google needs to deem your copy relevant and will eventually boost your rankings.


Great Headlines Matter

At times, you think about creating those crispy headlines as compared to the rest of your article. Well, there is nothing wrong with it.

But why does the headline matter? Well, as per the findings in that direction, close to 82% readers never able to get past the headlines itself. Just think about creating a great headline of your article and people will love your content anyway and you will get a chance to make your content go viral.

And who knows? You might stand a chance to get close to 20% crowd who actually make a click on your copy. As you know traffic tends to attract more traffic and if you share your content to the high authority social media sites, you might end up getting a few leads out of a great headline.


Try to Write Crisp and Provoking Content

Eliminating fluff from your content is one of the best ways to make it presentable among readers. It sounds challenging though, but heads for a better composition.

Other than that, if you are able to explain your point by going brief and to-the-point, then you will surely receive much appreciation. So, all we meant to say is that you must practice writing short and brief content to make people understand your point in a better way.

Also, you don’t need to focus making your article too long. A longer content doesn’t always become better. If you try and keep your article shorter, it will also prove beneficial for you in the long run.


Quality Content and Organic Traffic Go Hand In Hand

So, would you still like to spend $50 to get those SEO friendly articles for your website? If yes, then you better need to think again.

If you look at the reasons why the cost of SEO copywriting services continue to surge, we can tell you it’s mainly because getting traction to both your potential users and Google has become harder.

After Google’s recent update, if you try to deliver anything other than high quality content that has no values in terms of your readers, then you will surely get penalized.

What we want to make a point here is too simple to understand.

If you wish to receive more traffic, you need not worry about pleasing the search engines. And therefore, stop writing for search engines.

All you need to do is to write for your audience. And they will love your work by finding great content through search engines.


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Ten Pragmatic SEO Tips That Deliver Actual Results

seo tips

SEO tips that work- If you happen to be one of the result oriented marketing professionals, then you might know that SEO may get quite murky. One of the reasons why we believe this is because things can very well change overnight without giving you any sort of warnings. Well, this is the time when you need some sort of SEO tips that keep you going ahead without a failure.

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In case, you don’t realize anything about what is going around you, then you might end up losing credibility of your online business. This is because these SEO changes demand you to start rethinking about your core strategy and plan your work accordingly. It happens in such a way where you have to go back to basics and re-write, change or delete things and so on.

seo tips
SEO tips | Image Credit: IMS Marketing

Being an SEO marketer, you might have noticed the Google update and Hawk affecting local businesses. But no one can predict any such changes that these future updates have in store for you.

However, there exists a plethora of evergreen SEO tips that you can very well apply to your personal blog or website to not only boost your domain authority but also your overall rankings. We have therefore enlisted a set of ten actionable SEO tips that are actually a part of our strategy and are being used for our clients.

Now, take a look at these SEO tips that you can right away start implementing.


1. Avoid Using Hash Tags (#) in URLs

Well, this seems quite straightforward. You better need to delete hash tags in your URLs as Google no longer supports indexing URLs that contain “#.”


2. You Must Disavow All “Bad” Links

We know that you have the basic idea back in your mind that the more backlinks you have, the merrier it will be. Well, this is true, but doesn’t hold well in case of bad links. All we mean to say is that you must disavow bad links from your website.

For example, if any sort of spammy websites link back to your website, then you should try to disavow them as they will downgrade your website in the long run. However, if you don’t know how to do so, then you should not take risks to do that of your own. In case, if you still meet with any confusion, you may always refer to the search engine journal.


3. Get Rid of All Broken Links

You need to take into account certain things to become one of the highly trusted content marketers. In this regard, you don’t only need to learn a few SEO tips, but also learn the importance of outbound and inbound links.

If you want to perform well online and already have plenty of such links to your own blog or to third party, including high domain authority ones, then you are heading fine towards your goal.

While doing a lot of things, you must also perform frequent audit of your own website or blog. This is because if your website or blog is linked with content that has been moved or deleted permanently from external websites, then you might receive a 404 error.

