How to Execute Right Digital Marketing Strategy in 2019 to Give an Edge to Your Competitors

How to Execute Right Digital Marketing Strategy in 2019 to Give an Edge to Your Competitors

Digital Marketing Strategy In this post, we are going to take you through some of the top digital marketing strategy in 2019 that you must be aware of.

Please note that when it comes to the digital marketing trends and technology, it becomes crucial to always stay ahead of all the latest happening in the digital world.

This eventually helps you stay ahead of your competitors as well.

As a true marketer, you might be interested to review each and every innovation being carried out in the world of digital marketing.

digital marketing strategy
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Just like you, we are also interested to present you with some of the most viable business transformation and communication techniques bound to ignite some of the largest commercial improvements for your business.

Well, if you want to know more about the latest happening in the digital marketing world, the best way that we can help you is by setting an example.


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How the right digital marketing strategy adopted by Dominos

Here, we would like you to learn how Dominos (one of the biggest commercial brands) managed to implement the right digital marketing strategy at the right time to get an exponential growth in its business.  Now, please take a look into this.

In the recent past, you might have heard how Dominos (UK) had taken a few steps to reach more customers.

And this is what the CEO Dave Wild didn’t bother to make the company digitized by stressing more on the online sales as compared to their existing mode of taking orders over the phone calls.

The decision to make the company digitized was taken almost nine years back in 2010 when the online sales market was not going as high as it is going right now in 2019.

In fact, the online sales of the company accounted less than 30% revenue.

Now, if you consider their digital transactions today, they are going way ahead giving them over 80% sales along with the most popular UK smartphone app that accounts for almost 60% of those sales.

It all happened with the right use of digital marketing strategy at the right time.


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Top Digital Marketing Strategy Crucial to Know in 2019

As we have already entered in the year 2019, you can visualize how your digital marketing strategy continues to pose a dramatic shift in SEO, content marketing, PPC, and social media.

Today, you simply can’t skip the relevance of artificial intelligence or visual marketing.

In fact, there are a plethora of new evolving digital marketing trends that are currently evolving, especially in the current era of cutting edge technology.

Now, if you are able to understand all these latest developments in this high-tech era, you will continue to lead towards the path of success without undergoing any sort of hassles.

As a marketer, you need to consistently learn new ways to help your brand grow. One thing that you can do is to find where most of your audience like to stay longer.

As soon as you are able to nail it down, you can better make your own digital marketing strategy quite effectively.


Use the right digital marketing strategy at the right time

One thing that you can do is to remain active for longer period of time where your audience wants to spend most of their time.

You might be aware that the influence of the much advocated cyberspace or digital landscape is something that you can’t ignore any longer.

This is because these things have been steadily growing for the last 20 years or so.

As per an estimate related to the digital marketing strategy in 2019, some of the most basic facets of marketing is to attract more customers by crafting powerful messages.

At the same time, the method or the channel that you adopt for your message delivery is expected to include the use of proper SEO techniques, customer engagement & retention, PPC, search advertising, social media optimization and much more.

In short, it needs to include the right digital marketing strategy to get success in your goals.

Now, without a further ado, please take a look at the top digital marketing strategy that you need to adopt for your business in 2019.

Top Digital Marketing Strategy for the Year 2019

In this section, we are going to cover the top digital marketing strategy for the year 2019:


1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Today, you may spot almost every marketer preaching on the relevance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the year 2019 and beyond.

Are you sure that those who are either directly or indirectly associated with the digital marketing understands the term thoroughly?

Well, considering the most extensive use of AI in 2019, we think it is the right time to elaborate it precisely.


 digital marketing strategy
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AI can best be described as a digital marketing strategy that can be effectively used to better analyze consumer behavior along with their searching and purchasing patterns.

The above task can be easily accomplished by making use of data from a plethora of channels like blog posts and social media to help marketers understand how consumers are able to find all their products and services.

