How to Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy With Most Efficacious Ways

In this post, we will discuss the best social media marketing strategy that actually works. But prior to that, you first need to understand how to implement that in the right and efficacious way. To start with, let’s discuss a few scenarios (in general) when someone publishes his blog post.

I’ve seen bloggers finishing their blog posts seamlessly, then going over to their blogging checklist and finally clicking on the ‘Publish’ button.

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After the post has been published successfully, they are keen to share it on a few social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

After everything is done, they now hope to get a quantum of traffic back to their blog or website.

Well, do you also think like that? I mean to say if it’s so easy to get quality traffic after publishing your blog post and sharing it to Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter? Certainly not.

If you think people will flock to your personal website or blog after doing these little measures, then you are going the wrong way. There is a lot more to be done than just sitting back after posting your content to a few social media platforms.

Social media marketing strategy is not so easy as it looks. You really need to do a lot of hard work with precision to achieve the desired results. So, if you want your website to rank faster and get tons of traffic, you need to have a vigorous social media marketing strategy for your business.

But before that you must know why you need a proper social media marketing strategy at all.

Why You Need Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Well, it’s high time to build a foolproof strategy in this direction. As per the data collected by Shareaholic, the amount of traffic acquired by social media is almost 31% of overall traffic.

So, on one hand, you might be busting your behind to better incorporate high-quality and long tail keywords in your blog posts and then optimizing it further with required keyword density, you should realize that social referrals are as crucial and happen to be an easy way to bring quality traffic back to your blog.

Now, take a look at why you still need a proper social media marketing strategy for your blog or website.


1. Your real competition hangs around social media platforms-

As per studies done in this regard, close to 74% users visit social media sites daily. With tablets and smartphones becoming way more popular, you can now easily check your Facebook fan page or Pinterest feed that has become pretty much easier to do.


2. Most of your audience hangs out on social media –

Well, this can be crucial for your social media marketing strategy. It’s because if you are successful finding where most of your audience hangs around, it will eventually help to better nurture your entire social media marketing strategy.

social media marketing strategy
social media marketing strategy | Image Credit: bloggingwizard

For example, if someone already knows that his audience largely hangs around Twitter, he can move ahead and include a click to better tweet all his posts that will reap him more traffic.


3. Social media- A great marketing tool that you simply can’t ignore

Social media has become one of the greatest places to share your content. It not only helps you with more visibility to your content, but also gives you an opportunity to generate more traffic, conversion rates and leads.

Now, you might be thinking that you’re just a blogger than a marketer, you can still go ahead with a foolproof plan to leverage social media marketing benefits and reap the desired results (within a short time span). However, it will require both your time and consistency.

So, please look at this 4-step social media marketing strategy that will help you reap far more amount of traffic with better user engagement.


Optimize Your Content Wisely for Social Sharing

First, try to look at if you are making it real hard for visitors to make comment and share your blog posts? Well, you may realize that blogging blunder is something that happen to all of us, but not everybody is aware of committing them.

If you’re not 100% sure that your content has been properly optimized for social sharing, please look at these crucial steps that will help others tweet, share or comment on your post.


Insert Meta Data

Each social media platform is unique and displays your content in different ways. So, you better need to take this into account and make sure that your content gets displayed in the best possible ways. And for that you are required to set up your blog post meta data in the correct format.

The KnowEm’s tool helps you post optimized content for all social media platforms.

social media marketing strategy
social media marketing strategy | Image Credit: bloggingwizard

You can easily solve this ambiguity by clicking on the tab “add meta data” for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter on Yoast plugin.


Add Shareable Pictures

Pictures / images on your website / blog posts can help boost your social sharing engagement in great ways. It’s a fact as you can sense the meaning out from the famous adage that says- “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

If you are still unaware about the power of images, then you must act now. The images are mostly shared on Facebook and are used to to get maximum number of retweets on Twitter as well.

You might ask the reason for that. Well, this is because images are only visual and at the same time easy to share, and are known to ignite an emotional feeling.

In order to optimize your images on your blog posts, you may use a well known plugin SumoMe. Doing this will help you put your social icons on all your images.

social media marketing strategy
social media marketing strategy | Image Credit: bloggingwizard

As soon as you hover over an image on Facebook, it will look at the option to share your image on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. So, what are you waiting for? Do it now, if not done already.


Try to Make Commenting Easier

Ever wondered why there are not enough comments on your already published blog posts? One of the reasons can be that people find it too hard to leave a comment.

If you try to make commenting more complex, people will leave more often without commenting on your blog posts, even if they are willing to. Like if you have made them to first register, enter a Captcha along with answering a hard question.

One can understand that it is not a social media marketing strategy, but a way to nail spamming. At the same time, it is not a good idea to employ such anti spamming measures when you own a great blog with hundreds of comments that float in.

But even for an average blogger, don’t be so vigilant and do approve or disapprove them manually. This way, you can set all these parameters in your WordPress blog or website as depicted below.

social media marketing strategy | Image Credit: bloggingwizard

In case, if you tend to use another commenting system like Disqus, you may still be able to turn on the feature to better allow guest comments. It will help users avoid signing in to your account every time they make a comment.