In that case, if you tend to link to such a page (with 404 errors), you may attract Google’s penalty. Well, in order to skip all this, you simply need to consider these crucial SEO tips that are being mentioned here.

So, the bottom line is- Kindly perform the audit of your outbound and inbound links on a regular basis and try to fix all that doesn’t work any longer.


4. Check Your Website Speed

Your website should not take more than 2-3 seconds. We know this sounds quite impractical, but believe us, if your designers are worth their salt, this should not be anything that is hard to accomplish.

Well, you can rightly go ahead and test your website’s speed by using WebPage Test.


5. Relevance of ‘Alt’ Tags

In general, we take hours to sit back focussing on vital keyword research and then start writing. But we (at times) fail to consider inserting alt tags in the images.

So, please make sure that all the images on your blog or website must have alt tags, along with suitable descriptions and keywords.


6. Keyword Research

Proper keyword research happens to be a crucial part of SEO tips that you tend to learn gradually. In case, you don’t know the importance of doing keyword research, let’s give you some more SEO tips.

Basically, keyword research is something that should be taken with utmost care and precision. You must find those keywords that can help your users tick and shop. Don’t just try to fish for traffic alone as it is nothing more than a vanity metric that will not be giving you a real ROI.

If you really want to rank higher, you must target LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords  without compromising the quality and readability of your blog post.

Still, if you are in confusion and want to learn more about the proper keyword research ideas and the ways to bring ROI (not just traffic), kindly go through with this article.


7. Don’t Rush for “Unicorn” Keywords

Well, if you own a blog related to food or recipes, then you may like to rank it for generic keywords – “chocolate cake.”

But if you have just started working on your website having a low DA (domain authority), then try to rank for easier keywords. It means keywords with lower search volume but with more targeted audience. So, you can go for some other keywords like “chocolate cake ingredients” or “Chocolate cake from scratch.” Well, these are going to be accessible keywords that might rank for you.

Not only this, these keywords for food recipe blog will prove a better fit for your business as those who search for the generic keyword like chocolate cake may wish to bake or purchase one.

In order to deal with this situation, we would like to give you a few clear and precise SEO tips that actually work.

Consider if your target audience land on your food recipe keyword, they might not wish to continue and move away from your blog. And this will lead to be enhancing the bounce rate of your blog or website. In the same ways, those searching for the phrase ‘ingredients’ will be the one whom you should target.


8. Don’t Hesitate Investing for Great Content

This is something that you should really take care of. Don’t run for cheap but quality content. Gone are the days when marketers used to get 300 word articles stuffed with keywords. Now, audience as well as search engines appreciate such a content that gives value to them.

A good piece of writing is something that is written for your readers and not just to please the search engines. If you try otherwise, you will not get anywhere.

Search engines are also getting smarter by advocating for the users. It’s quite natural: if your readers respect and love your work, so will Google.


9. Disable pop-ups for mobile users

As you might be aware of the fact that Google has given more emphasis to mobile users lately due to an advancement in the number of mobile phone users.

While considering that a number of people have actually started using mobile, you should disable all the pop ups coming there for the sake of your audience. This will ensure that you are giving them a better experience while coming on to your page.

So, instead of enabling such pop-ups, you may use CTA buttons or hyperlinks instead.


10. Try to Be Consistent

Posting quality content on your website consistently will boost your website’s overall rankings. You will notice your website ranking higher in SERPs.

seo tips
SEO tips | Image Credit: hostpapa.blog

The basic question arises- how many blog posts do we need to publish to get the desired results? Well, this is something you must take into account as what works for you and what not.

As per HubSpot, firms that publish close to 15-plus blog posts a month received 5 times more leads as compared to the ones that posted lesser.

By saying this, we never meant that you should also look forward to post 15-16 blog posts as discussed above. It’s something that you should chalk out a plan to produce a set amount of quality content on a regular basis.

If you stick to the basic SEO tips given above, you should try to increase the amount of content on your blog consistently. If you post more content, it will be better.

