Social Media Optimization Techniques For Building Your Brand

Social Media Optimization Techniques For Building Your Brand

Before we update you with your social media optimization  techniques, please take a look at what social media  optimization (SMO) is all about and how you can get  benefited using them.

It will be nothing wrong to say that most marketers are now  aware of the positive effects of SEO (Search Engine  Optimization) techniques up to a certain extent. They know  how to garner better results using search engines like Bing,  Google and Duck Duck (most recent one). SEO techniques have long been adopted  by marketers to fuel your marketing campaigns in the best  possible ways.


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But with the advent of Social Media, hundreds of new and  transforming ideas started spawning to reach your  customers expeditiously. Well, the power of social media is  not hidden any longer. You can see a number of social media  optimization (SMO) techniques (campaigns) being emerged  lately.

social media optimization
social media optimization | Image Credit: Vocedu

So, in today’s perspective, if you want to help your  business reach millions of customers, then you  must need to adopt such strategies without getting further  delayed.

What Is Social Media Optimization (SMO) and How It Is Done?

Social Media Optimization Definition

You might be thinking what is social media optimization in real terms. Well, Social Media Optimization is primarily a group of  strategies or techniques implemented to promote your  brand, products, etc., on various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

In fact, there are so many ways to use the most viable social media optimization tools and techniques that can help your digital business grow many folds.

Ever since the power of online marketers came on to the surface, companies have started implementing their strategies in different ways to achieve their desired results.

In case, you are unable to promote your brand in the best possible ways, you can always take the help of some of the widely available social media optimization tools.

In case, this is not possible, there is no need to become panic as you can still do wonders by hiring a leading social media optimization company.


Social Media Optimization Services

In the recent past, companies have realized the potential of social media optimization services in building their brand. Social media optimization techniques are best done by sharing the content to these platforms and  then getting the desired results in the form of your brand  visibility, more leads, etc., across the web.

SMO is a well tried and tested strategy that attracts users  to a particular website. Using this technique, you can  promote or advertise your business with more ease and  flexibility.

With social media becoming popular among marketers, most businesses have started setting up their official Facebook or Twitter  page, as it is one of the most effective and visible  mode of communicating with your customers. It’s also the best way to promote or advertise your brand online.

SMO is all about building, creating and maximizing your  entire social media plan to better connect with your target  audience in the easiest ways. Take a look at how Social Media Optimization can play a vital role in  maximizing your profits-

  • Generate more leads
  • Strengthen your brand value
  • Connect with your audience
  • Enhance more visibility


Why SMO Is Crucial?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Marketing  (SEM) techniques used to be a separate entity long time  back. But now, both these techniques use almost the same  set of strategies and look like to be more intertwined than  before.

social media optimization
social media optimization | Image Credit: Ascend


By looking in terms of Google, it seems that social media  optimization techniques directly impact Google’s  search algorithm. So, in that sense,  it is going to be highly crucial for your business to plan  a foolproof marketing strategy.

As per a survey conducted in this regard, it has been established  beyond doubt that close to 50% companies simply failed to perform outstandingly well as they didn’t integrate a foolproof social media marketing strategy. 

The meaning and strategies of online business are always changing. In that sense, if you plan to have an ultimate  approach to your online business, you will require a healthy  balance of SMO and SEO.

As you already know the reasons for  that, let’s take you through some of the vital steps to maintain  a healthy balance between both strategies.


Time to Optimize Your Strategy

Due to the fact that social media is ever changing, you  need to find new ways to keep your business well on track.  However, if you fail to plan a proper SMO strategy, you  might lose the credibility of your business in the long  run. So, what needs to be done in this regard? Well, in  order to help your business grow, you must implement these  strategies without a fail.

social media optimization
social media optimization | Image Credit: sproutsocial


At this time, most companies have realized the impact of  social media on their business growth. For example, 28% of  companies believe that a lack of a foolproof strategy in this  regard is hampering their overall business growth. So,  there is no other way but to design and develop an  effective social media marketing campaign with defined  goals.

Now, you might be thinking about the ways to plan an  effective social media strategy for your business. Well,  you don’t need to worry as we have enlisted a few steps to  help you set up your SMO strategy in best possible ways.

  • Find and focus on networks that add value to your business
  • Plan your social goals strategically and solve challenges
  • Create engaging content that makes sense
  • Use best practices to identify your business goals on  social platforms
  • Try to engage with audiences instead of ignoring
  • Constantly track, market and meliorate your efforts

So, if you too have a documented strategy well in place,  you will better be able to scrutinize your efforts in this  regard.


1. Optimize Your Social Profiles

This is one aspect where you need to be extra cautious.  Creating your social profile seems to be an easy task, but  actually enlists a number of crucial steps. Be simple and  try to be effective.

For that, you may want to highlight your official company  page as your business foundation.  So, make sure you develop a highly interesting profile page  reflecting your business. In general, it should comprise your  business goals, bio, cover photo, etc.

social media optimization
social media optimization | Image Credit: sproutsocial


In case, if your  profile page is incompetent, it would be tough to build  anything on the top of it. Kindly take a look below to  build a strong business foundation.