You can understand the term better by looking at how Facebook messenger bots are being most extensively used to both optimize and automate customer service.

The best way to implement the use of AI can be made to find a series of some valuable prospects that almost look like your existing clients.

In the same ways, you can better be able to scan your social media conversions by providing them with loads of real time intelligence with your business competitors.

We hope, you might have understood the term well. If not, we try to elaborate the term again.


Use of AI is going to surge as much as 20% in the years ahead

Please note that AI has become so crucial these days and can perform tasks intelligently. For example, you can easily find its presence in analyzing different search patterns and consumer behavior.

The technique of AI can be used to understand how their potential clients are able to search their products and services.


artificial intelligence
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At the same time, the term Artificial intelligence can also be explained in a few other ways as well.

For example, it offers some of the most vital tips and information to all the potential users by simply getting into a series of conversation.

As per Gartner, the year 2020 is going to see an overwhelming 25% customer service by using chat bot technology.

And so, the businesses implementing AI in the year 2019 will eventually be able to accelerate growth and save their sky rocketing costs. And this will in turn, help them getting an edge over their potential competitors.

The prevalence of Artificial Intelligence continues to take its position among top business leaders like Microsoft, Google and Amazon by extending their quantitative resources in both machine learning and AI.


Digital marketing strategy using AI- Helps anticipate the behavior patterns of customers

You can easily visualize that AI helps marketers to eventually anticipate the upcoming behavior and patterns of their customers,based on a bunch of collective data.

Now, this data  can be easily captured by the marketers and eventually help them determine how they can be able to engage with their potential customers in better ways using a plethora of different channels like online advertising, direct email, sales outreach, etc.

In order to conceptualize the presence of digital marketing trends, you can find its presence in a plethora of industries like eCommerce, beverage, healthcare, life sciences and many more.

You might be wondering how this all is done. Well, the use of AI in all these industries is being implemented by collecting data from a number of sources.

Now, take the case of eCommerce sector, where over 85% customers have to say that personalization is something which is going to play a crucial role in their future purchasing decisions.

Are you aware that most leading eCommerce companies make use of data so often to precisely predict the behavior of their potential buyers, especially at the time of purchasing various items online?

This is where eCommerce companies use their resource to give somewhat more personalized experience to their buyers that can be in the form of giving them some personalized discounts or anything of that sort.


2. Use of Chat bot- Smarter Way of Communication

The use of Chat bots has been consistently rising over the last few years and is still going to persist in the present time. 

If you take a look at the grand view research, over 48% end users agree to use Chat bots as a special means to better interact with the customer care department.


digital marketing strategy


Not only that, they significantly play a crucial role in improving the overall experience of their customers.

At the same time, the above digital marketing strategy allows marketers to effectively engage with their potential customers as well.

Please note that Chatbots tend to offer a far more dedicated customer support, real time assistance along with the most viable interaction where they are free to ask as many queries to better understand the real issue.


Program your bots well to minimize the human error

In case, you are still unable to understand what chat-bots are, then we try to put it in a different way. First, we would like you to understand what a bots is.

Well, a bot is basically the piece of a software that you can program it accordingly to carry out certain tasks.




Now, you might be thinking why it is beneficial to us? Well, this is a great question which is quite obvious to come into one’s mind while reading about a bot.

The basic purpose of a bot is to perform any assigned task. And this is how it saves a lot of your time. Not only that, using bots, you can undergo all your assigned tasks in a much effective way.

Now, all you need to do is to program it in right ways and just forget about any kind of human error whatsoever.

Ever since the marketers learnt the importance of bots, they had started using it as a means of their digital marketing strategy. Also, it won’t cost you much to set up and run bots.

There are a plethora of ways that bots can help you plan your digital marketing strategy in right ways. Now, please take a look at some crucial ways to use bots as a part of your digital marketing strategy:


Chat Bots: Effective way of communication for website visitors

The first and the foremost use of bots comes in communicating with your website visitors. For example, when your visitors land on your website, they want to gain the access of your services and products.