Another SEO tip in this regard is not to expect results too quickly. This is because it takes time (12-24 months) to get results.



Well, if we try and summarize all these ten SEO tips we discussed, it would be like-

Write for your audience and not for only search engines

At the present time, we (as a team) don’t look out for keywords any longer. We just start with a new topic and make sure it is going to be worth to read and giving value to our readers.

After we finish our article, we work for SEO and try to incorporate quality keywords into our copy. This is how we take care of our readers first.


How to Select A Right Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

digital marketing agency

Hiring a right digital marketing agency for your business requires a lot of stoicism and trust. In such a case, you simply need to associate your business to profound digital marketers who know how to curate high quality content to augment your brand visibility.

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While doing so, you should take proper steps to research the right kind of digital marketing agency that can understand your business in real terms.

digital marketing agency
digital marketing agency | Image Credit : Adbot

There are hundreds of content marketing agencies all around that you would like to opt for your business. But in real terms, it takes time to look out for the best.

As a business owner, what you are required to do is to select the right marketing agency for you. But if you really want to build your online presence with the help of highly entrusted content specialists, then you must look at the following qualities in your digital marketing agency:


Highly Experienced Team of Experts Across Different Industries

There can be a plethora of advantages to work with highly professional digital marketing agency that primarily focusses on one industry. The spotted agency must be familiar with all the ups and downs of the digital world. At the same time, it should not take too long to understand your business needs.

Before finally selecting the agency, you should also take proper measures to ascertain the risk involved in creating the same content over the time.

On the contrary, it has been noticed that content teams that have an experience of working with a number of clients have already demonstrated their ability to better adapt their strategy and tone as required. In that sense, we can expect them to bring a real perspective to your business and also present a few crucial ideas that you would have never imagined.

Well, in addition to what we have enclosed, you may also take some initiatives at your end to find out if the digital marketing agency you are vetting is versatile.

In doing so, you simply need to check their online presence (website) and also look for testimonials. This may also include their work in the form of case studies and other work sample. While gauging them, if you come across any other content types that include videos and infographics, it would be far better.


Team of Highly Professional and Avid Researchers

The digital marketing agency, you intend to hire must be loaded with highly professional content writers who unabashedly like to research a lot. It’s not a surprise if they are not aware of your line of business in the beginning, but they should constantly strive hard to work in the right direction to become familiar with your business expertise.

digital marketing agency
digital marketing agency | Image Credit: Techrista Systems

There is one area where the team of content writers needs to focus which is to research your target audience. At the same time, they should also be capable to unearth your audience insights that will eventually benefit them to curate high quality content and resonate with them at the right times.


Ability to Harness the Voice of Your Brand

A highly professional digital marketing agency will bring you a pool of creative content writers who know how to master the voice of your brand.

This will also help them to curate the content as per your business line. Further, they can familiarize themselves with the kind of services you offer by going through with an existing content that you provide.

digital marketing agency
digital marketing agency | Image Credit: hivedesk.com

The digital marketing agency that you choose must have in house team of content writers who are good at asking questions. In addition to this, they should also be better listeners.


Perfectly Tuned Communication Expertise

The last thing you expect from your digital marketing agency that comes into action once you initiate the process of engagement. This will help to resurface occasionally to deliver the content requirement without comment.

In case, if you like the idea to approach your team due to any reason they should be widely available to discuss whatever new coming from your end. This will help them to strategize things without getting delayed.

While meeting with your content curators, you must discuss the time and date for a meeting and also ensure how often they are open for such a meeting. Also strategize a stiff plan of action to use a set of marketing tools to better exchange your ideas.


Exuberance for Learning

If your digital marketing agency looks keen about producing quality and meaningful content, then you must cross check once to ascertain all the facts before proceeding further with them.

In this regard, you can scrutinize the content they have already produced for their existing clients. In the same ways, you may also check the relevancy and freshness of content they have produced lately.

You may well look into their official blogs that are updated on a regular basis, webinars, video library(s), or any other well researched blog post.


