Privacy Policy

Krishang Marketing Solutions (KMS) is committed to not only protecting the rights of website visitors, but also to our partners and members. Our privacy policy is right here to update you with all the details about what information we tend to collect through the websites and how the data are used.

The policy refers to all the different staff like board members, interns, consultants and attorneys of KMS. All our policy makers are bound by law to protect all the information they receive as confidential. Further, they will use any such piece of information for the benefit of the their work.

At Krishang Marketing Solutions, we would like to make it clear that we do not infringe to rent or sell any of your personal identifiable information that includes employee or customer information under any circumstances. Also, we do not intend to share any such information without their prior consent.


Information That We Take Into Account

For those who visit our website, we do not retrieve any kind of technical information like their IP (Internet Protocol) address of their computer, they are using; the software and the software, including the OS (Operating System) you are using at the time of contacting us.

There are circumstances where have to temporarily log some technical information that include diagnosis of technical issues, conducting website related testing and also defending against the probable attacks on the website. However, we generally log the time and date to which the users access the website on an anonymous basis.

Well, in order to access the functionality of our members at KMS, we better rely on persistent cookies. Along with that, we sometimes also use session cookies. Session cookies normally expire after you close your browser. If you wish, you may set your browser to refuse all the cookies.

Krishang Marketing Solutions retains and collects the information you submit while visiting our website. It’s you to decide how much information you wish to submit.

In case, if you happen to be one of the members at KMS, we only ask you to provide your name, city, email address, zip or postal code, state/province, phone number and country of residence. After you submit all the information, we ask you to select a password of your choice. For those who are shoppers and online donors, we ask your credit card information or similar information.

We also maintain the records of the website users from time to time or periodically. In case, if you tend to use some of our financial services, you will be asked to provide the details of some of your personal information like your shipping address and other info to complete the transaction in all respects.

In addition to this, we may also ask some other details when you make a comment or provide a feedback on our services. It may include participating in a contest, signing a petition or other similar info while you contact us.


Krishang Marketing Solution’s Use of Information

At KMS, we see it as our mission to better protect the privacy of users and protect their rights in the digital world. We tend to ask a user’s information when he contacts us. The information we generally ask is the user’s name and other online details. As a last step, we use this information to contact the user (if necessary).

At times, we also run our promotional campaigns and due to this may need some relevant information. In case, if you wish to join us and provide content for publication purpose (like submitting a review or other editorial content), we might ask your personal details and also credit you for your good work.

Being a credible digital marrketing agency, we occasionally run a plethora of contests, surveys and other promotional events and use the information for the specific purposes only.


Disclosure of Your Personal Information

At Krishang Marketing Solutions, we are committed to maintain the highest level of protection for all your personal information. But in certain circumstances, we may disclose any such information that will include: (a) either with your consent; or (b) if required by law.

In case, if we have to disclose your information that you submitted at the time of visiting our website, we will do so by sending you a notice. We may do so by sending you an email to the address you have provided.


Changes to Our Policies

We may change our privacy policy without giving a prior notice. In case,if we attempt to make any substantive changes to our privacy policy due to any reason, we will update it on our website.


Security At KMS

Krishang Marketing Solutions employ high end industry standard security measures to safeguard and protect the misuse, loss and alteration of your information under our control. The information that flows through our online payment process system will be encrypted only through a SSL (Secured Socket Layer) connection that very well protects the data in transit.