Now, if you are running short of customer support team who can’t answer to the queries of your potential visitors, then you might lose your crucial leads or business.


 digital marketing strategy


And this is where use of bots come into the picture as they help save a lot of your time and effort to keep your customers intact.

The best way of using bots is by incorporating them in live chats.

As per a survey conducted by E consultancy to know the mindset of customers, it was found that as many as 55% of them like to get support through live chat.

Now, if you are keen to set up a bot, you must sound like human at the time of setting them. This is because if your bot sounds way too stiff, it is likely that your customers will become reluctant to interact with them.


Research Purpose

The other way how bots can be a part of your well planned digital marketing strategy is that they can be used for research purpose. As you know, it takes lots of time to research anything before you write.

And here bots really make you hard work easier.


Integrate Chat bots with messaging platforms

Well, this is one of the best use of Chat bots where they actually integrate and serve as the most vital messaging platforms.

For example, you can find so many bots that are widely available for Facebook and Slack Messenger.

Similarly, use of Chat bots can also be in selling your own products and also getting psycho-graphics & demographics.


3. Programmatic Advertising

This is yet another way to plan an effective digital marketing strategy for your business. Before we move ahead, let’s introduce you to the term Programmatic advertising.

The term Programmatic Advertising (PA) simply means to use and implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the process of ad purchasing.



Programmatic advertising


This eventually helps targeting far more number of specific audiences. An example of PA is the real time auction or bidding.

The use of AI in PA is to make the automation way too fast and efficient.

After implementing this concept as a part of your core digital marketing strategy, you would be getting higher conversion rate with lesser costs on your customer acquisition.

As per eMarketer, PA happens to be the changing face of digital advertising in 2019 and beyond as close to 90% of digital display ads in the US are going to be programmatic by 2020.


4. Video Marketing

Today, many marketers simply tremble at the time of contemplating the production of videos to benefit their business in one way or the other.

Most of the times, it has been observed that they think that excessive video production can become a high cost endeavor with far lesser ROI.


 digital marketing strategy


There is no doubt that video plays an effective part on your overall digital marketing strategy. It’s equally effective as a part of your content marketing strategy as well.

As per the recent Cisco study done on the relevance of video marketing, it was revealed that close to 82% online consumer traffic will be through videos only.

Incorporating video marketing as a way to improve your overall digital marketing strategy relies heavily on the way you plan it. For example, you do not need to focus only on YouTube.

If you are expecting to get huge engagement with your video marketing efforts, you can star off with a video post.

In the same ways, you can also go ahead with a live and effective broadcast on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

These days, you can witness how live video is becoming so effective and gaining huge popularity.


Video Marketing: Right digital marketing strategy to implement in 2019

You can see the digital marketing strategy being implemented by most businesses using it for product demos, interviews or some other official events.

As a marketer, you can witness how most YouTube videos are increasingly being displayed in the SERPs, you can’t neglect their relevance in devising an effective digital marketing strategy for your business.

So, you need to learn more on new strategies and concept to make better YouTube SEO.

These days, 360 degree video content is largely gaining popularity as it allows much wider interactive experience.

Take a look at the circular symbol on the top left corner of the given image as it helps sliding the already moving image to your right or left while it is playing the video.


5. Personalization

You need to continue to devise new ways to stand out in 2019. And for that, you need to think about personalize your digital marketing strategy.

It means to personalize everything that mainly includes your products, email, content and much more.

Today, you can do wonders in your business by using the readily available data that clearly hints about ever changing customer behavior, purchasing history along with custom content.

As per a recent study in this regard, most marketers feel that personalization simply helps them attain better relationships with their customers.


6. Visual Search

The concept of visual search has a significant involvement in deciding today’s digital marketing strategy for most marketers.