Commitment to Work

It all depends upon what you actually want from your business. Well, if you wish to expand your content, then you would like to hire one or two freelance content writers.

digital marketing agency
digital marketing agency | Image Credit: NY Arts Magazine

If your goal is a bit different and you require a meaningful content that collaborates with your business, you better need to hire a digital marketing agency that performs a plethora of functions for you like doing marketing research, capable to develop a fulproof marketing strategy and produces content that resonates with right kind of strategy, and then finally able to promote content to maximize its output.

The online marketing agency you hire must understand the meaning of content marketing as it never means churning out a particular number of blogs and then calling it a day.


All Departments Must Collaborate

Your content marketing strategy should not happen to be in a silo. This is because there are hundreds of ways to improve your marketing strategy. Some of them include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), promoting your business across social media platforms, paid promotions and so on. This is how your business can grow into a brand.

In general, your content creators must understand the concept of writing SEO based content and the ways to tailor their content to both search engines and readers.


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How to Create Proper Content Marketing Strategy Plan in Most Effective Ways

content strategy plan
content strategy plan | Image Credit: YouTube

In this post, we will let you know how to create a proper content strategy plan in order to stay ahead from your competitors.

One of the foremost ways to do that is by publishing impeccable content on a regular basis. Also, you must have the professional knowledge to explain about your services in the most concise, informative and amiable writing style.

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The message we want to convey here is quite loud and clear- You really need to focus on the quality content on your website, as it will not only improve your online presence but will also help to develop the level of trust within your customers.


content strategy plan
content strategy plan | Image Credit: webpro.in

As you know, your content strategy plan should be an indisputable part of your website structure and therefore its relevance should be at the core of any marketing activity. The term “Content marketing” is evolved as a new wave online.

Also, you should not get confused with terms like “content marketing” and “marketing the content”. Both the terms are different.

Content marketing simply means to use the content effectively to market your products or services. Also, it doesn’t fulfill the concept of content marketing by asking any third party service provider to add blog posts on a regular basis.

In order to get success, you need to develop a proper content strategy plan that needs to be monitored and implemented.

How to effectively design your content strategy plan?

First, you need to be decisive a plethora of categories that are to be published on the company blog or guest posts. Also decide on the various formats of the content on a regular basis like

  • Textual content
  • Audio
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Infographics


You must have a clear idea about the type of audience you serve and answer the following

  • Are you targeting your existing buyers?
  • Are they your potential B2B buyers?
  • Are they your potential B2C buyers?


You should have a precise idea of the demographics of the audience

  • Target the age group of your audience
  • Target the gender of your audience
  • Target the geo-location of the audience


Also decide on the outreach and distribution channel of your content

  • FaceBook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Linkedin


Your content strategy will work if you set out a few norms to better engage with your users on social media platforms. You can get a viable idea through Google Analytics about the performance of your content strategy is being implemented.

content strategy plan
content strategy plan | Image Credit: Zest Media

Create an editorial calendar to better organize your published content. You can do so with the help of following headers

  • Title of your content
  • Date on which the content was actually submitted
  • Category of the content
  • Author’s name
  • The target audience
  • Editor, who edited your posts
  • Content distribution- social media platforms where the content was shared
  • Key Performance Parameters (KPP) – Factors that determine the success of your published content like conversions, likes, retweets, etc.


Please note that search and social media integration always start at the site level. It should be your priority to first optimize your website with different keywords. This is because 85% of your traffic is going to generate through search engines.

A fully optimized website will ensure that your online business can be easily traced in the search engines and will eventually help your customers searching for any product or service that you offer through your website.

Your content strategy plan should always comprise social media signals. These signals enhance the trust value of your brand. For example, when a potential buyer visits your website, the conversion rate will go higher if the buyer’s search experience matches with the real time experience.


Role of Technology to Transform Content Marketing in 2017

content marketing

How technology is playing a crucial role to transform content marketing is a matter of debate. We will start by assering the role of technology in today’s ever changing content strategy.


content marketing
content marketing | Image Credit: SocioBoard

Due to a surge in consumption and usage of digital media, almost every brand is concerned towards focusing and implementing new strategies related to content marketing. The prime reason for this is an increased dependency of customers towards digital marketing platform.


