Most Effective Content Marketing Plan You Need to Know for 2018

Content Marketing Plan 2018– As an established marketer, what is going to be your content marketing plan for the year 2018? Well, this is something you might have to think by now as you never know exactly what changes you are going to witness after the current year 2017 comes to an end.

As per the data collected from CMI (Content Marketing Institute), it was revealed that firms that continued to invest in content marketing without a fail are now being rewarded in the form of dividends from the amount they invested earlier.

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The 2017 trends report and benchmark analysis from CMI and MarketingProfs says that  over 60% marketers (B2B) have reported that their content marketing strategy are far more effective as compared to an year before.

content marketing plan
content marketing plan | Image Credit: Huffington Post

By analyzing the overall performance of different businesses online, a number of factors are found responsible that contribute to their success that include-

  • strategy development
  • better quality content
  • quality time spent on content marketing
  • content distribution


We are cruising towards the end of 2017 and probably look forward to close the year on a positive note. After all, what’s better than to enjoy the coming holiday season with an overwhelming performance in your business!

But on a serious note, do you already have an effective content marketing plan in place for 2018? If not, then you must strategize one to overcome all the hurdles that are expected to come along your way after the onset of New Year.

Being a serious marketer you want to avoid all those challenges that might affect your business in the long run. At the same time, we are also confident that you would probably be able to overcome most of them using your knowledge, skill, and precision.

But one thing you must take into account is your content marketing plan for 2018. In this post, we are going to discuss some core content marketing strategies that will help you attain top position among your competitors.

So, it’s crucial to strategize, review, and reflect your forthcoming plan of action based on the current year’s growth.

If you are plannig to stick with almost the same program in the next year too, then you might miss an opportunity to excel.

The basic question that you need to answer is- how are you going to change your content marketing plan for 2018 in advance?

Now, the question that we are really looking forward to answer is the way content is going to change after the onset of 2018. Albeit, we are unable to predict everything, but still can sense the major changes that might take place as the time elapses.

Please find below the changes in content marketing that are going to sweep across the digital world by the next year.


How Content Marketing Plan Changes in 2018?

Take a look at some major changes that we predict to happen in the New Year.


Content Roles Are Shifting With Changing Formats

This is going to be the best content marketing plan to be implemented in 2018. In the recent time, it has been found that firms who have already got success with their content marketing plan are now taking a media publishing approach.

content marketing plan
content marketing plan | Image Credit: neilpatel

The present need is not finding a team of consistent writers but creating a broader plan with diverse skills and talent to meet the everlasting demands of audience.

You must find ways to adopt and grow your content team in 2018 and hire a pool of talent proficient in-

  • Editing, illustration and designing part
  • Editing and video production
  • Content optimization technique
  • Content promotion and distribution
  • Content optimization
  • Branding and communication
  • Media and advertising
  • Metrics, reporting and analytics


On an average, a successful company prefers using most of the tactics for desired results.


Content Acts like Fuel for Buyers

By looking at the content marketing strategy as a whole, not too many strategies can withstand without proper content in place.

content marketing plan
content marketing plan | Image Credit: YouTube


Take a look at the type of marketing at different levels-

  • Blogs and articles
  • Social media posts
  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing
  • Content-driven messages
  • Podcasts
  • Articles and blogs


Along with that, paid advertising also relies on content. Content marketing will continue to become wider in 2018 that helps building trust with your audience.

One of the better tactics would be to support your customers in every stage of their journey.

Your content marketing plan in 2018 should be such that it can create more purposeful, diverse, nurturing content to propel your customers with an ease.


Focus on Video Content

Well, in the constantly changing business scenario, video content is becoming more popular than before.

As you know, video happens to be more engaging than text or images. The reason why we say this is due to the fact that it directly catches your audience’s attention and helps increasing the engagement.

content marketing plan
content marketing plan | Image Credit: neilpatel

So, the message that comes out from this discussion is that you better try and focus producing more video content for your audience. Otherwise, you are most likely to stay behind your competitors.

There are lots of hidden benefits lying in creating video content. The effectiveness of social media is such that videos play an eminent role in helping you to be on top. If done in right ways, video content can help you establish your brand identity as quickly as possible.

From YouTube live feeds and Facebook to Instagram, you can post your live video to any of these social media channels.

As you know, there are more than a billion viewers on YouTube that also happens to be the 2nd largest search engine right behind Google.


Producing Video Content Has Become Lot More Easier Than Before

Video marketing has always been considered to be the most effective and reliable content marketing strategy for decades. But what looked more challenging (in the past) was none other than cost and technology.