This is because visual search can play a vital role in conducting your search by uploading an image.


visual search


Well, if you take a look at Pinterest, you will come to know that the portal has jumped heavily on the concept of visual search.

You might be aware that they recently came out with Lens, which is an entirely new and interesting visual search tool.

The tool has quite a significant importance as it helps users to click a picture of an item to search where to purchase that online.


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Visual search- One of the best marketing strategy for your business growth

Well, apart from Pinterest, Google has its own Visual Search Engine by the name Google Lens. It can swiftly recognizes your landmarks, objects and any other thing with the help of a camera app.

For example, if you go ahead and click the picture of your business card, it eventually saves both your address and phone number to a contact.

You can also make a foolproof digital marketing strategy with the help of CamFind. It’s a visual search mobile app that enables a user to locate/search anything from their cell phones.

They can do this just by snapping a picture and CamFind app will recognize what it is all about.


camfind app
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Now, you do not need to type your query to a Search Engine. Instead, you can swiftly make your search using images and can spot similar images, various shopping results or price comparisons.

In the same ways, this app will help you by giving you all the movie details like trailer, showtimes, etc. once you click the picture of a movie poster.

By implanting this kind of digital marketing strategy in your business, you can easily gain far more trust by serving them what they want.


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7. Voice Search

Like others, voice search is also being increasingly used as a core digital marketing strategy for companies in 2019.

As per an estimate more than 50% searches by 2020 are going to be voice searches.

In the same ways, over 20% of mobile queries are going to be voice searches. Likewise, 25% of all Bing searches are gong to be voice searches by 2020.


voice search


Needless to say, Voice search happens to be a crucial digital marketing strategy that plays a prominent role in providing the best results to users searching any information through audio content.

It’s based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that helps to minimize any kind of human error.

In fact, the concept of voice search has been adopted by a plethora of brands in the recent past as their core digital marketing strategy.

It’s the new way of delivering loads of value based content to their customer base in a meaningful manner.

You need to keep this in mind that more number of companies are going to produce audio content to help them enhance their brand awareness.

At the same time, it is also expected that ads will also be coming in the time to come.

For example, alexa is going to help you with the answer to your query that simply means you need to purchase or think about purchasing voice ad space very soon.


8. Micro-Moments

Do you know how much time people spend on their phones every day? Well, as per a study done in this regard, majority of people spend an average of 3.5 hours on a daily basis.

Taking into considerations of the above facts and figures, the use of Smart Phones is going to surge in the time to come.

Micro Moment is simply a new kind of customer behavior that clearly delivers what you are going to offer to your consumers.


micro moments
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And this has to be delivered within a fraction of seconds, otherwise users will simply lose their focus and move on to the next article

Micro moments can also be your all time digital marketing strategy that you can use it to gain a large customer base.

Now, this is where brands need to capture the user’s attention so as to gain a large customer base or improving their brand value.

In 2019, brands need to take care of minute customer behavior. This is due to the fact that most consumers are usually known to take sudden and last minute decision to search the information they require.

In order to search all the info that they are looking for, they usually land on Google Maps, Google, YouTube, Amazon, etc.

After studying the consumer’s purchasing behavior, it was revealed that most of the times, they  take instant decisions like where to eat, which restaurants to select, where to go, what to purchase, etc. And this is where micro moments come into the picture.


Conclusion– We covered the latest digital marketing strategy that you must implement in your business to stay ahead with your competitors in 2019 and beyond.

We discussed a number of crucial ways to plan and build your business strategy as per the latest digital marketing trends.

For example, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chat Bots, Visual Search and so on. Before implementing them in your business, please check out and take advantage of each of them.

Don’t forget to share your experience here by letting us know how your digital marketing strategy is benefiting you.



Vipul Mathur is an expert copywriter and marketer, with 15 years in the field, especially as a technical marketer. He's presently associated with KMS, a digital marketing agency that helps clients across the globe with copywriting, marketing strategy and social media marketing.

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