What is content marketing?

In today’s business perspective, customer retention has become a big challenge for every marketer. So, what can be the best solution that one should go ahead to retain them? Well, out of a plethora of available ones, you must adopt right content marketing tactics to achieve success.

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This is how we explain the term content marketing which is simply a tactic to retain users through mindful creation and distribution of information. In fact, it has become an indisputable part of the entire digital marketing strategy.

The content planning, if done in a legitimate way can produce astonishing results. That’s why it would be safe to say that all the content generated through different means not only helps driving digital marketing in the right direction but also enhances the value of a particular brand.

While discussing the role of content marketing in 2017, we must admit that the concept is not new but has only changed in terms of its packaging and perception.


Traditional Content Marketing Role Is Becoming Diluted

A company’s web page happens to be one of the most rudimentary style of content marketing. As you see, all these static sites that maintain their own blogs share only one-way information and that happens generally from a brand to the consumer.

The information which is primarily static is available to the public in general. In the same ways, blast SMSs and periodic emailing to users have also become a crucial part of this traditional content strategy.

content marketing
content marketing | Image Credit:thehindubusinessline

While recording the number of clicks for a few websites, we failed to record the actual behavior of customers at the time of showing their interest in one of the products. Also, we deliberately failed to ascertain the reaction of such users. This indicates there were no tactics, how to engage users to the optimum levels.


Generation of Emails

We should be grateful to the ever changing mode of technology that has given us a boon to survive in the realm of groundbreaking competition.

In the present scenario, there has been a drastic change in the behavior of consumers who have become more tech frenzy and seem to be more focussed towards digital marketing platform. Today, brands only heighlight what their customers wanted to see or purchase.


The ‘hidden’ form of content marketing

There was a time when email marketing came into existence and helped a plethora of brands to experiment with alluring social networks. This in turn, generated more hidden form of content over private networks.

content marketing
content-marketing | Image Credit: YouTube

This not only proved beneficial in terms of customer’s perspective but also helped users to interact in a two-way communication. The technique helped consumers to interpret and submit the required feedback to the content served to them. In this form of user engagemnent, the conversion proved to be almost instantaneous.


Modern ages tools have shown a drastic shift of content marketing concept

In today’s world of advancements, technology is going at a faster pace than ever and has superseded everyone’s imagination. For example, there are so many web tools and dynamic websites available, that have been responsible for changing the mode of communication space.

content marketing
content marketing | Image Credit: Mitzi Connell

Today, the user is free to customize everything as per his browsing history and interest. In the present context, brands are using advanced marketing tools for the production of content and some other exclusive platforms.


CMS (Content Management Systems)

As CMS have evolved, they have enabled a user to manage the brand’s messaging and content more effectively. They are a kind of back-end platforms that are easy to handle as per the preference of a user.

Content Management Systems also happen to be one of the most powerful features of a company’s content marketing strategy.

In the same ways, there are some other CMS systems that have evolved lately and are known to track the presence of online customers at any given stage, the time spent by the user, page views, etc. They also track the number of clicks made by the customers and when users opened the email, etc.


Social listening tools

Like other tools, social listing tools have also been evolved in the recent past that better manage content marketing. They are easy to integrate and users can more easily manage or integrate their data. By using these new-aged tools, brands are now able to trace what usesr exactly want.


Now, kindly take a look at a plethora of tech advances that are most likely to transform such a landscape in the year 2017 and beyond.


  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)


What do you think AI (Artificial Intelligence) can do for you? Well, it can solve many purposes but at the moment, you need to understand one thing.


Those who already know how to take advantage of technology to accomplish their tasks are found performing far better than what machines or humans do alone.

content marketing
content marketing | Image Credit: freepik

This is the reason why marketers who sincerely want to take advantages of artificial intelligence seem to benefit from harnessing the powers of artificial intelligence. Don’t you think so?

