How to Create Proper Content Marketing Strategy Plan in Most Effective Ways
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How to Create Proper Content Marketing Strategy Plan in Most Effective Ways

In this post, we will let you know how to create a proper content strategy plan in order to stay ahead from your competitors.

One of the foremost ways to do that is by publishing impeccable content on a regular basis. Also, you must have the professional knowledge to explain about your services in the most concise, informative and amiable writing style.

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The message we want to convey here is quite loud and clear- You really need to focus on the quality content on your website, as it will not only improve your online presence but will also help to develop the level of trust within your customers.


content strategy plan
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As you know, your content strategy plan should be an indisputable part of your website structure and therefore its relevance should be at the core of any marketing activity. The term “Content marketing” is evolved as a new wave online.

Also, you should not get confused with terms like “content marketing” and “marketing the content”. Both the terms are different.

Content marketing simply means to use the content effectively to market your products or services. Also, it doesn’t fulfill the concept of content marketing by asking any third party service provider to add blog posts on a regular basis.

In order to get success, you need to develop a proper content strategy plan that needs to be monitored and implemented.

How to effectively design your content strategy plan?

First, you need to be decisive a plethora of categories that are to be published on the company blog or guest posts. Also decide on the various formats of the content on a regular basis like

  • Textual content
  • Audio
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Infographics


You must have a clear idea about the type of audience you serve and answer the following

  • Are you targeting your existing buyers?
  • Are they your potential B2B buyers?
  • Are they your potential B2C buyers?


You should have a precise idea of the demographics of the audience

  • Target the age group of your audience
  • Target the gender of your audience
  • Target the geo-location of the audience


Also decide on the outreach and distribution channel of your content

  • FaceBook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Linkedin


Your content strategy will work if you set out a few norms to better engage with your users on social media platforms. You can get a viable idea through Google Analytics about the performance of your content strategy is being implemented.

content strategy plan
content strategy plan | Image Credit: Zest Media

Create an editorial calendar to better organize your published content. You can do so with the help of following headers

  • Title of your content
  • Date on which the content was actually submitted
  • Category of the content
  • Author’s name
  • The target audience
  • Editor, who edited your posts
  • Content distribution- social media platforms where the content was shared
  • Key Performance Parameters (KPP) – Factors that determine the success of your published content like conversions, likes, retweets, etc.


Please note that search and social media integration always start at the site level. It should be your priority to first optimize your website with different keywords. This is because 85% of your traffic is going to generate through search engines.

A fully optimized website will ensure that your online business can be easily traced in the search engines and will eventually help your customers searching for any product or service that you offer through your website.

Your content strategy plan should always comprise social media signals. These signals enhance the trust value of your brand. For example, when a potential buyer visits your website, the conversion rate will go higher if the buyer’s search experience matches with the real time experience.



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