Profile picture- You can use your company logo in place of  your profile picture. However, if you are a personality,  freelancer or consultant, you may also use a headshot of  yourself.


Username- Always use your company’s name as your user name.  Selecting your favorite social media username is going to  emerge as a crucial factor for most companies. However, if  you still face difficulty finding the one, you may use Knowem. This will help you to check if the username you  have chosen for your business is widely available.

Bio- This is very crucial not only for you, but also for  your business. To make things transparent and accessible,  you may place the relevant link on your website to drive  more traffic. You should also include relevant keywords in  between to make your web page look more visible in search  results.

Also, you need to make your profile complete in every  respect. There are some social media sites like Google+,  Facebook and LinkedIn that give you the privilege to enter  information about your business.

It has been noticed that many businesses leave this field  without completing. But your page will stand out more if  your profile page is complete in all respects.


2. Optimize Your Content

This is another crucial aspect that you should never  miss. In terms of SEO, We often discuss the role of content which is also known by the phrase- content is king.

While discussing the role of SEO, we often discuss about the role of SEO content that helps you drive the kind of traffic you need for your business to grow,

The same phrase holds true in SMO as well.  So, you won’t be able to succeed in your social media marketing in the absence of high quality content.

In order to get the desired success in 2018, you need to adopt an effective and crumble some content strategy to succeed in your endeavors. The idea is that you need to understand the relevance and effectiveness of proper content marketing strategy to establish your business into a brand.

In today’s business model, you can’t skip the ever emerging role of content, especially when almost everything depends on your content. In this perspective, how can you forget the role of visual content marketing which is currently growing with so much pace?

How to Curate Content

Today, you need to adopt a better content marketing strategy as being advocated by many great researchers/bloggers or experts in their field. And this is why you must have knowledge how to curate content in proper formats for better engagements.


Now, content can be of two types on social media-

  • Curated content
  • Original content

In order to get the best results, you must publish a mix of  both.

For social media, you must publish original content that  should be a part of your campaign. However, curated content  is something that is shared using a number of sources.

In any case, only that content should be shared with the  audience that has more value attached to it. So, you need  to find out the content that your audience is searching  for. You may do this by analyzing different search results,  retweets, etc.


3. Post Headlines

Always keep experimenting with things and find out what  works best for you. While posting anything on Facebook or  Twitter, always use different headlines that look catchy.  It sometimes happens that a particular headline is giving you  better results than others.


4. Always Use Images

As per a study, B2B Marketing Mentor has found that images happens to be the most relevant tactics for optimizing your  content on social media. In addition to this, you may use  Canva to make all your images look perfect for each social media  channel.

social media optimization
social media optimization | Image Credit: YouTube

The best way is to share a featured image in your social  media posts. This is because your image will be shared  every time your content is shared.


5. Use of #Hashtags

The use of hashtags has become increasingly popular with the use of social media marketing. Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc are allowing hashtags to make your posts reach faster to your target audience. Hashtags are an easy way to nail down any trending topics in your niche.


6. Post Length Also Matters

All social media platforms allow you to enter your text. For example, Twitter lets you enter up to 140 characters every time you make a tweet. However, your tweet should not comprise maximum length. Please take a look at the breakdown of the ideal length post on different social media networks-

  • Facebook: Less than 80 characters and up to 40 characters
  • Twitter: Up to 100 characters
  • LinkedIn: Up to 25 words
  • Google+: Up to 60 characters


7. It’s Better to Optimize Your Schedule While Posting

Posting is as crucial as the time you choose. There is no point sharing your content when nobody sees it. Please find below the appropriate time to post as one of the best social media optimization strategies.

  • Twitter– 12-6 PM
  • Facebook– 1-3 PM
  • Google+: 9–11 AM
  • Pinterest: 8–11 PM
  • LinkedIn: 7–8 AM to 5-6 PM
  • Instagram: 3–4 PM


8. How Often You Should Post?

While posting anything on social media, your sole aim should be to maximize your reach. And for that you must adopt a particular frequency. Find below an optimal social media posting frequency for a number of social networks-

  • Twitter: No less than 5+ times per day
  • Facebook: No less than 3-10 times per week
  • Pinterest: Up to 5-10 times per day
  • LinkedIn: Up to 2-5 times per week
  • Google+: Up to 3-10 times per week


9. Track Your Progress With Social Media Analytics

The way you track your SEO progress, in the same ways, you should also keep monitoring your SMO (social media optimization) efforts with the help of social media analytics. You can always track the progress your social campaigns by using a plethora of social media marketing tools.

You can achieve your SMO goals with the help of Google Analytics (using UTM codes). Such codes along with shortened URLs basically allow you to track your website traffic from all social media channels.

You may also use such data (derived from social marketing tools) to ascertain the impact of your campaigns being run.


Wrapping It All

Social Media Optimization (SMO) can always help you achieve your desired results on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other channels. All you need to do is to start using a strategic approach to and amplify your results in better ways.


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