Well, the message that we want to convey here is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to have all the potential to almost change the content marketing landscape in better ways.

You can use this technique to understand your content in a far better way by using your keywords (as per your niche). And this way you would also be able to curate your content that truly resonates with the audience.

You may also use AI to format your content for


  • SEO purpose
  • Automate distribution
  • Discover relevant content for development purposes.


So, in a nutshell, all we can say that marketers can definitely gain a lot with the help of AI integration.



  1. Improved Search Engine Algorithms


As you better know, SE algorithms are continuously evolving and becoming truly automated with the passage of time, and that’s the reason why most marketers specifically want to design their marketing campaigns hovering around manual search algorithm modes.

content marketing
content marketing | RankBrain | Image Credit: LSEO

Well, due to their self automation, they are manually updated from time to time.

However, if we talk about RankBrain– A self-updating machine learning algorithm, it basically scours the power of internet and engages in fine-tuning of search queries.

This kind of algorithm (RankBrain) will obviously make it harder for marketers to “cheat” their ways to achieve quick and favourable organic results.



  1. New Devices & IoT


In the world of technology, we often come across with several new devices coming every now and then. Such devices mostly work smarter, having the abilities to better communicate to the world through networked connections. This has become possible due to IoT (Internet of Things).

Using this, you may find users no longer restricting to their laptops, PCs, and smart phones while interacting with content.

content marketing
content marketing | Image Credit: Attify Blog

For example, refrigerators that are going smarter have the capability to communicate using Bluetooth speakers. So, the challenge for the content curators will be to develop a content that is able to respond all such devices within IoT space.

Well, using such a technique, marketers can easily curate location based customized content, various real-time alerts (from time to time) straight to your device, can monitor your data, and so on.


  1. Live Streaming


Live streaming is more specifically related to live events like sports. In order to have a glimpse for any such live events, you now have the privilege to use supporting Apps on your Smartphone like Periscope and Meerkat. Well, these apps are becoming quite [popular among users.

The technique of Live Streaming basically offers marketers and content developers to offer live and in-demand content.

content marketing
content marketing | Image Credit: Chandley Communications

In the same ways, you can also notice how Facebook is jumping more into the live streaming arena.

The reason why such a practice is on a high is because more users come likely to come forward and appreciate such a content that is very well moulded around live experiences.


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Content Marketing Strategy In 2019 That You Can’t Afford to Ignore

seo content writing
seo content writing | Image Credit: Contentoholic

What is the best content marketing strategy that need to be employed in 2019? Well, this is something that every Internet marketer should be aware of.

As you know, without proper content marketing strategy, you won’t be able to get the required success. That’s why we want you to grasp all the below given tactics to excel in your business online.

content marketing strategy
content marketing strategy | Image Credit: YouTube

What is Content Marketing?


Content marketing is a broad term which is not just about creating, sharing and distributing content to engage your audience, but also to enhance your branding and satisfying your customer’s needs.

But it is not so easy as it pretends. Content marketing requires a unified and strategic approach in order to help your business grow many folds.


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So, in order to accomplish your goal, you will require a strategic approach in the right direction; and that’s what a content marketing strategy is all about.


How to develop right content marketing strategy for a successful business?

You need to maintain an aggressive content marketing strategy in 2019 to help your business achieve great milestones.

But what can be the probable reasons to support what we asserted above? Well, as per an estimate derived from a marketing institute, close to 75% marketers who were surveyed disclosed that they will be creating more content in 2019 as compared to 2016.

The first step that makes you come closer towards success is to have a smart and solid content marketing strategy right in place.

In this post, we are going to cover, and of course dive into why your online platform actually needs an exact plan to create a proper strategy.


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Why you need content marketing for your business?


One of the foremost reasons is that it helps your business plan and prepare cost-effective and most reliable sources of traffic back to your website.

Well, you just need to be more proactive in your approach while creating content or to ask someone to help you with the same.

For example, if you’re able to create just one blog post that lets you a good amount of organic traffic, it will surely help generate as many numbers of viable leads for your online business.