You can make this happen by visiting Admin> Settings > scroll and then to the community rules.


Guest Posting- A Must

All great bloggers are engaged in Guest Posting and so you should. If you like to generate more traffic and in turn want to reach more number of people, guest posting is one of the best social media marketing strategies to make it happen.


What is a guest posting?

Guest posting is a medium to post your content on someone else’s website or blog. Along with your content, you also post an author byline (at the end of your post), mainly to promote your link or latest product.

So, if you’re able to publish your own blog post on an authoritative website, it will eventually help you generate hundreds of Likes and shares, leading to the number of subscribers and followers.

Another reason why guest blogging is essential is because it helps to build your brand identity.

As you know, Guest Blogging is a crucial part of social media marketing strategy, the easiest way to perform this is by looking as if the blogs you usually post (to different websites) accept guest blogging.

Still, if you have no idea how to perform this, then simply search for the term “[the blog you frequent]” + “write for us”. You may also put in some other variations as well like “guest post guidelines”, “guest contributor” or “guest posts”.

Further, it’s possible that you may not be able to find all those blog posts that accept guest posts. The better idea is to manually make a search and find them out.


What Next?

The next step would be to find the owner of the blog on social media channels by commenting regularly on their posts and also by sharing their content.

This will give you a good reputation in the eyes of the blog owner. It will also be easier for you to get accepted as a guest blogger.

Lastly, read all the rules and guidelines before you send out your request or query for the same. As you know, not every blogger has the same rules for guest blogging.


Time to Invest in Blogger Outreach

If you are really serious to develop a strong social media marketing strategy, then the best practice to do so would be to start collaborating with other bloggers in your niche.


What Can a Blogger Outreach do?

Well, it will surely help you to develop your social media marketing strategy in a far better way; and in turn make you reach a larger set of audience across a plethora of digital channels.

As per BlogHer, it is found that users more likely trust bloggers as compared to any other source of information available online. Now, the question arises- how can you expand your blog? Well, you can easily do this by making comments on high authoritative blogs in your area of expertise.


Commenting on Authoritative Blogs

If you are new in this business, you should find some authoritative blog lists and start commenting right away. But before doing this, you may need a Gravatar. It’s simply an avatar which is placed next to your name after you make a comment.

social media marketing strategy
social media marketing strategy | Image Credit: YouTube

It helps both generating traffic and building your brand. Lastly, you may visit Alexa to check out your blog or website’s popularity and traffic.


Follow these simple steps to get noticed through your comments:

  • Try to make the first comment to get noticed– Try to be the first one to comment as this will make others see your post and will probably help to get more clicks and followers.
  • Try to make meaningful comments- Try to build a rapport by making comments that make sense. Like, you can offer more tips and solutions to the blog owner.
  • Commenting frequently– If you’re more frequent commenting, it will help boosting the overall rankings of your website.


Promote Your Content Wisely

Social media marketing strategy is one of the most crucial things that a serious marketer should be able to adopt. This will eventually lead him promoting his content. But you need to have the presence on most social media platforms before you try to do this.


Show Your Presence on Major Social Media Platforms

Well, it’s better to build your profile on all big social media channels. For example, Instagram has been one of the favorites among users that comprise young adults.

Again, it’s equally important to understand how to engage yourself on different social media platforms. Like Facebook is a place to ask questions and engage by having a conversation with the users.

social media marketing strategy
social media marketing strategy | Image Credit: bloggingwizard


Twitter is another good medium to promote your stuff. Using twitter you always have chances to better engage with your fellow bloggers.

It’s pretty hard to be present on all big social media channels. That’s the reason why some automated social sites (Buffer or Hootsuite) have come a long way forward.

Still, it will be better for you to take your time on social media and try to engage with your audience.


Best Time to Post on Social Media Sites

Well, this is probably the last step towards making a successful social media marketing strategy. Here you also need to take care of the timings to post your stuff.


So, when should you post your content?

As per studies, it has been found that posting on Google+ in the morning hours return better results.

However, if your users are largely on Pinterest, you should post not before 8 PM.

And for Twitter, best time to post is after 5 PM.


While doing all this, you can also insert hash tags (#) in your posts on the Google Plus to make it viral.

In the same ways, you may expand your social media marketing by adding author tags on Facebook. This way, it will increase your followers.


Tweet regularly and consistently on Twitter- As you know, the more you tweet, the more followers you get. You may also include a picture to get lots more retweets.

In the same ways to expand your social media marketing strategy, you may include some other bookmarking and community websites (as your promotional strategies) to reap more social shares and traffic. This includes StumbleUpon, LinkedIn groups and Triberr.

Lastly, you may want to take the help of email marketing and personally ask them to subscribe and share your content.


Wrapping It All

You need to understand that Social media marketing is not as difficult as it looks. All you need to have is better looking strategy to post your content and engage with your fellow users.

So, before you get ready to post another blog of yours, take some time to plan and devise ways how to market your stuff properly.

But whatever you decide, you may still follow all these 4 steps discussed above. It will not only help you get noticed, but also increase the list of your followers and drive tons of more traffic.


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