Ten Pragmatic SEO Tips That Deliver Actual Results

Ten Pragmatic SEO Tips That Deliver Actual Results

SEO tips that work- If you happen to be one of the result oriented marketing professionals, then you might know that SEO may get quite murky. One of the reasons why we believe this is because things can very well change overnight without giving you any sort of warnings. Well, this is the time when you need some sort of SEO tips that keep you going ahead without a failure.

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In case, you don’t realize anything about what is going around you, then you might end up losing credibility of your online business. This is because these SEO changes demand you to start rethinking about your core strategy and plan your work accordingly. It happens in such a way where you have to go back to basics and re-write, change or delete things and so on.

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Being an SEO marketer, you might have noticed the Google update and Hawk affecting local businesses. But no one can predict any such changes that these future updates have in store for you.

However, there exists a plethora of evergreen SEO tips that you can very well apply to your personal blog or website to not only boost your domain authority but also your overall rankings. We have therefore enlisted a set of ten actionable SEO tips that are actually a part of our strategy and are being used for our clients.

Now, take a look at these SEO tips that you can right away start implementing.


1. Avoid Using Hash Tags (#) in URLs

Well, this seems quite straightforward. You better need to delete hash tags in your URLs as Google no longer supports indexing URLs that contain “#.”


2. You Must Disavow All “Bad” Links

We know that you have the basic idea back in your mind that the more backlinks you have, the merrier it will be. Well, this is true, but doesn’t hold well in case of bad links. All we mean to say is that you must disavow bad links from your website.

For example, if any sort of spammy websites link back to your website, then you should try to disavow them as they will downgrade your website in the long run. However, if you don’t know how to do so, then you should not take risks to do that of your own. In case, if you still meet with any confusion, you may always refer to the search engine journal.


3. Get Rid of All Broken Links

You need to take into account certain things to become one of the highly trusted content marketers. In this regard, you don’t only need to learn a few SEO tips, but also learn the importance of outbound and inbound links.

If you want to perform well online and already have plenty of such links to your own blog or to third party, including high domain authority ones, then you are heading fine towards your goal.

While doing a lot of things, you must also perform frequent audit of your own website or blog. This is because if your website or blog is linked with content that has been moved or deleted permanently from external websites, then you might receive a 404 error.

In that case, if you tend to link to such a page (with 404 errors), you may attract Google’s penalty. Well, in order to skip all this, you simply need to consider these crucial SEO tips that are being mentioned here.

So, the bottom line is- Kindly perform the audit of your outbound and inbound links on a regular basis and try to fix all that doesn’t work any longer.


4. Check Your Website Speed

Your website should not take more than 2-3 seconds. We know this sounds quite impractical, but believe us, if your designers are worth their salt, this should not be anything that is hard to accomplish.

Well, you can rightly go ahead and test your website’s speed by using WebPage Test.


5. Relevance of ‘Alt’ Tags

In general, we take hours to sit back focussing on vital keyword research and then start writing. But we (at times) fail to consider inserting alt tags in the images.

So, please make sure that all the images on your blog or website must have alt tags, along with suitable descriptions and keywords.


6. Keyword Research

Proper keyword research happens to be a crucial part of SEO tips that you tend to learn gradually. In case, you don’t know the importance of doing keyword research, let’s give you some more SEO tips.

Basically, keyword research is something that should be taken with utmost care and precision. You must find those keywords that can help your users tick and shop. Don’t just try to fish for traffic alone as it is nothing more than a vanity metric that will not be giving you a real ROI.

If you really want to rank higher, you must target LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords  without compromising the quality and readability of your blog post.

Still, if you are in confusion and want to learn more about the proper keyword research ideas and the ways to bring ROI (not just traffic), kindly go through with this article.


7. Don’t Rush for “Unicorn” Keywords

Well, if you own a blog related to food or recipes, then you may like to rank it for generic keywords – “chocolate cake.”

But if you have just started working on your website having a low DA (domain authority), then try to rank for easier keywords. It means keywords with lower search volume but with more targeted audience. So, you can go for some other keywords like “chocolate cake ingredients” or “Chocolate cake from scratch.” Well, these are going to be accessible keywords that might rank for you.

Not only this, these keywords for food recipe blog will prove a better fit for your business as those who search for the generic keyword like chocolate cake may wish to bake or purchase one.

In order to deal with this situation, we would like to give you a few clear and precise SEO tips that actually work.

Consider if your target audience land on your food recipe keyword, they might not wish to continue and move away from your blog. And this will lead to be enhancing the bounce rate of your blog or website. In the same ways, those searching for the phrase ‘ingredients’ will be the one whom you should target.


8. Don’t Hesitate Investing for Great Content

This is something that you should really take care of. Don’t run for cheap but quality content. Gone are the days when marketers used to get 300 word articles stuffed with keywords. Now, audience as well as search engines appreciate such a content that gives value to them.

A good piece of writing is something that is written for your readers and not just to please the search engines. If you try otherwise, you will not get anywhere.

Search engines are also getting smarter by advocating for the users. It’s quite natural: if your readers respect and love your work, so will Google.


9. Disable pop-ups for mobile users

As you might be aware of the fact that Google has given more emphasis to mobile users lately due to an advancement in the number of mobile phone users.

While considering that a number of people have actually started using mobile, you should disable all the pop ups coming there for the sake of your audience. This will ensure that you are giving them a better experience while coming on to your page.

So, instead of enabling such pop-ups, you may use CTA buttons or hyperlinks instead.


10. Try to Be Consistent

Posting quality content on your website consistently will boost your website’s overall rankings. You will notice your website ranking higher in SERPs.

seo tips
SEO tips | Image Credit: hostpapa.blog

The basic question arises- how many blog posts do we need to publish to get the desired results? Well, this is something you must take into account as what works for you and what not.

As per HubSpot, firms that publish close to 15-plus blog posts a month received 5 times more leads as compared to the ones that posted lesser.

By saying this, we never meant that you should also look forward to post 15-16 blog posts as discussed above. It’s something that you should chalk out a plan to produce a set amount of quality content on a regular basis.

If you stick to the basic SEO tips given above, you should try to increase the amount of content on your blog consistently. If you post more content, it will be better.

Another SEO tip in this regard is not to expect results too quickly. This is because it takes time (12-24 months) to get results.



Well, if we try and summarize all these ten SEO tips we discussed, it would be like-

Write for your audience and not for only search engines

At the present time, we (as a team) don’t look out for keywords any longer. We just start with a new topic and make sure it is going to be worth to read and giving value to our readers.

After we finish our article, we work for SEO and try to incorporate quality keywords into our copy. This is how we take care of our readers first.



Vipul Mathur is an expert copywriter and marketer, with 15 years in the field, especially as a technical marketer. He's presently associated with KMS, a digital marketing agency that helps clients across the globe with copywriting, marketing strategy and social media marketing.

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