How to Reach Millions of Users with Visual Content Marketing

How to Reach Millions of Users with Visual Content Marketing

Before we update you with the role of visual content marketing in social media, let’s first know what this term is all about.

What is visual content marketing?

In the present age when users have no time to read the entire content, it is essential that it gets embedded with some visual elements in the form of images, memes, info graphics, videos and other such elements to make it look more impressive and appealing.

Do you know text alone is not enough to attract your audience? In the world of visual content marketing, you can’t expect a successful mode of communication by neglecting the use of visuals.


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Well, if you try to analyze this more deeply, you will realize that the audience crave visuals more than anything else, especially at the time of reading your content.

That is the reason why a plethora of apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc. are becoming so favourite among the users. For example, you can try using Facebook to know the impact of visuals in your content.


visual content marketing
visual content marketing | Image Credit: Digital Infini


As per the study conducted in this regard, it has been revealed that Facebook posts comprising only text perform poorly than those posted with enough visual content.

Therefore, it is often being said that Visual content marketing has emerged as a true winner than any other kind of content marketing. Marketers, who embrace visual content in their content, obviously reap far better results in terms of leads, followers, fans, and revenue.

So, if you are feeling reluctant to upgrade your marketing strategy by introducing visual content in your text rich content, it’s time to sit back and re-consider your approach so as to reach to the level of what your users expect from you.

Are you still not able to grab things? Well, you do not need to worry at all. All you can do is to visualize the comfort of including stunning visuals and imagery to not only increase the reach of your brand to millions of users but also enhance your brand awareness and capture new business as well.

Now, let’s put the entire thought of visualizing things in a slight different way.


Do you know we’re visual beings?


All we want is to let you know about the importance of visualizing things in a more easy and relaxing ways than reading and analyzing thoughts word by word.

As per Albert Mehrabian, close to 93% of communications happen to be nonverbal. Now, what does it mean? Well, for that you need to go through the entire conversation.

In order to learn human behaviour towards analyzing things, you need to first consider how we tend to react to the body language? Please also consider the reason why silent movies (most of the times) look so compelling despite the absence of verbal dialogues.

Please note that what you see is always going to leave a profound effect on what you do, who you are and how you feel.

Now, the way you use graphics is going to largely affect how your business is going to be perceived.


visual content marketing
visual content marketing | Image Credit:


Do you know the percentage of visual content in your blog posts simply drives more user engagement than ever? Well, if you have not yet experienced it, then you should try doing it once. And we are sure that you will instantly implement the thought.

Are you aware that neuro-marketing science has already confirmed it? Well, if you need further evidence to get into the visual content marketing process, you need to go through some of them as enlisted below-

Please review these highly fascinating statements that are simply based on the case studies as well as experiments from renowned scientists, psychologists, neurologists and various other illustrious personalities and experts in their respective fields.

  • Visual graphics enhance and expedite recollection, comprehension, and retention
  • Visual clues prove more fruitful in decoding textual information and help to collect user’s attention to the information; eventually increasing the probability that users will remember it for longer period of time.
  • Pictures or graphics tend to affect emotions quite severely than anything else.
  • Visual content always engages you and even heighten your creative mindset by simply stimulating other sensitive parts of your brain, leading to a more accurate and profound consciousness of the presented topic.
  • The importance of your body language (in a normal conversation) remains almost 55%, voice tonality 38% and the understanding and importance of words is only 7%.


visual content marketing
visual content marketing | Image Credit:


Now one crucial tip: when you embrace visual content marketing as a part of your core marketing strategy, you need to remain more innovative and consistent throughout the entire campaign.


Did you know this before?


  • The impact of visual content is such that as much as 90% information transmitted to your brain happens to be visual. Your brain is capable of processing the visual information 50,000 faster than in the form of text.
  • Up to 40% users respond better to an image as compared to 1,000 word text.
  • 46% people confirm that a website design has to be number 1 criterion for discerning an organization’s credibility.
  • Infographics embedded in your posts help growing traffic up to 12% more than if they are without infographics
  • Up to 85% users who watch the video of a product are likely to purchase it as well.
  • Your visitors prefer to spend 100% more time on those web pages that have videos.
  • Pinterest is one such entity that solely generates more referral traffic as compared to YouTube, LinkedIn and Google Plus taken together.
  • All the visual content present on Facebook garner happen to be far more interactive than videos, text, and links.
  • As much as 700 YouTube videos are shared every minute on Twitter.