Both these factors proved barriers in creating videos. This is the reason why most marketers refrained themselves posting quality videos on such online channels.

Today, when we give it a closer look, it can be easily affirmed that huge production costs can no longer become a barrier as you can very well shoot a video from your cell phone.

Talking about the accessories, you can also produce desired results by using any better quality cell phone. So, the message that we want to convey here is -you can easily create a video as per your niche and post it to any promotional platform and get the desired results in short time frame.

content marketing plan
content marketing plan | Image Credit: neilpatel

For example, there are lot more easier ways to publicize your video from one platform or another.

Do you know you can easily download your Facebook video and upload it to your YouTube channel? Well, this is something most marketers are fond of doing as it gives satisfying results.

You can also take the help of a plethora of native tools to edit or add captions in your saved files. This is to ensure that your message is correct. For best results, you now have privilege to connect your YouTube channel with Facebook page and vice versa.


What Type of Video Content Is Effective?

As per the latest findings, organic reach for most Facebook marketers is going down. Well, it’s hard to believe but is a hard fact. In fact, most marketers look frustrated to see the results of their individual business FB pages due to the lack of organic traffic.

On the contrary, the trend of live Facebook video is emerging now a day and is being favoured in the Facebook algorithm.

Facebook (FB) has recently conducted- ‘Explore Feed test‘ in as many as six countries. According to it, there has been a lot of debate on the tragic downfall of organic traffic dropping lot more than expected, if the particular test is rolled out. However, FB says that they don’t intend to roll it back further but want to change it at any moment.

Producing live FB video can deliver 5-10 times better results than sharing any other content. You videos will surely perform exceptionally well than your blog posts, images and other industry updates.

So, the question is- how can you get the benefit of producing live videos? Well, it is again a good content marketing plan and you must share your videos to those online platforms where your audience spend most of the time.


SEO Continues to Remain a Crucial Factor As Before

Since the beginning of digital marketing, SEO remained a crucial factor and continues to be the one. Even today, hundreds of marketers still rely heavily on various SEO tactics to fuel their marketing strategies.

As per the diversions in social media reach, we predict a return in SEO. In today business perspective, people try to put more effort into the online platforms they don’t own, they will begin to reflect this on their websites and put more focus.

content marketing plan
content marketing plan | Image Credit:

You can’t neglect the importance of SEO. They are a long term strategy and help you reap best results in the time to come. Like, if you plan to optimize a post that has been well optimized and ranks high in search results can do wonders for you.

So, if you are able to create a post with great content that ranks high, it can surely drive tons of traffic back to your website for years.

In the same ways, if you want to enhance the authority of a website,  you can do it with the help of consistent content development and link creation. It will drive more traffic.

There are live examples of hundreds of such websites that have achieved over 100 percent organic traffic after they continued to implement consistent SEO strategies.


Focus On Consistent Content Production

In today’s business environment, you need to create a better and meaningful content marketing plan. Even though, you produce slightly less content but need to focus on the quality part. Please note that consistency happens to be the key to success.


Importance of Cross Channel Integrated Content Strategy

As we intend to provide content marketing plan for 2018, we can see huge content being produced on a daily basis. However, the biggest challenge that we still face is the lack of cross channel integrated content strategy.


What is cross channel integrated content strategy?

It’s all about engaging your audience across any online platform along with monitoring and tracking their movements, action and data.

content marketing plan
content marketing plan | Image Credit: Instapage

Being a successful digital marketing agency, we love doing review of content strategy for our clients. While doing this, we also tend to note updates (if any) in their respective niche. At times, we also find a perfect cross channel integrated content strategy for our clients that produce unmatched results.

As you know, your followers and fans tend to spend most of their time on different platforms on the web. And it’s up to you to offer a cohesive message across all such online platforms.

Different content should be created for different channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If you have a unified message dedicated for each specific channel, it might help users to feel more connected with you.

There are mushrooms of social networking channels on the web. But do you think you are able to make your presence on every such platform? Technically speaking, it is something hard to achieve as you cannot do justice on each social media platform.

So, what’s the solution? How can a marketer make use of any such marketing platform at his best? Well, in order to excel on any social platform, you don’t need to focus on all channels. Instead, focus on 1-2 channels. More than that, you must check your analytics to make sure where your most of the traffic comes from.



Instead of chasing trends, you must invest your time doing your own research. For that, please keep an eye on your top competitors in your niche and make use of  your experimentation and data.

This will eventually help to fuel your content marketing plan in 2018.

Please do share which of these content marketing plans you are going to implement in 2018.

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