The high quality content on your website generously becomes the source of most of the leads that you are looking for.

If you are able to achieve the initial hits, it will also give you a reason to look for some other marketing techniques to generate more revenue with the help of social media advertising, sponsored and distributed content.

These days, visual content marketing is also becoming popular as millions of users and marketers are using it on various platforms like social media.

The content on your website also helps users to educate them and eventually generate a boost for your brand. It’s time now to take a look at how to create an effective content marketing strategy

7 Step Guide to Create a Better Content Marketing Strategy

  • Set your goals clear and precise


This is the time to think about a few questions before setting content marketing strategy for your business.

Just think about your aim to develop such a strategy in meeting your goals. Why do you wish to produce high quality content and also need a clear and precise content marketing plan?

Well, if you know your goals in advance before doing any sort of planning, it will be easier for you to determine the best strategy working for you.

content marketing strategy
content marketing strategy | Image Credit: Marketing Blog


  • Conduct your own research to establish your target audience


In order to develop a future plan for your content marketing strategy, you must define your target audience, also termed as ‘buyer persona’.

The above tactic is recommended for those who are about to start their new venture into online business.

If you know the ways to serve your audience better, you may easily produce more valuable and relevant content. This will eventually help you to get an easy conversion rate as well.


content marketing strategy
content marketing strategy | establishing target audience | Image Credit: hootsuit.com


In case, you’re an experienced marketer, your target audience is most likely to get changed. In that case, you should consider answering the following questions.

Do you want to expand your target audience or want to keep the same audience?

In order to accomplish your goals, you are required to revisit your audience parameters simply by conducting a market research or hire an external agency to do it for you.

It will prove crucial both for your business and to expand your audience.


  • Learn how to conduct a complete content audit for your business


This is all about experimenting different things at the same time. Here you need to see what is working for you.

Like, you can altogether change the format or style of your content being published every week. Instead, you can publish all the weekly blog post content in the form of an eBook.

This way, users will get an access of all your content at the same place. It will also be in a different format. The Audience loves to see the change.


  • What Content Marketing System is all about


Precisely, you need to develop the right content marketing strategy in order to manage your content effectively.

Take a look at some of the integral facets of content management that includes content creation, publication and analytics.

A few other CMS (Content Management System) includes WordPress and CoSchedule.


  • Get content ideas by doing brainstorming


Brainstorming is one such tactic that has been proved quite useful. You can refer to some of the great tools to get your wheels moving-

What to write- Well, this is probably the first thing all marketers want to implement. It’s nothing but a method of brainstorming your mind by asking questions to yourself about what can be the best content for your target audience.

In order to generate the right content marketing strategy, you can get several unmatched ideas with the help of this technique.

Just ask questions from yourself and try to give answers. The next step is to implement these answers to plan a complete marketing strategy for your business.


It’s a popular RSS feed that helps you to select most trending and commanding topics in your niche. This way, you can get more precise content ideas to implement into your business.


Buzzsumo is another place where you can get a plethora of awesome content ideas for your business needs.

It uses social media shares to ascertain about the quality of content. More social shares with useful links means your content strategy is well in place and the content can be used for your business needs.

Content Forest

The tool offers free software that include ContentIdeator and KeywordKiwi. They help you check popular content ideas from your viable competitors. These tools also help you to effectively use keyword ideas.

Blog Post Headline Analyzer

This tool (CoSchedule) quickly analyses titles and headlines. At the same time, it also provides feedback on word choice, grammar, length and keyword research volume.

Like if you seem to have an idea in mind to analyze headlines and titles, you have the option to run through Headline Analyzer to make the best use of it.

  • Determine the type of content you wish to create

The most popular content formats to produce relevant content for your audience can be-

Blog posts-

Blog posts happen to be the most popular mode of two-way communication with your audience.

They are an integral part of any website and therefore need to be published on a regular basis to drive traffic.

For best results, you should create blog posts between 1000-2000 words. But you should always experiment to gauge what suits best to your audience.


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