Most Effective SEO Content Writing Tips for Startups

Most Effective SEO Content Writing Tips for Startups

Before presenting you with highly effective SEO content writing tips, we would like you to take a look at some of the crucial factors before you try to execute any kind of content marketing strategy.

In the world of digitization, we constantly thrive to find ways to perform better. But not every marketer is able to leave a mark in the online world. Well, there can be many reasons for that, but we don’t want to go in depth to scrutinize the reasons for such a failure. Here we would like to give you in depth SEO content writing tips that will surely help you to perform better in your online business as compared to your competitors.

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Being a digital marketing agency for over a decade, we have generated innumerable write-ups for dozens of our clients. There are two types of content writing services that we are presently dealing with. One is short-term content and the other one is long term content. Both the types of content behaved differently (in terms of traffic) after the website went live.

seo content writing tips
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While generating short-term content (on items like opinions on general awareness and other news related topics), we were able to sense a good amount of traffic that existed only for a limited time period.

But what we found later was not something good to discuss. Well, the traffic again dipped to mediocre levels after a few days. In addition to this, the content also had been mostly forgotten.

At the same time, some other clients continued to benefit after they followed our SEO content writing tips that helped us generate a kind of ‘evergreen’ content published several months ago. All we want is to make you aware about some highly effective SEO writing tips that you must know to boost your website’s ranking. But we would first like to introduce you to ‘effective content’.


What is Effective (evergreen) Content?

The effective or evergreen content is the kind of content that provides most accurate and precise information to the users for an indefinite span of time. The above type of content mostly remains useful and serves users in many ways. That’s the reason why the site visitors would like to take a look at such kind of content to sort out their doubts instantly.

Evergreen content once published helps users in the long run as we mentioned above. Due to its freshness, it attracts the website visitors most often no matter if they are unaware about the topic or happen to be the veterans in their respective fields. Such a content not only helps users to clear their doubts, but also helps to enhance a website’s authority.


Benefits of Effective Content

At this time, we expect that you already know what an effective content actually means. While continuing our discussion on such a content, we would like to discuss a few advantages of evergreen content.

The evergreen content (no doubt) is something that not only remains accessible, but also valuable for a long period of time. This is the first reason why it has the capability to generate a high amount of traffic to any given website. After publishing such a content, it usually attracts a lot of shares, backlinks and comments for being an authentic reference.

There are some more reasons to believe how publishing such a content can prove beneficial than posting short term content. Well, one of the reasons is that it tends to get all the love from search engines which means you get lots of free traffic back to your website. All the visitors (new and existing) that land on your website (most probably) will bring high conversion rates.

Now, take a look at a few SEO content writing tips to get more value of your online marketing business along with high conversion rates.


SEO Content Writing Tips to Create Evergreen Content

At this time you already know about the benefits of a highly effective or evergreen content. But how to write such a piece of content is another challenge. But here we would give you some writing tips to overcome them.

After knowing these tips, we are sure that you would yourself want to create such a copy of your own.


  • Try to Curate Content, Giving Obvious Answers

This is the first and foremost reason to start writing your piece of information. But for that you must think of a few topics that tend to give answers to most general questions like ‘best of’ and ‘how to’. As you know that the Internet can help you select your topic of choice, you can easily find the best topic, starting from ‘how to’ ‘Top 3 reasons’, etc.


seo content writing tips
seo content writing tips | Image Credit: AWAI
  • Be specific about what you write

Well, this is something that you really need to care. It’s going to be much harder to write anything that signifies in broader prospects. So, try to avoid covering up a broader term related to your industry and writing anything for varied audiences at the same time.

One of the reasons is that your write-up will become scattershot and will eventually lose the interest of users. So, the best idea will be to select any topic and then start writing an in-depth content explaining everything possible.


  • Avoid Rewriting the Popular Content

If you intend to reproduce an already popular article, it might give you some instant traffic that will be more like a short term content. It will also not work in cases if the message you want to convey is more or less the same.

seo content writing tips
seo content writing tips | Image Credit: SlideShare

However, if you plan to write on a trending issue, you can make it way different than the stuff present on other websites by putting some more efforts individually.


  • Write Clickable Headlines

This has proved an effective strategy to make your content go viral. So, always try to devise crispy headlines of the topic you have chosen to write. There are some already tested titles like ‘how to’, ‘best of’, etc. that you should imply while creating your titles. This happens to be the simplest way to catch the eye balls of your site visitors.


  • Keyword Research

In order to write self explanatory and reliable content, you will require a proper keyword research. Without doing proper keyword research you won’t be able to achieve all that you are looking for. This is how you get the best SEO content writing tips by publishing meaningful and keywords enriched content.

So, take your time researching your keywords before writing anything. This will help you to optimize your entire content for the search engines. Along with that, also try to incorporate long tail keywords to get the targeted traffic back onto your website.


  • Keep Updating On A Regular Basis

Don’t be in any kind of misconception that evergreen content doesn’t require any kind of changes or updates. After publishing your evergreen content, try to update it frequently by including different thoughts, ideas, images and much more.

As you know that in the long run, facts can disprove and statistics can become outdated, therefore it becomes absolutely essential that you try to update the content when it requires an edit.

While the entire body doesn’t need any change, a plethora of details will still be required to be updated. Your content can’t be called evergreen if you tend to revamp or edit the majority of your content.


  • Final Thoughts

The purpose of making an effective SEO content writing is to make you enable to curate your write-up using the latest trends and advancements that have taken place.

Always take your time to cross check the developments going on. These developments can be in the form of newest statistics, trends and so on.



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