How to Curate Content to Get Plenty of Organic Traffic
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How to Curate Content to Get Plenty of Organic Traffic

Before we let you know how to curate content to get plenty of organic traffic, we would like to make you aware of a few things first.

Let’s take you through the most recent Google algorithm update, which has (in fact) left most marketers baffled and suspicious. This also created a kind of discomfort among copywriters as well. It’s because they want to know the answers to a few basic questions, especially after the recent Google update.

how to curate content
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Do we have any kind of directions to go from here? We are absolutely puzzled.
How can we get our website rank in the presence of such an update?
How we will be able to fight with our competitors or big brands that have their presence in the industry for decades?

Well, the questions are not new as they are the same being asked by our clients. There are a lot more questions that are being bombarded in the event of such a new Google update. As a highly sensible digital marketing agency, we can sense the feeling of unrest and panic among our clients. But what to do?

Well, we tried to communicate with all our clients by saying not to become panic. We suggested them to better change their content strategy and further asked them to re-evaluate their core strategy of content planning and start working with more zeal.

Finally, we went back to our drawing board and managed to offer a few individual plans for some of our clients. Albeit, all of them belonged to different industries, but there were certain things in common.


How to Curate Content to attract more organic traffic

If you are a serious marketer and have read all the stuff posted here, then you must be aware that we don’t advocate for vanity metrics. What we believe is that traffic (most of the times) becomes irrelevant if it doesn’t become the cause of actual revenue.

Well, this is the reason why we always try to create such an SEO and a content marketing plan that end up giving the ROI. And that’s why we say that traffic is just a means to achieve that goal, but is not the end goal.

Now, please know how to curate content to attract tons of organic traffic back to your website. You must follow all the tips given below to get the desired results.


Create More Content

Well, if you still stick to the old format of creating a 500 word content for your blog or website, then it’s not going to work for you any longer.

How to curate content to make a mark in the eyes of your audience? For that, you will require longer form of content. This will not only help you attract more traffic, but will also boost your website’s rankings. So, all you require is to write meaningful and lengthy articles that give value to your visitors. And yes, you need to post them on a regular basis.

Please take a note of this- Close to 45% of content curators believe that their efforts have brought the expected ROI. Also, the fact that both B2C and B2B agencies strive to curate more and meaningful content cannot be a coincidence. It’s as simple as today’s norm.

You must agree with us that a consistent flow of great content tends to bring a constant flow of targeted traffic from search engines. And this traffic turns into your business goals.

Now, by knowing all the above, we can see that creating great content is not going to be a walk in the park for most of the marketers. When we hire new content curators or copywriters for our own business, we always expect them to better come up with a workable content strategy to boost the client’s ROI.

To our own digital marketing firm, we don’t want to rely on those who primarily think of following instructions to insert keywords. What we basically expect from a successful marketing professional is that they should possess a growth hacking or marketing mindset.


How to Curate Content Which Is Better and Valuable

Try and create a meaningful copy to your readers. But how does it differ from the marketing prospective? Well, we never said that your marketing angle should not be crucial, but it should not be more than offering a greater value to the audience.

The value you provide to your readers is by offering them an in-depth quality content. But how can we achieve that? Well, you can easily produce great content by doing a proper research. Here you should also need to think about the right tone of voice to appeal to your client’s persona and also by coming up with a new angle.

how to curate content
how to curate content | Image Credit: Kajabi Blog


Search engines really advocate that your content should be for people and not for machines. They can easily spot a write-up not offering any value to its readers. And you may end up losing the rankings of your website.

So, the bottom line is that if your readers are happy reading your content, so will be the search engines. And if you know the magic to win your customer’s hearts by creating a meaningful content, you are heading towards winning the game.


Focus on Targeting Long-Tail Keywords

There are keywords that you would love to rank for but will prove tough to do so. For example, there is a keyword “ice cream” that will be tough to rank. On the other hand, consider the keyword, “ice cream shops in India.” This is a long-tail keyword and will be much easier to target.

You might be wondering how to curate content to insert long tail keywords. Well, there is no such magic formula but try to be natural and don’t try to stiff your content with keywords.

There are many advantages to rank for a long tail keyword as discussed above. One of them is that you start getting more targeted traffic from search engines.

We have seen SEO marketers committing mistakes while trying to rank for highly irrelevant keywords. This is the reason why they fail to achieve their desired goals.


LSI Keywords Are Easier to Rank

Before giving you the insights, let’s explain what LSI keywords are all about. LSI is better known as Latent Semantic that is related to your main list of keywords. They cannot be called as synonyms, but otherwise help Google to distinguish the details of your content.

If you again refer above where we discussed ‘ice cream’ keyword, you can have a list of other such keywords related to ice cream and those can be- ‘mint chocolate chip ice cream’, ‘vanilla ice cream’, chocolate ice cream and so on.

You might have understood by now about the importance of LSI keywords and their importance to plan your SEO strategy.

For now, we would continue to explain how to curate content in such a way to get the free traffic from search engines.


Importance of Inbound and Outbound Linking

Linking your blog posts with inbound and outbound links also help to rank higher in many ways. Inbound linking is a great way to enhance the credibility of your work in Google’s eyes. For that, you simply need to connect all your individual blog posts between each other.

how to curate content
how to curate content | Image Credit:

But the question arises- why would you need to insert links on third party (high authority) websites to your blog? What would happen to link your blog with external websites and help them (in a way) to gain more traction?

Well, if you continue to link your blog to high domain authority (DA) websites, then it means you are making your copy more transparent. You are telling the search engines that you have already done your own research. And believe us, this is what Google needs to deem your copy relevant and will eventually boost your rankings.


Great Headlines Matter

At times, you think about creating those crispy headlines as compared to the rest of your article. Well, there is nothing wrong with it.

But why does the headline matter? Well, as per the findings in that direction, close to 82% readers never able to get past the headlines itself. Just think about creating a great headline of your article and people will love your content anyway and you will get a chance to make your content go viral.

And who knows? You might stand a chance to get close to 20% crowd who actually make a click on your copy. As you know traffic tends to attract more traffic and if you share your content to the high authority social media sites, you might end up getting a few leads out of a great headline.


Try to Write Crisp and Provoking Content

Eliminating fluff from your content is one of the best ways to make it presentable among readers. It sounds challenging though, but heads for a better composition.

Other than that, if you are able to explain your point by going brief and to-the-point, then you will surely receive much appreciation. So, all we meant to say is that you must practice writing short and brief content to make people understand your point in a better way.

Also, you don’t need to focus making your article too long. A longer content doesn’t always become better. If you try and keep your article shorter, it will also prove beneficial for you in the long run.


Quality Content and Organic Traffic Go Hand In Hand

So, would you still like to spend $50 to get those SEO friendly articles for your website? If yes, then you better need to think again.

If you look at the reasons why the cost of SEO copywriting services continue to surge, we can tell you it’s mainly because getting traction to both your potential users and Google has become harder.

After Google’s recent update, if you try to deliver anything other than high quality content that has no values in terms of your readers, then you will surely get penalized.

What we want to make a point here is too simple to understand.

If you wish to receive more traffic, you need not worry about pleasing the search engines. And therefore, stop writing for search engines.

All you need to do is to write for your audience. And they will love your work by finding great content through search engines.


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