The Importance of using visual content in Social Media Marketing


A number of digital marketing agencies have realized the impact of visual content marketing on various social media platforms.

This is the reason perhaps why most marketers try to leverage SM platforms not only to deliver high quality content to huge audience but also to be able to target specific group of audience on such platforms.

Doing this happens to be a great way to promote their business to the targeted audience.

As the importance of visual content marketing is growing day by day, almost every business has started implementing their tactics to explore SM to both tailor their information and also promote their current offers simply by posting valuable content on these networks.

Do you know that over 150 million tweets and over 2.5 million videos are uploaded to SM networks on a daily basis?


Now, take a look at the benefits and impact of using Visual Content Marketing on your online business-


1. It helps to increase more views than ever- If you intend to post your content having good number of visuals, it is likely to generate 95% more views that you would have received otherwise.

This is because people like to engage with such a content which is both information based as well as pleasing to the eye.

In the same ways, your posts are likely to reach out to 48% more number of users if they are loaded with videos and images.

visual content marketing
visual content marketing | Image Credit: Venngage


PR (Press Releases) with pictures embedded are likely to generate 15% more views after it gets published. You generally get more quality traffic if you try to attract the right audience (as per your niche).

So, the trick is to add more visual content in your promotional campaigns as it will help you to convey your message in the best possible ways to your target audience.


2. It boosts user’s engagement- If you try to include high quality visual content in your posts and then share it to the SM platforms; it is likely to generate more shares, likes and comments as compared to a usual textual post.

Doing this is likely to generate up to 40% surge in user engagement if they are posted and optimized with proper visual content marketing.


visual content marketing
visual content marketing | Image Credit: Visual Contenting


Also, if your visual content is more engaging, it will be having more chances to go viral. It means more people are going to share it with their family, friends and other online community members.

Please also know that your engaging visual content is not only meant to go viral but also help users to better appreciate and understand the information you are trying to deliver.

If you analyze it more deeply, then your information is going to be received in far better ways, especially if it is backed by a soothing picture.

Along with that, if your visual content is clickable enough, it will reap you with huge traffic and inbound links. But you need to make sure that your company logo travels along with your content.

You might be aware that inbound links tend to make your content far more relevant and also improve your search rankings as well.


3. Your users prefer visuals- As per the new-age specifications, humans are also known as visual beings.

At the same time, online users retain close to 20% of the info they hear or read about. But once the entire information is presented with visual info, the same info gets shoot up to 65%.

Do you know at any given point of time, human brain can process only limited amount of info. In addition to this, it also helps the information to process in faster ways and also gives priority to grab user’s attention.


visual content marketing
visual content marketing | Image Credit: Venngage


This is the reason why images and visuals are very well suited for content as compared to the simple text. As you know, 44% social media audience tend to give a more favourable response to your visual post than plain textual content.

Do you know images and tweets usually get up to 150% greater rewets than without images?

On the other hand, similar Facebook posts can generate up to 2.5 times more engagement.


4. Your users prefer videos over plain text- Today, nobody can deny the ever lasting effects of visual content in your posts. This is the reason why top digital marketing agencies have started implementing it in their content.

By looking at the emerging use of video content, it has been estimated that by the end of 2019, almost 80% of the entire traffic is going to be video traffic.


visual content marketing
visual content marketing | Image


This is because readers prefer to watch online video as compared to read plain text. And this is another reason why 4 times users are now interested to better watch the video related to a product instead of reading about it.

At the same time, 90% users have reported that watching a product video has been quite helpful before taking the decision to purchase it.

Another advantage of visual content marketing is that it helps boosting user engagement among your social followers as well. This is supported by another fact that says Facebook users tend to watch 8.5 billion videos each day. However, a live video usually turns out to be the most popular format of reaching your business to the masses.


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